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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 57

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Chapter 57

They locked Lin Jing in his room. Su Shi changed into thicker clothes, and hurried out with the assistant.

With misgivings over this hindrance that is Second Young Master Lin, the Lin family did not dare to call the police like this. Those kidnappers were without scruple. They could only cooperate with their requests for now to rescue Lin Feng first.
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They rushed to the agreed place. Su Shi leaned back in the shotgun seat, listening to the assistant explain the situation, and he could not help raising his hand to rub at his forehead.

“Jinchu, how is your body holding up?”

Seeing that the other’s countenance was not very good, the assistant swiftly realized his negligence, and quickly stopped talking about the situation. Trying to relax his voice, he said, “Don’t be too anxious. They are targeting the company, Chairman Lin will be fine…”

“I’m fine.”

Concisely responding to the other party’s concerns, Su Shi closed his eyes, took a few deep breaths, and calmed down. “How confident are you in your arrangements? They could abduct Brother with no one the wiser. Are we clear on their strengths?”

“It’s not clear, but we’ve made the most thorough preparations possible.”

The assistant shook his head. Unconsciously, his tone lowered, “It’s Lin Jing’s agent, Zhang Bin. He told Chairman Lin that they had concrete evidence of Second Young Master’s crimes. Chairman Lin did not want to alarm others, and quietly followed him. On the road, Chairman Lin even sent two text messages, telling me that I must accompany you in person to the airport. After that, we lost contact completely…”

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Su Shi listened dumbly. Only after a while did he sigh and set his sights out the window.

“When Brother comes back, you really should remind him to discipline Lin Jing well…”

“I dare not say something like that to Chairman Lin. Chairman Lin only has a good temper when talking with you, so it’s better if you give him this reminder.”

The assistant waved his hands quickly and responded with a smirk, but the smiling look in his eyes gradually dimmed when he saw the cold sweat on the other’s forehead, and the look turned into one of hidden worry that he could not voice out loud.

Su Shi still had his gaze turned towards the scenery outside. He leaned flatly against the back of the car seat. One hand was clenched in the clothing above his heart.

He had walked too fast when he came out. He remembered to change into warmer clothes, but forgot to take his medicine with him.

“As long as Brother hasn’t signed the transfer document, my company shares are still in my hands. For them, controlling me and Brother is the same.”

Without continuing to talk about the future, Su Shi took a deep breath, raised his head, and then said in a faint voice, “I’ll go and make contact with them first. As for you guys, don’t rush to expose yourselves. If I can replace Brother as hostage, then naturally that would be best, but if not, let me try some other methods first.”

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The assistant nodded promptly. In the end, he still felt uneasy, and hesitantly added a sentence, “Jinchu, be careful yourself…”

“Relax, you’re still not aware of my skills yet?”

Su Shi smiled, rearranged his clothes, folded the business contract carefully, and put it into his side pocket.

As they approached the appointed place, the speed of the car slowed down.

When Lin Jing jumped from the building, Mu Jinchu’s reaction speed was really something that startled everyone present. The assistant’s heart felt some reassurance, and a relaxed smile appeared on his face. He carefully parked the car in a hidden corner and patted his arm.

“That’s right, you scared us all that day—this time too, we’ll depend on you. You must bring Chairman Lin back, our body and lives depend on you.”

Su Shi met his gaze, smiled, and did not answer. He just pulled up his collar, opened the car door, and went out into the blustering wind.

Liang Qiu was waiting for him at the corner.

He was caught off guard by Lin Feng’s merciless means, and his expression also showed obvious fatigue. Smoke drifted from the cigarette between his fingers. The gentle face of the past was wiped to reveal something much more chilling.

When he saw Mu Jinchu coming over, his eyes first showed some surprise, then he raised his eyebrows slightly, snubbed out the cigarette, and tossed it on the ground.

“No wonder Lin Feng likes you, Jinchu. I actually have some regrets now.”

He slowly stood upright. His eyes fell on the youth in front of him.

In his memories, this introverted youth was somewhat inferior, but don’t when, he grew a spine of steel, and the gloom between his eyebrows had disappeared, revealing a clear and bright atmosphere.

The light in that pair of eyes was steady and calm. Instead, the image of Liang Qiu reflected in those eyes cut a sorry figure.

There was a chill in Liang Qiu’s eyes. He stretched out a hand to hold Su Shi’s jaw, forcing the youth to raise his head. “It seems that Lin Feng has raised you well. Did you come here in person to help him give the company to me?”

“It makes no difference. As long as I am in your hands, whether or not you have that contract in hand, the result is the same.”

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