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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 53

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Chapter 53

Lin Feng had been working non-stop these days, and Su Shi had been unbearably bored in the hospital. The two had a rare opportunity to relax and chat. They were chatting and laughing as they walked out of the hospital doors, but they were suddenly blinded by the bright lights of flashing cameras.
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Su Shi’s vision was suddenly an expanse of whiteness, and he stumbled. A burst of pain shot through his knee.

Without warning, his leg turned weak, and his body fell into a familiar embrace.

The person behind him firmly stepped forward to catch Su Shi with his chest, and wrapped his powerful arms around his neck and shoulders, separating him from the dazzling lights and clamoring noises.

Su Shi endured through a short bust of heart palpitations. When he raised his head subconsciously, he was met with dark eyes suffused with concern.

“Brother, I’m-”

Before he could say that he was fine, Lin Feng had already taken a step forward, and without waiting for an explanation, he placed Su Shi protectively behind him.

“Jinchu’s body has yet to completely recover. I don’t know where you got the news, but at least follow the professional ethics in the industry. Don’t wait for the Lin family to come knocking on all your doors, and investigate all of your responsibilities in accordance with the law.”

The Lin family name was big among their circle, and the media in front of him were of course familiar with it. Seeing the cold chill in those eyes, the reporters lost their confidence, and slowly put away the cameras in their hands.

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Lin Feng then turned around to grab on to Su Shi. He raised a hand to touch Su Shi’s forehead, which was exuding some cold sweat. “Are you still uncomfortable? Do you feel cold?”

Su Shi’s body had already recovered a lot. He frowned and shook his head gently. However, Lin Feng no longer dared to have him walk around by himself. He carefully carried him into the car and then entered himself.

These days, he had been carving out time to visit the hospital, and he was used to taking care of Mu Jinchu in such a meticulous manner. Su Shi had also adapted to the other’s frequent attention. He sat firmly in the car, smiled, and said, “Brother, I’m really fine. Don’t be too anxious.”

“It’s Brother who didn’t consider everything. I originally thought that we wouldn’t alert the media if we left like this. Who knew that people would still enter through a loophole?”

Lin Feng frowned and wrapped Su Shi’s clothes tighter around him. “Go back and drink some medicine. You must not catch a cold now, or your heart will have problems.”

“Okay. Brother, don’t worry.”

Su Shi never had much say when it came to his own body’s health. He nodded obediently, relaxed, and leaned on the back seat.

The warm air in the car was so strong that he was a little sleepy after sitting in the car for a while. When Su Shi yawned lightly, Lin Feng took him into his arms and rubbed his head comfortingly.

“If you’re tired then sleep for a bit. The more you rest now, the better it is for your body. Take good care of your health for half a year, and then you’ll be able to go outside and leap and frisk about* again.”

[*T/N: leap and frisk about = idiom for being healthy and active]

Lin Feng sat still. On one side, he held the youth against him, and on the other side, he was occupied by the documents in his hand. He had a serious expression on his face and looked to be very busy.

Curious, Su Shi also looked at the document for a while, but in the end, he couldn’t endure the growing tiredness, so he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Lin Feng put down the documents that he hadn’t been able to absorb at all. He adjusted his posture slightly to make Su Shi lean back more comfortably. His gaze fell upon the soft and handsome face at his side, and a vague dim light flash across his eyes.

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The doctor had said that this state would continue for an extended period of time. For the foreseeable future, Jinchu would easily get tired. To healthy people, ordinary things like fatigue, a cold, and mood swings might be a fatal threat to him.

The domestic paparazzi were almost pervasive, crawling into every available hole for gossip. There will always be one leak among a hundred secrets. But this time, he didn’t know where the leak stemmed from.

The situation was still very unstable. He might want to consider sending Jinchu away for a while.

Su Shi woke up just as they arrived at home. He was carefully wrapped in a thick piece of clothing before finally being allowed to get out of the car.

His room was cleaned up and thick woolen rugs were added to the floor. The window curtains were replaced with thick ones that could block out light, and the wall lamps at the bedside were replaced with soft warm yellow ones.

Lin Feng helped Su Shi sit on the bed.

Su Shi then recalled the beeping sound of updates of his experience points sounding in his ears.

The uplifting jiggling sounds were incessant. The scope of misunderstanding was clearly not small. Su Shi raised his eyebrows in surprise. He subconsciously touched his phone and turned it over. Surprise settled in his eyes.

#The deep relationship between Mu Jinchu and Chairman Lin.#

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