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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 55

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Chapter 55

Probably because he took a harsh psychological blow from Mu Jinchu’s excessively resolute tone, Lin Feng flung himself into the turbulent business world. He didn’t go home for more than a week, and the plane ticket was sent home through the assistant.

“Chairman Lin is very busy, it will be better after a while…”

The assistant guiltily whispered the explanation. He cautiously gauged Su Shi’s expression.

“Jinchu, actually Chairman Lin has always been thinking of you the most. The sanatorium over there, Chairman Lin personally selected it out of dozens of others. They have the most professional medical equipment and medical staff. You go over there to live for two months and your body will definitely get better.”

“Brother cares about me, I know.”

Su Shi received the plane ticket that the assistant handed over to him. His gaze landed on the flight number, and the last traces of hope in his heart finally extinguished.

Sure enough, it was the flight number as dictated by the script.

There was no difference in the eventual outcome of the main plotline, but between buying the ticket himself and leaving, and Lin Feng buying the ticket to send him away, there was still a difference.

Obviously, he had gained a lot of experience points. As long as he boarded that plane, then he could satisfactorily end this world’s mission. But once he recalled the burning dark flames in those eyes, his chest could not feel relief.

Looking at the dullness in the other person’s eyes, the assistant felt more and more nervous. He found an excuse to go outside, and then gave a call to Lin Feng.

“…I understand, I will go home tonight.”

The sky was already turning dark, but the office lights were not turned on. Lin Feng leaned back in his office chair and rubbed his eyebrows tiredly.

After a while of silence, he added another sentence, “Don’t tell Jinchu yet, lest he thinks too much.”

Jinchu’s reaction that day was really too fierce. There are some things that one must not have excessive hope for. He could only curb all the thoughts and feelings that he had yet to put into words, and put all his energy into the high-stakes games of the business world.

It’s been so many days, but he had yet to have another good rest like the one he had that day at the hospital (with Jinchu).

Liang Qiu had been recently forced into a dead end, and the Lin clan had already begun the specific process of preparing for prosecution. By the time Lin Feng finally settled the business at hand and hurried home, it was already late at night.

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The assistant quickly came out to greet him, looking anxiously at the closed bedroom door. “The lights in Jinchu’s room have not been turned off. I dare not knock on the door. Would you like to go see him now?”

It was already late. Lin Feng frowned slightly as he looked at the faint light seeping out from the crack beneath the door. He walked over quickly.

Worried that Jinchu had fallen asleep and forgotten to turn off the lights, Lin Feng didn’t knock on the door. He just opened the door as quietly as possible.

That youth was indeed lying with his head down on the table. He didn’t even have the good sense to cover himself with another layer of clothing. His thin back rose up and down slowly with his even breaths, evidently showing that he was in deep sleep.

Lin Feng sighed and walked over carefully. With one arm on Mu Jinchu’s back and another arm under his legs, he lightly lifted him up.

Vaguely aware of the change in posture, Mu Jinchu frowned at first, but still did not open his eyes. He just instinctively leaned into the arms to absorb the heat near him.

When Jinchu cuddled against him, Lin Feng’s heart clenched. He carefully placed the youth on the bed and unfolded the quilt to cover him, but then his eyes fell on the letterhead spread out on the table.

It seemed to be an unfinished letter.

Suddenly, from the depths of his heart, a hidden hope that he dared not voice was born. Lin Feng sat beside the bed, picked up the letter paper, and looked down.

The contents of the letter made him feel slightly surprised, and he raised his eyebrows as he continued to read. His expression unconsciously softened.

The handwriting on the paper was neat and clean. Don’t know why, but it drew forth a feeling of nostalgia. Written in the letter were long-winded words talking about a bunch of trivial matters.

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On his eighteenth birthday, received a gift from eldest brother; on the day of the college entrance exams, Brother specially prepared breakfast; had a fight with Lin Jing, and then Brother gave Lin Jing a beating; at the graduation ceremony, saw Brother amongst the audience, he even wore sunglasses for fear that others would recognize him.

Lin Feng took a deep breath and blinked away the moisture in his eyes. His chest felt hot and tight.

Even he didn’t remember all this. So in that period of time that he did not pay much attention to, they actually had no many points of intersection.

Faintly feeling that there was a presence near him, Su Shi blinked out of his sleep and looked over in a bewildered daze. “Brother?”

“Brother is here, sleep well.”

His throat was choked with emotions. Lin Feng raised his hand and rubbed his forehead, his tone still gentle and soft.

He was already accustomed to the other’s surprise attacks, so Su Shi murmured a sound of acknowledgement and planned to continue sleeping, but then he felt that something was wrong.

Vacantly opening his eyes, he found that the letter paper was in Lin Feng’s hand. His expression suddenly changed, and he raised his hand to make a grab for the paper. “Brother, you can’t look at this!”

“Okay, okay. Brother didn’t have time to look at it. Here, returning it to you. Don’t worry.”

Lin Feng steadily hugged the fluttering body against his chest. His expression did not change, his heart did not jump, and he lightly patted Jinchu in a placating manner. “It’s all right, it’s all right. Don’t worry. Brother swears he didn’t see anything…”

It would be strange if he did not see!

His experience points were about to collapse!

Su Shi curled up tightly and gripped his clothes hard. He felt so distressed that he couldn’t breathe.

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He was worried that the protagonist might blame himself too much, so he wanted to leave behind a suicide note. Who knew that he would fall asleep after only writing part of it? He only had time to finish writing up the sentimental first half.

And unexpectedly, it was actually read by the protagonist.

Su Shi squinted as he watched the protagonist’s favor value soaring all the way. He took a quick breath, lifted his head, and said numbly, “Brother, I–”

“It’s fine. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t say it out loud.”

Lin Feng saw the terrified and watery look in Mu Jinchu’s eyes. He held his breath for a beat, but couldn’t help letting out a faint laugh. He covered those eyes with the palm of his hand and leaned down with his body.

“I thought that—forget it, Jinchu, thank you.”

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