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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 52

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Chapter 52

Liang Qiu must be targeting the Lin family. Su Shi didn’t know the plot after Mu Jinchu’s death, but since Lin Feng was the protagonist, commercial war was obviously the most important core plot.
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Outside the hospital, the situation must not be as calm as it was like in this hospital room. If could successfully complete the task, these company shares have to be properly accounted for.

Facing Su Shi’s serious and frank eyes, Lin Feng’s chest was astringent. He took a deep breath and whispered. “These shares are originally yours. You can keep it for yourself. Brother can handle this matter. You just need to take good care of your body–”

“I’ve already signed the document. If there’s a need in the future, Brother just has to sign it.”

Su Shi interrupted in a warm tone of voice. Then he yawned and sat back on the bed again. “Brother, you’ve had a good nap. So now you should return the bed to me, right? I’m really sleepy…”

There was indeed some tiredness between his eyebrows. Even lying down, wrapped in the blanket, his pallor was not much better than the snow-white blanket.

Lin Feng held his breath for a long time. Ultimately defeated, he helplessly tucked the youth into the bed. “Then rest well. Brother will come back to see you.”

The person on the bed was motionless, his eyes tightly closed. Obviously he was not really asleep, but Lin Feng couldn’t bear to call him out on it.

Lin Feng stared at him for a long while before finally withdrawing his gaze, and then he quietly walked out of the room.

The assistant was just outside door. Who knows how long he had been waiting. Seeing Lin Feng exit the room, he hurried over. His gaze revealed that he wanted to say something, but was also hesitant to say it.

Seeing the tangled expression in his eyes, Lin Feng’s expression sank. “What’s going on?”

“Liang Qiu has his sight set on our company. First, he took the second young master to some places that he shouldn’t be, and then he used photos to blackmail him into doing things. This has already been going on for some time.”

Lin Jing was so frightened out of his mind that he took the initiative to come clean about everything once he went back. The assistant had yet to question him in detail, and he’d already received a general understanding of the situation.

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“He bought out almost all the minority shareholders in the company, and he tricked the second young master into giving up his shares, too. Only Jinchu refused to give up his shares. At that time, the second young master thought that Jinchu was eyeing the family’s share of the stocks, and thus treated him with ridicule and mockery all this time…”

Thinking of that child’s gaze when he said he wanted to give the shares to him, Lin Feng’s chest felt stuffy.

No wonder Jinchu suddenly wanted to give him that transfer document.

The Lin brothers’ and Mu Jinchu’s shares totaled seventy-one percent. Jinchu only held ten percent of the shares, but unexpectedly, it became the most critical piece.

“That portion of stocks were originally his. It was my father and Uncle Mu who started the company together… It is my fault, I should have come back sooner.”

Lin feng whispered. His eyes flashed red. When he opened his mouth again to give orders, his tone was vaguely chilling.

“Make some arrangements, once Jinchu’s health is stabilized, bring him back home. Get ready to terminate the contract with Liang Qiu. But before that, pick out some things that he has been trying to hide, and expose them to increase speculation among the masses, make it so that he’ll be powerless to defend himself. Then we’ll take our time tossing him around.”

The assistant nodded and left, taking out his cell phone along the way to make a few calls.

Thus, the counterattack was tacitly arranged.


Su Shi, who was laid up in the hospital, naturally had no chance to intervene in these matters.

He rested steadily for one week. Then he was allowed to be discharged from the hospital. After that, he returned home to continue his recuperation. As long as he took care of his health with meticulous care then it would be sufficient.

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Lin Feng specifically came to pick him up in person. He saw that, on the whole, Su Shi’s pallor looked much better, and his gaze finally revealed a hint of a smile, which had been extremely rare in recent days. “Time to return home. Are you happy?”

“Happy. I’ve long since wanted to go home.”

Met with the warmth in the other’s eyes, Su Shi’s brows also arched in happiness. He took the cane he had been handed and stood upright, but his gaze couldn’t help falling upon the deeper lines of his companion’s brows.

Lin Feng didn’t pay attention to his line of sight, only concerning himself with supporting Su Shi’s arm. He leaned over to touch Su Shi’s leg. “Does your leg still hurt? Can you stand stably?”

“Actually, it doesn’t hurt anymore. You can’t even tell there’s anything wrong when I walk. It’s only that I get tired easily if I walk for too long.”

It must have been very hard on the protagonist these days. Su Shi didn’t plan to make him worry more, so he shook his head with a smile, and took the initiative to step outside.

His steps were steady and his appearance seemed normal, but Lin Feng was still uneasy. He stuck close to Su Shi and deliberately chatted with him about some light topics.

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  1. The main plot is beginning. The antagonist had the MC drugged. If I remember correctly, he didn’t intend to get the MC into an accident but planned to have him taken somewhere. Was he planning on torturing or blackmailing the MC to make him sell his stocks?

    1. No,Liang Qiu wanted Lin Jing to look like the bad guy and then he would swoop in to save Mu Jinchu. So he would probably feel indebted to him(liang) and he can get him(mu) to give the shares to him

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