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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 58

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Chapter 58

There was a faint pain in his eyes, but the tone of the youth in front of him remained calm and steady. “Let me see Lin Feng. After I confirm his safety, I will do whatever you want.”

Met with this gaze, Liang Qiu arched an eyebrow. Suddenly, he flung him away, and turned around to open the iron door behind him.

Lin Feng was tied to a chair. When he heard the sound of the door opening, he turned his head over to look.

Seeing the person standing outside startled astonishment flashed through his eyes. His originally calm look twisted to show some of the intense pain he felt within.

On the contrary, Su Shi’s heart settled when he saw the dark flames burning silently in those eyes.

His eyes roved across Lin Feng’s body, carefully confirming that there were no obvious signs of injuries on the other party. Only then did he exhale a sigh of relief and let a relaxed warmth seep into his gaze.

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Lin Feng was gagged and he could not speak. Su Shi also did not rush to speak. He was about to walk inside, but was suddenly stopped by Liang Qiu’s hand.

“What do you want?”

Looking at the hand in front of him flatly, Su Shi looked up at Liang Qiu. He had already discerned the situation of the room from his peripheral vision.

There were only five or six bodyguards that could pose a threat. It seems that the plan to beat Liang Qiu up, and then carry Lin Feng off would have to be abandoned.

“Originally, I just wanted the company, but now—I am suddenly very interested in you.”

Liang Qiu smirked and turned to Lin Feng with eyes full of humor. “Jinchu, I know you like me. You follow me, we get the company, and you won’t be bullied anymore. Doesn’t that sound good?”

Su Shi had already forced a violation of the plotline. He didn’t dare to take any more actions that would violate the rules. He looked up at Liang Qiu and silently quirked his lips.

The youth in front of him did not deny his words, and did not even open his mouth, but his eyes suddenly showed a clear and arrogant attitude, and the corners of his lips evoked a slight disdain.

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Anger rippled through Liang Qiu’s eyes. He raised his hand to seize Su Shi by the collar, but Su Shi took the opportunity to restrain his wrist, and pressed him to the ground as soon as he twisted.

“I know how to endure bullying, there’s no need to trouble Brother Liang.”

Su Shi pressed his knee into Liang Qiu’s back. The biting cold in his chilling gaze caused the bodyguards that were rushing forward to all hesitate.

He held Liang Qiu down firmly with one hand. His other hand gripped Liang Qiu by the throat. He raised his eyes calmly, the corner of his mouth tilted up, and he said quietly, “Release him.”

The bodyguards did not dare to act rashly. They didn’t step forward, nor did they release Lin Feng. In the blink of an eye, silence choked the scene.

Su Shi’s expression was flat, but the heartbeat in his ear was a loud drum.

He was only able to get out two words. After that, he had to stop talking to cover up his rapid breathing. He didn’t dare to look at Lin Feng’s expression again. Right now, he might not be able to keep it up if there were even the littlest distraction.

There was a black mist building in his vision. Su Shi took a deep breath and bit his tongue hard, trying to keep himself awake with the pain.

Liang Qiu quickly noticed something off about Su Shi, after all, the two of them were pressed so close together. He ignored the hand around his neck and struggled to pull out a dagger from behind. He used strength to send it towards his lower abdomen. “Don’t be afraid of him, he can’t keep this up for long!”

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The fierce pain spread from his lower abdomen. There was a chill in Su Shi’s eyes. He pulled Liang Qiu and abruptly flipped over. He raised his knee and bore down heavily on his back.

He pulled the dagger out without hesitation. Liang Qiu, who was almost passed out, pushed him hard towards the bodyguards that were rushing forward. He staggered in front of Lin Feng to protect him. His countenance was still as tranquil and apathetic as before.

The blood dripping from the dagger frightened the bodyguards for a moment, and their previous quick charge turned into hesitation.

Su Shi gasped, and the sudden burst of pain in his heart almost took him off his feet. He instinctively raised a hand to grasp tightly at the clothes right above his heart. But he still maintained his upright position with great difficulty.

The door was abruptly opened, and a dazzling light poured in, turning his field of vision white.

It took a long time for the white fog in his vision to dissipate. He could only make out vague human figures all mixed up together in a chaotic melee. The door was wide open, and Liang Qiu had disappeared.

Neither side wanted to make too much noise. The staff that they brought wasn’t considered a lot. Without Liang Qiu’s presence, the bodyguards did not have any thought to resist any more, and barely persisted for a while. Except for the fallen ones that were pressed to the ground, the rest had already fled.

The assistant walked over quickly. He helped untie the ropes around Lin Feng and took out the towel stuffed in his mouth.

Lin Feng couldn’t be bothered to ask much, he quickly walked around the figure that was still standing quietly with his back towards him. He raised his arms to support the youth. “Jinchu, you–”

[T/N: At the end, Lin Feng said “你怎么——” ni zen me. Ni is “you,” but zen me can mean “how?” “what?” or even “why?” which could all imply different things that he might want to ask, like: “How come you’re not on the plane?” “WTF did you think you were doing?” “Why are you here?” etc… Since I am unable to discern his exact train of thought, I left it as simply “you.”]

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