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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 60

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Chapter 60

Lin Feng chuckled quietly, and brought Su Shi deeper into his arms. “Accompanying you is my work. If you recover from your injury and recuperate your health completely, then it would be like giving your brother a bonus.”

The air conditioner in the ward was fully turned on. With the sun falling on his body, it caused him to relax a lot. Once again, tiredness crept up on him again.

Su Shi was comfortable as he leaned into the other’s arms. He yawned lightly and buried his face in the other’s neck again. “I’ll give you your bonus in a bit. Brother, why don’t you sleep for a bit?”

His body was still weak, and his voice was also soft, without much strength behind it. Lin Feng lowered his head and looked at the head resting on his shoulder. The expression of a soft smile spread across his eyes. He raised his hand and rubbed Su Shi’s head gently. “I just realized that whenever the opportunity arises, you would try to get your brother into bed…”

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Obviously he was worried about the other party wearing himself out by running back and forth. Su Shi was inexplicably indignant. He raised his head in astonishment, and was met with the gentle and warm smile in those eyes. Suddenly, he became stumped for words.

For the first time, there was such a relaxed and warm smile in those eyes.

A soft kiss landed on his forehead. Lin Feng rubbed his head with a smile, his gaze patient. “What’s wrong? What are you thinking of right now?”

Su Shi shook his head and leaned back into the other party’s chest. He lifted his arms to fully hug the other person back. “Do you still feel sad now?”

He didn’t call Brother this time. Lin Feng’s breathing turned slightly sluggish, and suddenly a strong, hard to control, impulse was born from his chest. He tightened his arms more and more.

The lively and warm body was right within his grasp, the heart was beating steadily in the chest, and warm breaths hit the side of his neck gently.

Lin Feng blinked hard against the water vapor in his eyes, but they still burred his vision quickly. His throat choked with a shallow laugh. “Not sad, not at all…”

The body in his arms moved, looking up at him seriously and earnestly. Only after a long while did the youth show a reassuring smile and contentedly reburied his head into his chest.

The protagonist was finally in a good mood, so let’s wait a little more, and find a more suitable time to consider leaving.

Lin Feng’s chest burned from the intimate actions of the other. He patiently hugged him, and after waiting for some time, he found that the person in his arms fell asleep again.

“Sleep at ease, Brother is holding you…”

Lin Feng pressed his cheek against Su Shi’s cheek. His voice softened. Slowly, he lay Su Shi back down on the bed, and he also lay down on the bed and held the youth again.

The matters outside have been settled, and Jinchu’s body was slowly recovering, it was time to get a good sleep.

Before Liang Qiu could abscond, he was arrested and brought to jail, and Lin Jing also failed to escape being implicated.

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The two big players went to jail one after another, and the left over player went abroad to convalesce due to his health. The Lin clan received a big shock to their vitality. It took a full three years for them to re-emerge as an influential power. With his unquestionable valiant attitude, in the end he finally received the script that everyone expected.

Mu Jinchu, who went abroad to recuperate, also happened to return to China at this time, and he took the role of number one male actor without any incidents.

After repeated experiences from visiting Mu Jinchu’s workplace several times, when the reporters saw Lin Feng’s car pulling up, they immediately scattered in four directions to find good hidden spots for taking pictures. The originally crowded scene was cleared in an instant.

“I seemed to have missed the point when Chairman Lin gained the ability to clear a field.”

Su Shi had just finished shooting a scene. He was wrapped in a military coat and in good spirits. He smiled and made fun of the walking freezer*, Lin Feng. He stuffed a hot water bottle into the other’s hands. “Why are you coming over in this weather, are you cold?”

[*T/N: As in he carries a cold aura that deters people. Except Su Shi that is. Heehee.]

“I’m not cold. The temperature has dropped these days. I was afraid you would catch a cold again.”

Lin Feng’s eyes fell on Su Shi. In his eyes, there was only warmth when he looked at him. He raised his hands and adjusted the collar for him. “Did you have a good stay at the hotel? After a few days, when it’s not so busy, I will come and stay with you for a while.”

“You have panda eyes. I can already guess that you came to me to sleep.”

Su Shi moved closer and looked at Lin Feng attentively. He ruthlessly exposed Lin Feng’s selfish motives. His eyes held a teasing smile.

Lin Feng, who was laid bare with a few words, had no psychological obstacles. He nodded calmly and accompanied Su Shi into the studio. “It’d been cold recently. It’s hard to sleep well by one self.”

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Su Shi chuckled softly and was about to tease him again, when a voice in the distance rang out.

“It’s the last scene. I’ll go finish shooting first.”

Su Shi seized the moment to give Lin Feng a brief explanation, and then he responded back to the voice with a quick call. As he hurried over to the set, he handed the army coat over to the assistant.

He had just arrived before the camera, but the momentum of his entire body suddenly changed, and his movements were bright and dazzling.

Lin Feng stood not far away, his gaze was always fixed on him, his expression was gentle and focused, and he no longer had the stern posture of one about to clear a field with his ice-cold aura.

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