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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 51

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Chapter 51

Su Shi opened his mouth. Eventually, he still let go of his hand, letting his body fall into that warm embrace.

A familiar heat burned at the corners of his eyes, and for the first time he didn’t want to keep a misunderstanding, but still had to say softly, “Okay.”
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The arms around him suddenly tightened, but then, as if afraid of hurting him, carefully relaxed, and hands stroked his back twice.

“Sleep a little more. The doctor said you must rest well these coming days without any fatigue or mood swings. When you are better, let’s go home.”

Lin Feng rubbed his short hair and finally laid down the person he was monopolizing in his arms. He pulled up the blanket for the youth.

His strength was tender and light. Su Shi looked at the faint smears of cyan under his eyes and suddenly lifted a hand to tug at him. “Brother, why don’t you take a rest too?”

The light in those eyes was serious, and he looked at him with concern. Although the strength of his hands was not strong, he obviously didn’t intend to release them easily.

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Lin Feng’s breathing was slightly stagnant. The hand adjusting the blanket subconsciously tightened into a fist. His tone was calm and gentle when he said, “Brother will take a rest. You sleep well and recover your health as soon as possible. Then brother will be relieved.”

“Just lay down here for a bit. It won’t delay you for too long.”

Su Shi didn’t let go, still looking at him with concern.

He just couldn’t convince himself to ignore those eyes. There was a faint idea hovering at the back of his mind. He had to confirm it before he could board that plane with ease of mind.

It was the first time Lin Feng saw such a stubborn attitude from the other party. He finally laughed helplessly, sighed in compromise, and lay down next to him.

As soon as his head touched the pillow, the built-up exhaustion of many days surged over him like a tide.

The blanket was wrapped way too tightly. Su Shi tossed for a long time before he managed to unearth half of the blanket and share it with the other. He was just about to seize the opportunity to voice the question at the bottom of his heart, but just as the question made it to his lips, it came to a halt.

Lin Feng was lying on his side. His breathing was smooth and steady. His eyebrows still showed weariness, but he was clearly asleep.

It wasn’t easy to swindle the other person into bed, but he didn’t have time to ask a single word.

Su Shi smiled softly, sighed, and lifted his hand to catch on to the other person’s wrist, pulling him towards his direction.

The hospital bed was obviously big enough, yet Lin Feng only lay on the very edge. If he rolled off the bed in his sleep, there would be a restless sleeper pot for him to carry.

[T/N: As in, LF might blame SS for being a restless sleeper and kicking him off the bed. XP]

Don’t know how long it has been since he’s had such a restful sleep. Lin Feng gradually woke from the deep and comfortable drowsiness. By then the sky has darkened.

He lay there absentmindedly for a while before fully awakening. The memory hit him abruptly; he had came to visit a patient but ended up falling asleep just like that. His heart sank and he hurriedly got up. Then he found that the person who should be have been resting was sitting by the table. Hearing the sounds, Su Shi turned his head over.

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A small table lamp was lit on the table, and the warm yellow light reflected off of the youth’s short hair, making the whole person appear softer. When Su Shi looked at Lin Feng, there was a hint of a smile in his eyes.

All of a sudden, Lin Feng’s heart started to gallop for some unknown reason. He looked into those eyes and subconsciously wanted to say something, but Mu Jinchu spoke first with a smile, “Brother, did you sleep well?”

That call of “Brother” reminded Lin Feng of his identity. A mixed emotion congealed in his gaze, but he seamlessly recalled the emotion, leaving only a mild and helpless smile.

“Still calling me Brother, what kind of elder brother acts like me? Obviously he came to visit a patient, but he crowded the patient off the bed instead, and actually fell asleep for so long…”

“All day long, all I do is sleep and then sleep some more. I do not lack for this bit of sleep.”

Su Shi smiled and then turned on the overhead light. He handed the piece of paper on the table over to Lin Feng. “Brother, I know that you’re very busy. There are still a lot of matters outside waiting for you to attend to. This is for you. Take it with you when you leave.”

Lin Feng received the piece of paper. His eyes fell upon the contents of the paper. His surprise only lasted for a second, and then he was frowning. “Jinchu, what are you trying to do?”

“I have no need for the company shares. With them in your hands, wouldn’t it be a little easier when you handle company affairs?”

His eyes fell upon the handwritten transfer document for shares. Su Shi got up, took hold of Lin Feng’s hands, and told him to properly store away the transfer document. “You woke up too soon. If only you had woken up later. I had intended to sneak it into your briefcase.”

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