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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 62

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Chapter 62

Over one thousand misunderstanding value…

The system ruthlessly exposed the facts with a few words. Su Shi was angry enough to twist himself into a pretzel. Eventually, his expression broke down.

Even those more than one thousand misunderstanding experience points was pathetic. They were gained because Lin Feng always thought that Su Shi was a sensible, considerate, industrious, and kindhearted person. Due to the protagonist’s staunch beliefs, Su Shi had to do lots of housework in exchange for those misunderstanding points.

[T/N: Meaning that Su Shi is not hardworking, but he had to pretend to be in order to gather those points throughout the years. XP]

The system was silent for half a day. Finally, it sighed. “If I did not see your trophy cup, I also would not dare to believe, that I am bound to a quasi-king host.”

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“There are specializations in techniques. At the time when I passed the pot to others, I did not think that one day, I would have to pick them back up one by one.”

Su Shi leaned on the sofa. He had an even bigger headache than the system. “I’ve already worked very hard.”


The system was also fretting. After a moment of careful consideration, it suggested, “Maybe it’s because you’re trying too hard…”

The data bar on the screen scrolled for a while, a few highlighted details were extracted, and listed one by one.

[Appropriate denial and justification is necessary. Being too eager to admit to the fault will actually make people start to doubt whether the pot receiver is really innocent or guilty.]

[Host should occasionally show a guilty conscience, anxiety, and vacillation, thereby deepening misunderstanding of others.]

[It’s not necessary to be handsome. It’s not necessary to be handsome. It’s not necessary to be handsome.]


Su Shi was not convinced. “I think the last one is too intentional.”

“Yes. The host must remember that the novice world this time is the last one. The worlds in the future will not be so simple.”

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The system carefully inputted a sentence, and the words on the screen gradually disappeared, opening the assessment of the current world.

“The host’s current experience points is 3512, deducting 500 for analgesics, and deduct another 2000 for forcefully resisting the main plotline. The balance remaining is 1012 points. Congratulations to the host for achieving [Experience Points Credit is Negative]. Task completion rating is A. Protagonist misunderstanding is one hundred. Current world rating: S level. Host can choose one skill from anyone in this world to copy, and directly improve the mastery to the highest level.”

With his previous experience, Su Shi skillfully chose Lin Feng’s [Bonanza]. He arched an eyebrow and wondered, “Why is it one hundred again? Is it because of the misunderstanding that ‘I used to like Liang Qiu?’”

[T/N: Lin Feng’s skill [Bonanza] in Chinese is 财源滚滚 which means “profits pouring in from all sides” and it is an idiom for raking in the money.]


The data bar on the screen suddenly flowed backwards, and re-calculated the database. The mechanical voice of the system then continued to sound.

“The protagonist has always thought that it was him who caused you to nearly lose your life, and for your body to suffer irreversible damage. But it was because of him that you were willing to stay in that world.”

Su Shi suddenly became silent.

The system did not say anything immediately, and was quiet for a while. Then Su Shi cleared his throat and raised his head: “I want to know, is the protagonist of each world the same piece of data?”

“How could that be possible?”

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This question was too outrageous, and even the mechanical voice of the system showed some surprise. “After the world ends, it will be formatted. It is impossible for there to be two sets of the exact same data. If there is data that can be retained through the sky network, it might break the rules to be upgraded into a system, or it will be wrung to death by the main god, there will not be a third option.”

“I’m just asking, it’s not a big deal.”

After hearing the system’s answer, Su Shi’s eyes went dull, and he withdrew all his questions back into the depths of his heart. “Open up to the next world. I have already delayed for so long. How much more gift time do I have left in the novice world?”

“Forty-eight hours…”

There was a moment of silence before the mechanical voice sounded again painfully.

Su Shi turned his head back, stunned. But before he could ask, his feet were already falling through space, and his body fell down quickly.

“The new world [48 Hours Limit] has been opened. The host must remember that when you see the pot, don’t rush to grab it. You have to refuse if you want it. You have to be half willing and half unwilling, to yield after making a show of resistance. The more you don’t want to explain, the more you must fight to explain yourself. Fight to make matters worse…”

The mechanical sound dissipated near his ears. Su Shi’s body sank, and his eyes opened again.

The severe pain in his body made him frown, his body was firmly locked by iron chains, and all sides were covered with icy brick walls. The cold seeped into his bones without dispersing.

The iron gate creaked loudly. Someone pushed the door in and cast a tall shadow in front of him.

“Ivan, the execution is two days away. Do you want to confess to your sins now?”

The system’s advice had only just faded away shortly. Su Shi firmly held the chain that locked him down and breathed out in a soft voice, “I’m innocent. Believe me…”

The newcomer muttered irresolutely to himself for a moment, and suddenly came forward to unlock the shackles for him. Then he carefully supported him to sit down: “Okay, talk then.”

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  1. Hopefully, that advice will work for him, and he’ll have a more successful job this time.

  2. Seems like Su Shi has gotten fond of the protagonist, huh? He’s stayed with him for so long…

    Oof, those point deductions hurt me even though I wasn’t the one slaving away to painfully accumulate so few points… At least he got something.

    Thanks for translating!

  3. I’m not always enthusiastic about systems that micromanage their hosts but… I feel like maybe MC needs to have the system micromanage him a bit ah lol. The system has the data points on where he’s going wrong, I’m just saying… some advice during instead of after would be nice (and the system can also struggle with mc to keep the pot hehe)

  4. Wait, wasn’t Su Shi following the system’s advice? Deny the pot to get the pot? But this seems like it won’t work? ??

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  6. I suddenly have this played on my mind:
    Su Shi singing in the center, hoping the black pot will fall and choose him easily(?) “Pick me pick me pick me up!”
    ML pulled the black pot to him; “The one at fault is naya na, naya na (it’s me)!”
    Then Su Shi, in struggle: “This black pot naekkeoya, naekkeoya (is mine)!”
    System: “Jijima Jijima, dont give up hajimaaaa”

    It’s not funny but I’m giggling by myself?

    Thanks for the translation! I’ll hoarding until arc 3 ends ehehehe, because I hate waiting ?

  7. Su Shi, just shut up. Just be silent. The more you talk, the more good misunderstanding piled up. You just come to this new world and somebody had already want to believe you, so just keep your mouth shut if you still want your points.

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    “But it was because of him that you were willing to stay in that world.”
    That’s not a misunderstanding on the ML’s part, it’s the truth.

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