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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 61

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Chapter 61

Acting was Su Shi’s veteran profession. The whole scene was shot easily in one cut. With the signal of the end of the shooting, there was an eager applause from the edge of the set.

With a relaxed air, Su Shi returned to Lin Feng’s side. He had just opened his mouth to speak when he was meticulously wrapped in his coat. The other party tapped him on the forehead with his fingers. “Your scene is over and you still don’t quickly put on your coat? How long did it take you to heal from your last cold, hm?”

“Last time was an unexpected mishap. This time, I even drank indigowoad root* ahead of time…”

[*T/N: a dry root used in traditional Chinese medicine]

Su Shi pouted with reluctance, but he still pulled the coat tighter around himself without another word. Lin Feng shoved the hot water bottle back at him, and Su Shi took it back into his arms.

The two of them walked out while chatting, and the people around them gradually increased. Su Shi took two steps, but suddenly seemed to feel something and turned back around.

“What is it?”

Lin Feng was a little curious. He followed his gaze and saw only a group of temporary workers busy dismantling the filming set. “Did you see someone? Would you like to go say hello?”

“It’s nothing. I probably recognized wrongly.”

Su Shi shook his head and looked away from the youth wearing a baseball cap.

Lin Jing was released from prison half a year ago, and then he lost contact with his family. Lin Feng sent people out to search for him, but never found anything.

With the help of the system, Su Shi could find out where the other person was. He had once entrusted a person to send an oral message, but Lin Jing politely declined his help, and pleaded with him to help him conceal his whereabouts from his elder brother. He wanted to start anew in a place where no one knew him.

Everyone had a right to his or her own choices, and Su Shi had no right to interfere. He could only have someone give the remainder of his bank savings to Lin Jing, but it looked like the other party was not using any of it.

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Hearing Su Shi’s answer, Lin Feng did not pay any more attention to the crowd of workers. He simply pulled open the car door, and stuffed Su Shi’s entire person inside. With a smile, he rubbed the other’s head and said, “Then don’t be too meddlesome. Since you have this time, why don’t you think about what to eat for lunch? Brother will treat you to a meal…”

Only after the car had pulled away, did that youth in the baseball cap finally raise his head.

His chest undulated up and down several times. Finally, he couldn’t help moving closer, imitating what he had just seen. He very carefully came upon a prop that was set aside.

“Put it down quick. If you break it, you won’t even be able to afford to buy it!”

“This is used by big name celebrities. You want to be a star, too? Dream on!”

Voices ridiculed and mocked him, and another harsh laughter sounded.

The youth in the baseball cap flinched and quickly put back down the prop that was in his hand. Then he was bombarded by orders from another worker to help move the wooden board in the corner.

Despite being ridiculed, his expression remained numb, and his body bowed instinctively. His pale and thin cheeks showed some morbidity, and his eyes were dull.

He walked a bit, wrapped his dusty cotton coat tightly, and finally looked back at the delicate prop.

A faint light flashed under his eyes and then extinguished, turning into a faint vapor, and then he was forced back by the icy cold wind.


Su Shi lived together with Lin Feng for decades, before he was finally able to smoothly break away – without breaking the protagonist’s heart – and returned to the main world.

The system was left alone and desolate for way too long, and it was waiting dully. The dark screen flashed twice before turning on again. “My beloved host, I thought you had forgotten completely about the main world, and the advanced intelligent system that’s been awaiting you expectantly day and night.”

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“The passage of time ratio between the lower world and the main world is three hundred and sixty-five days to one day. I only returned late by a month or so.”

After all, Mu Jinchu’s body was severely damaged. Although he took great care of it later, it was not possible to have a very long life. Su Shi leaned into the sofa, rubbed his eyebrows, and then raised his gaze. “Ah, that’s right, what happened to Lin Jing after?”

“He kept working odd jobs, and never contacted Lin Feng. His life cannot be considered good. When you left the world, he also came to your funeral.”

The screen of the system resumed the torrent of rolling data, but the tone of the mechanical voice remained cold and cool. “Lin Feng recognized him and wanted to ask him to stay, but he just gave you a bunch of flowers and then insisted on leaving. He lived an ordinary life, married a woman, had some children, and never went back.”

Su Shi nodded and did not answer. The system was silent for a moment, and its tone finally showed some fluctuations: “Compared to this incident, I was even more surprised that you have been in this world for more than thirty years. You have collected over a thousand misunderstanding value…”

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  1. thank you for the chapter!
    seeing the reason behind the misunderstadings is always the most entertaining part for me XD

  2. Congratulations to Su Shi!! He got a lot of points AND he didn’t break Lin Feng’s heart! I’m glad Lin Jing wasn’t dealt a horrible life, though it wasn’t great either.

    Thanks for translating!

  3. Su Shi might gained a lot of misunderstanding value by making ppl/LinFeng thought that he (SS) loved him (LF) while he just sympathize him ?

  4. Tbh I don’t think Lin Jing deserved such a miserable ending at all. Sure he’s not perfect and he’s very flawed, but I think his selfishness is also human. In novels, it’s so easy to hate such characters, but in actuality it’s very common. Well, oh well.

    1. +1
      It’s just that he is childish and impulsive. He didn’t actually mean things become like this. If we’re in his shoes…

    2. I think he deserved it because the original owner had so much to deal with because of him and if it wasn’t for ml’s brainhole su shi would have to go through the same thing(he would like it if the plot went smoothly but thinking from another perspective it’s quite heartbreaking)

  5. “Acting was Su Shi’s veteran profession. ”
    I thought the whole reason of his failure of missions was he couldn’t act for the life of him. Honestly makes no sense why he’s failing so much if he used to be the top host. Everytime he tries he gives puppy eyes to the Ml and warps the story

    1. When I turn on my logical brain, I ask that question too. Lol. XD

      But I guess the premise of this story is to watch him “fail.” Because when I view the story through that lens, I do find it funny.

  6. Omg I’m surprised he didn’t leave this world abruptly and break the protagonist’s heart… I feel sad for Wayne, he wanted more than anything for the other to keep living and grow old with him.
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    Maybe I overanalize everything hehe, i’m going to enjoy the failure of Su Shi!! and suffer a bit too much for a character that will never appear again!!

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