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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 56

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Chapter 56

In the end, he did not kiss the youth in his arms. He only gave him a light kiss through the barrier of his hand. His voice was soft and low, “Jinchu, you don’t know—how happy Brother is…”

The eyelashes under his palm fluttered. The sensation was ticklish. Without a sound, warm tears sprouted.

It’s over. It’s over.

Su Shi was afraid to look at his own experience points. He was so ashamed that he slammed his head into that embrace.

There was a pain in his chest, but Lin Feng embraced him tighter, and stroked his thin back. “It’s my fault, Jinchu, it’s my fault. Just wait for a bit more. Go overseas, rest, and have some fun. Once I finish taking care of matters here, I will go pick you up…”

Hearing him bring up that foreordained plane flight, Su Shi’s breathing turned slightly stagnant. His heart was tingling with pain. His taut body gradually loosened.

The plane will crash. Su Shi was afraid that the protagonist would spend his entire life under a cloud of guilt, for being the one to put him on that plane with his own hands.
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It was just one world. Anyway, his experience points have already been lost. He could not take the initiative to disobey the system’s main story line. But at the very least, within the time that he had left, he could, to the best of his abilities, leave the other party with some warm memories, no matter how short they may be.

Lin Feng hugged him. Feeling that the person in his arms was gradually calming down, he was about to help him lie down, but Su Shi suddenly grabbed on to his wrist.

“Brother, rest for a bit, okay?”

The warm yellow lamplight was reflected in the bright black pupils, emitting a thin, soft, and warm light.

Facing the light in those eyes, Lin Feng’s breathing stuttered. His expression turned warm and he nodded with a smile. Following the strength of Su Shi’s tug, he leaned down, and brushed a soft kiss to the youth’s forehead.

The bedroom light finally went out, but Chairman Lin did not come out all night.


On the day of Su Shi’s flight, Lin Feng did not come to see him off.

The prosecution was at the most critical period, and a trial was to be held on the same day. It was difficult for Lin Feng to get away. Su Shi was not surprised. Packing his luggage absently, he was about to call the assistant, but there was a faint noise in the corridor.

Somehow, it gave him an ominous premonition. Su Shi dragged the suitcase out, and followed the sound.

The assistant was standing outside Lin Jing’s bedroom. He was tenaciously dragging the struggling Lin Jing, his eyes filled with an anxious and irritated light.

“What’s going on?”

Although he followed Lin Feng all year round, the assistant was very respectful to the chairman’s younger brother, and there were very few times when he would bring out such an intense attitude.

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Su Shi’s expression sank slightly. He quickly stepped forward to block their path, and looked directly at the pale-faced Lin Jing.

Met with the dark look in Su Shi’s eyes, Lin Jing’s body shook uncontrollably. He subconsciously wanted to answer, but the assistant quickly said, “Nothing!”

Having said that, his expression morphed into a stiff smile. He raised a hand to push Su Shi out. “Jinchu, you don’t have to worry. I just have to exchange a few words with the second young master, and then I will take you to the airport right away…”

“What happened to Brother?”

Su Shi raised a hand to separate them. His tone was heavy.

The assistant’s face turned stiff and he could not change the topic in time. Lin Jing hurriedly grabbed on to Su Shi with tears in his eyes. “Jinchu, Brother—Brother was abducted by them. They want me to bring a business contract to them, and they also want us to drop the lawsuit, what to do…?”

“Second Young Master, you–”

The assistant was so angry that his face turned white. He paced back and forth a few times, sighed heavily, and raised his hand to support Su Shi’s arm. “Jinchu, they are only flinging threats, they won’t actually do anything to Chairman Lin. First, let me have someone send you to the airport, you leave as soon as possible…”

“What are all of their demands? What else do we need?”

Su Shi interrupted his words, no longer paying attention to Lin Jing, who was standing still. Instead, he turned his attention to the struggling assistant.

He had also been wondering all this time, his body was not suitable for long-distance flights, and the relationship between the two has been recognized, so why was the protagonist still so anxious to send him abroad at this time?

Now it would seem that Lin Feng had long been aware of some hidden threats.

The assistant was silent for a long time. Finally, he sighed in compromise. “We notified the police and temporarily announced the withdrawal of the lawsuit. Now, we only need the second young master to bring the business contract to them so that the police can have a chance at rescue.”

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“Brother Li, Brother Li, listen to me—Liang Qiu has evidence that I was the one who administered the drug (to Mu Jinchu). If I go, I will definitely be arrested, and I will have to go to prison too!”

Lin Jing grabbed his arm and looked at him in panic. His eyes were full of fear and timidity. “I can leave the entertainment circle. I can go abroad and learn to do business. But I can’t be arrested again. If that happens, then I will have no path forward anymore–”

“Therefore, you don’t care about Brother anymore?”

Su Shi cut into his words. His gaze was light and fell upon Lin Jing serenely.

Lin Jing’s throat suddenly tightened, and he turned speechless. His face paled as he stumbled back a few steps. He held his head and weakly crouched on the floor.

Time passed minute by minute.

Su Shi’s gaze gradually cooled.

The object of his mission was Lin Jing. As long as Lin Jing was alive, it was not necessary to guarantee Lin Feng’s safety.

As long as he pretended that nothing happened, boarded the plane according to the arrangement of the assistant, and leave the world smoothly, everything after that would have nothing to do with him.

He pulled out the plane ticket and stared at it in his hand.

Lin Jing’s gaze fixed on the ticket, his chest violently undulating. His eyes unexpectedly exhibited an irreconcilable envy.

Su Shi suddenly turned up the corner of his mouth, tore the ticket in half, and threw it on the floor.

“Fine, I’ll care.”

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