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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 65

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Chapter 65

After hearing the extremely familiar question, Su Shi swiftly sat upright, and an alarm sounded in his heart.

The appearance of the young man in front of him was very ordinary. He wasn’t a named character within the plot, but for some reason, like déjà vu, Su Shi’s instincts still gave birth to an ominous premonition.

The attempted assassination of the pope has left the hearts of all the people within the papacy in alarm. As the youngest and most promising cardinal, the protagonist should not have such a relaxed frame of mind as to go out as a commoner, just to sound out whether or not Su Shi was wrongly accused.

He should not have…

Su Shi’s eyes flickered. He didn’t take the medicine that he was handed. He lowered his eyes and said in a low voice, “They didn’t accuse me wrongly. I tried to assassinate the pope, but I refused to confess my crime, so I escaped.”

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His reply was really excessively forthcoming. The young man’s movements stalled. Only a moment later did he put down the bowl of medicine. Then he got up nonchalantly, as if nothing had happened. “You acknowledge that you tried to assassinate the pope, but refuse to plead guilty. You must have your own reasons, right?”

This question did not receive an answer. The young Holy Paladin just turned his head to the side, his eyes flickered with a guilty conscience, and his jaw clenched helplessly.

When all is said and done, he was still very weak. Those who have been branded by the papacy would have their strength sapped by the brand at all times.

It felt unbearable in his heart. The young man turned silent, and did not continue to inquire. He just passed the medicine bowl back. “Drink it. You will feel better.”

Su Shi thanked him in a low voice, before raising his hand to pick up the bowl, but all of a sudden, a sharp pain exploded from the mark, turning his face white instantly, and his body could not help but curl up.

“It’s the people of the papacy giving chase.”

The young man’s expression sank slightly. He lifted his hands to help Su Shi. “Can you stand up? They will track you very soon. We have to leave here quickly, or you will be arrested.”

Actually, Su Shi really wanted to be taken back to the prison.

The escape was just to avoid the interaction with the protagonist. As long as the protagonist did not have the time to deal with him, then returning to the prison was actually the best choice.

Before he could explain, the young man had already lifted him up without waiting for an explanation, left through the back door, and walked quickly into the misty forest.

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Su Shi didn’t want to go into the misty forest at all. He walked slower and slower. He just wanted to wait for the papacy to take him back, throw him into an even more secured prison cell with no visitors allowed, and honestly wait for the execution date.

Perceiving his increasingly sloppy steps, the young man turned his head to the side to look, and saw Su Shi’s pale forehead dotted with cold sweat.

The other person’s body was already weak, if they kept going in this way, then the pursuers would catch up soon.

His eyes darkened. Out of the blue, he murmured an apology, and then he directly picked the other person up into a bridal carry. He suddenly accelerated and wordlessly entered the dense fog.


Su Shi’s stomach hurt even more.

Near the imperial capital of the Warren Continent, there was a forest surrounded by dense fog. People would lose their way if they walk deeper than a few hundred meters. Unless they had valiant strength or a firm will, otherwise they would find it difficult to find a way out of the misty forest.

It was for this reason that many people who committed crimes would choose to hide in the misty forest in search of a slim hope of survival.

As more and more people died violent deaths, they would naturally breed resentment. For hundred of years, the Holy Paladins have chosen to be buried within the depths of this misty forest, using their souls to continue to guard the peace of the continent.

Holy Paladins were born with purification power. They could suppress the resentment and restore peace to the misty forest. People on the continent therefore called this place the “Holy Paladins’ Tomb,” rumored to be guarded by the holy paladins’ will.

The young man walked forward while holding Su Shi silently. Occasionally, he would leave misleading traces. When they could no longer hear the sound of pursuers behind them, he was finally relieved and let Su Shi down.

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The young man helped him sit down. Su Shi leaned firmly against a tree trunk and sat down. He looked towards the young man who still had a bland expression on his face. He chuckled mutely. “And here I thought you didn’t have any powers. It seems that I misunderstood.”

The young man looked slightly stunned. He blinked. His chest suddenly began to undulate. Then he copied Su Shi and sat down against a tree trunk.

“No, I only have a weak talent for acceleration, and now I have reached my limit.”

The young man answered too seriously, and Su Shi couldn’t help chuckling. He casually picked up a leaf, gathered some dew water, and then passed it to the young man. “My name is Ivan. Thank you for saving me.”


He hesitated for a brief moment before he understood his meaning. The young man received the leaf with the dew, but his eyes couldn’t help staring at the smiling expression on the Holy Paladin’s face.

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