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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 63

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Chapter 63

Su Shi was supported by the other party, and he sat down stiffly.

The system inexplicably went dead, it didn’t even respond to the emergency call, but just silently transmitted the basic background of this world to him.

The place that he was in was called the Warren Continent. Under the protection of light and faith, people generally have supernatural powers. However, in the past hundred years, there have been many people who have grown dark inside, and as a result, have fallen and demonized.

Demonized people would unscrupulously follow their heart’s desires, and they also gain a great increase in strength within a short span of time, causing murder and mayhem on the continent, leading to chaos and disorder.

The person he transmigrated into was one of the Holy Paladins responsible for guarding the papacy. His name was Ivan, and he was good at ice-based attacks. Just a week ago, Ivan attempted to assassinate the pope, and almost succeeded. Fortunately, critical care was provided promptly, and the pope was now out of danger.

The papacy determined that Ivan had also fallen and demonized. They made his crimes public and put him in the most guarded prison, where he was expected to be sentenced to capital punishment in two days time.

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There truly was just forty-eight hours remaining.

The person in front of him still stood quietly, his deep gaze fell on him, waiting for him to defend himself.

The other party was tall and handsome, with short, orderly, black hair. Although he wore the luxurious robes unique to the high priesthood, his body still emitted a firm and unwavering aura.

His appearance resembled that of a leading role.

Su Shi took a deep breath, and suddenly felt a slight stomachache.

Only Ivan knew that the current pope was no longer the pope. A demon has long since swallowed up the soul belonging to the pope. However, as a Holy Paladin, the generations of duty and loyalty devoted to protecting the papacy made him unable to take the initiative to speak of all this. He could only choose to take a risk out of desperation, and use his own power to try to kill the demon that controlled the pope.

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His mission this time was [to endure humiliation as part of an important mission, to bear the infamy of being a Fallen, to deal a fatal blow with his death, and to take down the demonized pope with himself].

After his death, the protagonist, Esmond, soon discovered the secret that the pope had fallen and demonized, and he responded quickly, leading the Holy Paladins to clear out all the bishops being controlled by demons.

As the youngest cardinal in the papacy, Esmond saved the almost entirely controlled papacy at a critical moment, and was naturally pushed to the position of pope.

As for him, he would be sealed in solid ice along with that sinful demon brimming with darkness, and put to eternal rest in the deep sea.

The task was right in front of him. For the Holy Paladin’s glorious experience points, even if the other side had the greatest patience in the world to listen to him, he could not say anything.

There was still no reaction from the system at this critical moment, and Su Shi had no choice but to take risks. His injured body suddenly erupted forward, slamming into the person in front of him, and knocking him aside. With his heart in chaos, he rushed out of the prison.

A flaming attack followed close behind. The scalding black flames surrounded him in a flash, firmly blocking his way out.

Su Shi’s feet skid to a halt. He instinctively protected his head and neck and leaned to one side to evade. The seemingly unremarkable masonry absorbed the flames and shot them back towards the person behind him.

In order to prevent anyone from escaping, this prison could devour all magic spells, and in addition, double the attack power and return it to the caster. This was a secret that only the Holy Paladins would know.

While the other party was trapped, Su Shi was about to get away, but a sharp alarm sounded by his ear, informing him that there was a threat to the life of his mission target.

A breath of air blocked his throat. Su Shi’s steps came to an abrupt halt. He stumbled before steadying himself on his feet. Taking advantage of the other party’s lack of attention, he hurriedly threw a few ice orioles over. Then he broke through the encirclement and plunged into the boundless night.

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This prison had the effect of strengthening power. Just as Esmond was struggling with the flames, out of the corner of his eyes he glimpsed the other person unexpectedly stopping at this precise moment to turn around and fling an attack. His heart could not help but sink down.

What he did not expect was that those crystal clear ice orioles did not attack him, but instead, flapped their wings protectively in front of him, and quickly reduced the burning temperature.

Seizing the opportunity to quickly extinguish the flames around him, Esmond raised his hand subconsciously and caught the last melting ice oriole in his hand.

The bird, formed from ice magic, was half-baked by the fire. It fell onto the palm of his hand and flapped its wings twice. Its head fell down weakly, and then it quickly turned into a pool of ice-cold water on his hand.

His hand subconsciously curled into a fist, but the cold water had already trickled through the gaps of his fingers, and evaporated in the blink of an eye upon the still hot ground.

Esmond withdrew his gaze, and shook his head at the guards rushing over to show that he was unharmed. He took a few steps forward. His eyes turned to the dark night where the Holy Paladin had vanished into.

“There’s no need to urgently pursue. The papacy has branded him, so we can always find him.”

Esmond signaled to the soldiers to retreat, and then he walked into the deep night. His voice was steady and calm. “I will take care of this matter. There’s no need to report to the pope. Two days later, I will bring him back.”

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  1. And with that one act of saving the ML, Su Shi completely dug his grave.

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