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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 64

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Chapter 64

Su Shi stumbled and swayed as he walked forward.

He could have plainly stayed in the prison and steadily be tortured for two days, then go to his public execution and smoothly take down the pope with him, and uncomplicatedly take away this wave of experience points.

Just because he spoke a sentence more.

Seeing that the situation became unreasonably complicated again, his anger inexplicably rose.

His body was branded with the death sentence, and any person would have the right to kill him. To complete the mission, he must find a way to safely live through these two days before he was put to death.

The brand burned at all times, constantly devouring the strength in his body. The little bit of strength that he managed to recover with great difficulty, was all spent when he helped the protagonist out of trouble.

It was completely dark. He became exhausted after a while, and he leaned against the wall to sit down, but then he heard a loud noise coming from the end of the street.

Su Shi frowned and raised his head. He saw a figure running in his direction. He instinctively shifted his body to make way on the path. When he raised his head again, he was met with a group of Fallen that all had darkness swirling in their eyes.

The Fallen usually lost most of their intellect and acted only by instinctual desire. He had the scent of a Holy Paladin on his body, and was the best prey to attract these guys.

Sighing lightly, Su Shi once again straightened his already exhausted body. He dodged sideways to avoid a sloppy punch, clamped on to the arm in front of him, and raised his knee to strike the other person severely in the stomach.

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The people on this continent were more inclined to spell attacks, and most of them were very weak in melee. It didn’t take long for Su Shi to beat the group of Fallen to the ground. He held on to the wall and barely managed to stabilize his body. But then he saw that the young man who just ran past was still standing in the same place as before.

“They won’t chase you anymore. It’s dangerous at night. Hurry and return home, all right?”

From the young man’s clothes, Su Shi determined that he was just an ordinary civilian, and he probably had no combat power. Su Shi smiled slightly at him and spoke to him curtly in a warm voice, and then he closed his eyes tiredly and sat down.

The young man still approached him. He squatted down and grabbed Su Shi’s arm. “You saved me, I should repay you.”

The clothes on his body were tortured into a ragged state. When the young man unintentionally tugged on his clothes, it revealed the blood-colored mark on his neck.

Perceiving the other’s gaze, Su Shi hooked his lips and sneered deliberately to scare him: “I am a criminal to be executed, aren’t you afraid?”

The young man didn’t say a word, but helped him to stand up and took him to the end of the alley.

The sound of footsteps echoed in the alley.

“What crime did you commit? Why does the papacy want to execute you?”

He asked, but there was no response. The young man turned his head to look, only to find that the person beside him had his head lowered, with messy hair scattered across his forehead. His complexion was pale, and his eyes were closed tightly. He was barely following along based on instinct.

The young man tried calling him a few times, but the person beside him was completely unresponsive.

The young man’s eyes flashed a dark color, and he suddenly stopped walking. He slipped one arm beneath the other’s knees, and completely picked him up in a horizontal carry.

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When Su Shi woke up again, he was already lying on a wooden bed.

The wounds on his body have been properly treated and carefully bandaged, and the pain that was always troubling him seemed to have faded a lot.

He lifted his body and looked out the window. The sky was already bright. The sunlight poured in through the window. Outside, several civilian children were chasing each other under a tree.

It seems like he had successfully lasted at least seven or eight hours.

Su Shi’s mood improved for a moment, and he couldn’t help tilting up the corner of his lips, and lightly released a breath of air.

Coincidentally, the young man came in from the door and saw the slight smile on Su Shi’s face. He subconsciously halted.

Holy Paladins were usually fully equipped, it was not until he saw the other person in prison that he knew that under the heavy armor it would be such an unexpectedly delicate and exquisite face.

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Those gentle brows were thoroughly relaxed. Without the weakness and gloom in prison, and the sunlight falling on him, it made him look increasingly pure and warm.

The light in those eyes was very gentle. His eyes were trained outside the window, and the corners of his lips were curved in a shallow arc.

The young man unconsciously walked forward, and followed his line of sight to look out the window.

“Were you the one who brought me here?”

Seeing that the young man had come into the room, Su Shi turned around and smiled at him. “Thank you. I am much better now.”

His gaze fell on the civilian children outside the window. The young man’s expression also unconsciously eased up somewhat. He turned back to him. “It was you who saved me first, of course I should return the favor.”

With that said, he was already sitting sideways on the bed, holding Su Shi up firmly, and passing a bowl of medicine into his hand.

“You don’t seem like a bad person. Why are you convicted by the papacy? Did they accuse you wrongly?”

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