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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 50

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Chapter 50

Having no energy left to say anything more, Su Shi nodded, gave Lin Feng a faint smile, and closed his eyes wearily.
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Footsteps left chaotically, and the ward finally returned to quietness.

Within half a minute, someone else carefully pushed the door open a gap.

At this time, no one should be coming. Su Shi frowned and looked to the side. Lin Jing was standing with his head bowed at he door.

Su Shi’s anger erupted.

“Jinchu, I’m leaving… I have something to tell you.”

Lin Jing muttered, not noticing the anger in Su Shi’s eyes. In his mind’s eyes, the scene was just the same as what he had just saw.

Of course, he also heard the doctor say “frequent heart palpitations,” but he never thought much about it. Such simple words could cause people such pain.

Just because he acknowledged the truth of the car accident, didn’t mean his strong self-blame was settled. Lin Jing’s chest undulated as he took deep breaths. Finally he stepped forward with a jumbled heart.

“I know that you’ve always secretly liked Liang Qiu. Don’t like him anymore. He is not a good person. He was the one that threatened me to drug you—he wants your company shares. But he knew that you would not give it up, so he had me drug you. Then he could take the opportunity to pretend to save you, and control you step by step.”

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He never thought that there would be such a plot. Su Shi’s expression changed slightly. He pushed his body up, wanting to interrupt the other’s words, but Lin Jing had made up his mind and said everything quickly, in a determined manner.

“Jinchu, you are too simple, you will believe whoever treats you well. But you have to be careful with him, he lied to you, he is a devil…”

“Lin Jing!”

Su Shi saw Lin Feng standing at the door, his gaze practically dripping with gloom. He felt that things were going south and interrupted him sharply.

Lin Jing turned around in a panic, saw his elder brother at the door, and his face paled instantly.

The atmosphere stagnated for a moment. Lin Feng slowly withdrew his gaze from his body. He restrained every bit of ice coldness and said, “Scram back home. I didn’t let you leave. Don’t think of going anywhere.”

Lin Jing was so frightened that his legs became unsteady. He took two steps back, and the assistant came up in time and dragged him out of the room.

Lin Feng closed the door with his backhand. He inclined the upper half of the bed for Su Shi, put a pillow behind him, and rearranged the blanket.

He always thought that when he saw Liang Qiu in the detention center, the other party just wanted to take advantage of the situation to express goodwill and draw people to his side. In retrospect, it was a bunch of vague intimacy that was crude enough to offend one’s eyes.

Mu Jinchu was introverted and had few friends in the entertainment circle. It was rare for a person to take care of him as a senior, and it was normal to develop good feelings.

As a brother, he didn’t seem to have the right to interfere too much with whom Jinchu wanted to like.


Agitated by the other’s silence, Su Shi whispered softly, and was met with the dark flames burning in those eyes. His heart inexplicably shrank back.

He remembered those eyes.

Lin Feng looked at him quietly, his expression softened, and he stroked his head gently. “Jinchu, do you like Liang Qiu?”

Of course he didn’t like him!

When Su Shi opened his mouth to deny it, he found that he couldn’t make any sound at all. While he was in a daze, the mechanical voice of the system suddenly sounded.

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“It is detected that the host tried to shake off the pot, and this time the automatic interception was turned on. The host needs to be careful not to take the initiative to evade, deny, or explain misunderstandings of others. The next violation of the regulations will directly deduct 1000 experience points.”


The idea of shaking his head desperately formed in his head but was dissipated immediately. Su Shi sat open-mouthed on the bed, staring blankly at the dark flames in those eyes.

“I understand.”

The flame went out silently. Lin Feng nodded slightly, leaned in to embrace him, and patted him comfortingly.

“It’s okay. Nothing has happened yet. He’s not someone worthy of trust. Brother is going to vent this anger for you. I will definitely make him pay…”

His hands gradually stopped moving on Jinchu’s back. Suddenly, he couldn’t help but use some strength to pull the thin body tighter into his arms.

“Don’t like him anymore, okay?”

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System: There’s just this one pot! Not allow to throw away!

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