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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 59

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Chapter 59

Lin Feng could only get out half of what he wanted to say when the words got stuck in his throat. His eyes flashed with extreme anxiety.

[T/N: The raws were vague, but I’m pretty sure the following two paragraphs are about Su Shi.]

Those eyes seemed to be covered with a faint mist. After blinking a few times, he refocused his eyes on his face. He looked at him steadily for a spell, and finally relaxed with a warm smile.

That smile was bright and warm, and even showed a contented childishness, as if he had finally ascertained some important worry in his mind.

Mu Jinchu’s complexion was almost white, but there was an ominous dark color on his lips.

After finally making sure that the person in front of him was completely intact, the last bit of light in his eyes dimmed. At last, he closed his eyes slowly and tiredly, leaning forward weakly.

Lin Feng hurriedly reached out to embrace him. He opened his mouth to speak, but was too scared to make a sound.

The youth in his arms seems to have just fallen asleep, and there did not seem to be much pain in his expression. He rested quietly in his arms. His long delicate lashed were closed tightly. Blood seeped quietly from the hem of his jacket.

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The assistant looked at him with a stunned expression, his face suddenly changed, and he was about to speak, but the bloodlust in Lin Feng’s eyes frightened him.

The wailing siren of an ambulance sounded faintly from outside the door.

Electric shocks, each one stronger than the previous one, forced Su Shi’s detaching consciousness to return to the body.

His chest seemed to have been hit hard by a train. His dry throat was burning with the reek of blood. Su Shi moved his body with difficulty. The hand that was dangling limply over the edge of the bed was immediately held tightly by another hand. “Brother is here, Jinchu, stay strong…”

The ending of the sentence was strongly choked off. Hot tears dripped down Lin Feng’s face, and when they splashed onto Su Shi’s cheeks, they were already cold.

Su Shi’s heart softened again.

If he were to leave the world like this now, to the protagonist, it would not be any better than him dying in a plane crash.

It’s just one world. Stay for a while, wait for the situation to stabilize. Maybe he could accidentally pick up another pot along the way.

The heart was exhausted, but it was not impossible to beat a few more times.

Su Shi curbed his consciousness, forced himself to open his eyes, and slightly arched his eyes at Lin Feng.

Those bloodstained eyes suddenly exploded into incredible light.

The hand hanging off the side of the bed was carefully lifted, and the back of it was lightly pressed against the other’s cheek. The strength was slow and gentle as if afraid to disturb the very air.

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He could feel the trembling of Lin Feng’s forbearance. The tears fell silently, and those eyes were fixed steadily on him, filled with the jubilant joy of having survived a calamity, but also tainted with the boundless dread that his dream might be destroyed.


Su Shi whispered softly. Although he couldn’t make it clear because of the breathing mask, Lin Feng understood it immediately, and leaned over quickly. “Brother is here, Jinchu, what so you want?”

The ambulance was still speeding to the hospital, and the person lying in the temporary bed looked at him quietly, with a soft arc of his eyebrows, and suddenly a clear smile appeared in his eyes.

Suddenly it became clear what he meant. Lin Feng’s eyes were slightly hot, and he tried his best to relax his expression, rubbed his head lightly, and tried to turn up the corners of his mouth in a smile. “Extremely handsome. Brother is stunned from just looking.”

Sure enough, the protagonist could understand his mind. Su Shi narrowed his eyes with satisfaction. He lightly squeezed Lin Feng’s hand. Then he was dragged back into deep sleep by intense tiredness.

Watching those eyes gradually close again, the smile in Lin Feng’s eyes faded. He lowered his head and took a deep breath, exhaling and inhaling slowly.

“Just hold on for a bit longer, Jinchu. Stay here, stay with your elder brother…”

The morning sun passed through the gaps in the curtains, Su Shi blinked a few times, and woke up from another lengthy lethargy.

Lin Feng was dozing on a chaise lounge next to the bed. He rushed over as soon as he detected movement on the bed. Meeting those clear and bright eyes, his expression warmed slightly, “You’re awake? Would you like to sit up for a while?”

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Probably due to lying in bed for too long, Su Shi’s back was stiff, and his muscles were also stiff and painful.

Su Shi reached out to him, wanting to borrow his strength to pull himself up, but Lin Feng seized the opportunity to lean over and picked him up in a hug. He helped him sit up steadily within his embrace.

Su Shi really did not have much strength. He simply relaxed and let the other party skillfully massage his arm for himself. He removed the breathing mask on his face and mumbled to himself in a low voice.

“Brother, how come I feel as if you don’t have any work…?”

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  1. I totally thought Su Shi was going to leave right then and there…. he sure has a soft heart.

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  2. aaaah i love su shi;;; im so used to bad ass mcs in world hopping novels who could successfully create an elaborate plan to maximize their mission/s in less than a second……. and then there’s su shi;;;; when he decided to stay longer in this world, “just once”, and comfort lin feng because he genuinely felt bad,, my heart was touched a bit;;;;;;; he’s so lovely. i wanna hug;;

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  3. wait, so he didn’t die?! Yay 😀
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  4. I feel as if the author is making the arc unnecessarily longer… maybe he should just make mc die for the feels and then write an epilogue?

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