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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 54

[T/N: I don’t understand all the nuance and slang of the netizens’ comments in this chapter, so some things might be translated too literally. But in general, what I gathered is that it’s a bunch of rotten woman gushing over the Lin Feng x Mu Jinchu pairing. Lol.]

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Chapter 54

Their photos from the hospital still ended up being circulated around. Netizens excitedly imagined plentiful associations between them. They even fearlessly and lively dragged out what they dubbed an “evil cult” matched pair*.

(*T/N: 甚至还很看热闹不怕事大的拉出了一对号称“邪教”的配对)

After just a few hours, their imagined story line was already boundlessly expanded. And the number of hits even broke through the millions already.

[Melon Eater: You see, I said it was because of love!!!]

[Have You Seen This Pot: It’s the archetypal tyrant CEO story line. Confirmed! First, for the sake of Mu Jinchu, he suppressed his own blood-related younger brother and forced him to apologize. Then he forced Liang Qiu onto a dead end path. And he also slapped the reporters in their faces. Finally, it’s that longing look! I ate this evil cult pair! Tasty!]

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

[Injuring on Pretext: Tyrant CEO Gong x Infatuated Shou! Mu Jinchu was also very abused ah QAQ If the chairman did not return just in time, he would definitely be buried* to death by others. That crisis from before was simply bad enough to cause one’s soul to flee one’s body in alarm…]

(*T/N: ”be buried” as in other people digging pits for him, and forcing misunderstandings on him)

[Professional Flag Waver: Thought it was a knife, took a bite, and realized that it was sugar! Chewing on melon seeds. Begging chairman da da* to carefully pamper Jinchu!]

(*T/N: 大大 da da – literally “big big,” kind of like putting someone on a pedestal or calling them lord, but in a cutesy way)

[Midpoint of Story: Begging chairman da da to carefully pamper Jinchu, plus one. Jinchu has been wronged so much by others… Those people should all apologize! Chairman da da almost returned too late (つД`)]

[Bento Monopoly: Wait, we’re stamping it* just like this?? What if Chariman Lin is straight? Have you guys thought of the consequences?! Is it okay to open the door and accept the courier?!]

(*T/N: “stamping it” – deciding that something is the truth, as in, stamping a seal of approval on something)

[Weather into Sand: Whatever! Drunk life dreams dead cult*! In my mind, this is love ah! ヾ(≧▽≦≧▽≦)ノ]

(*T/N: To my understanding, this person is saying that they’re drunk on this couple.)


Su Shi swiped at the screen, occasionally glancing at the experience points that were like toy building blocks, growing rapidly, but tottering on the verge of collapse. His lips twitched. His mood complicated.

“All right now, take a break before playing with your phone again. And drink the medicine first.”

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Then, Lin Feng helped him retrieve a prepared set of clothes for lounging at home. Seeing Su Shi looking at the phone as if entranced, Lin Feng smiled lightly and tapped his fingers on the table. He put both the clothes and medicine on the chair.

“Okay—here it comes!”

Su Shi nodded quickly and guiltily tucked his phone under the pillow. He took the clothes and changed into them. Then he carefully looked at Lin Feng who had a calm expression on his face. “Brother, do you have someone that you like?”

To be called a “misunderstanding,” it must be different from the facts. For the sake of his precarious experience points, he must maintain this “evil cult” pairing.

“Why are you suddenly asking about this?”

Lin Feng’s breathing was slightly stagnant, as if he were suddenly pierced in a secret place that he did not dare to think about. His heart shuddered inexplicably.

Meeting the clear light in those eyes, he gathered all the complex emotions into the bottom of his heart, and put on a light smile. He gathered Su Shi towards his chest and rubbed the youth on the head.

“Brother also doesn’t know. And right now, I don’t have the extra energy to think about it. Maybe—some time in the future, perhaps I will have someone I like all of a sudden.”

Su Shi was relieved. He lowered his head and sipped the medicine.

The youth sat quietly on the bed. He seemed to have gotten skinnier during his stay at the hospital. His bangs were slightly long. There hadn’t been time to trim his hair. Right now, they lay scattered across his brows. With his head bowed, the longer hair at the back of his head drooped down on either side of his neck, revealing a glimpse of his delicate white neck.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

The sight was so beautiful that it made the looker’s heart warm up.

Lin Feng’s heart clenched inexplicably. He subconsciously lifted a hand to his forehead.

He couldn’t continue on like this.

His palm seemed to be scalded by a sudden rise in temperature. He instinctively retracted his hand and slowly curled it into a fist.

“Jinchu, how about Brother send you abroad to relax and have fun, and then come back after a period of time?”

Su Shi’s hand trembled and clenched the cup subconsciously.

The plotline would return to its original path sooner or later. Even if he did not take the initiative to follow the plot, eventually he would be sent on the plane that was destined to crash.

Su Shi was silent, and Lin Feng’s heart sank swiftly.

“It’s not that I don’t want you, Jinchu. Don’t be afraid. Brother just–”

Suddenly he could not continue to speak, and he couldn’t help raising his hands to embrace the body in front of him. The muscles in his arms unconsciously stretched taut.

“I’m just afraid that if I keep you by my side, I will do something wrong…”

An ominous premonition struck Su Shi’s heart, and his entire body shivered. Grabbing on tight to his experience points, he resolutely raised his head. “Brother, I’ll go!”

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The author has something to say:
Su Shi: No, no no. Brother, endure! You can’t bend! Do not bend!!
Gong: ???
#Little brother doesn’t seem to like me Q^Q#

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  5. Hello! Really late comment and I hope you don’t mind but I saw the t/n left as is so I thought I’d leave it here: 邪教cp is when two people are shipped despite having very minimal/no interaction at all. I don’t know what the exact English fandom term is but guess the equivalent would be niche ship or rarepair(maybe not haha)

  6. If Lin Feng is the one to send Mu Jinchu away on that plane, I don’t think he’ll be able to bear the guilt.

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