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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 66

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Chapter 66

Su Shi sat casually against the tree trunk, with one arm resting on his bent knee. He did not seem the slightest bit harried; it was hard to tell that he was in a difficult situation from his relaxed image. Instead, he seemed to exhibit an easy confidence and ease, for no reason at all.

He was clearly a very gentle and peaceful person, and he laughed so brightly, like the sun breaking through the dense fog, easily capturing the eyes of others.

Su Shi didn’t pay attention to Es’s gaze. He lowered his head and continued to collect the dew from the blades of grass. However, his heart couldn’t help hammering because of this one name.

The protagonist’s name was Esmond. Based on reason, no one would use a shortened form of their real name as an alias.

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But the protagonist could be unreasonable.

Protagonists really could have such senseless preparation. Su Shi made up his mind not to give the other party any opportunity. He looked up and said, “The path here is very complicated. You can bring me in here, then do you have the confidence to bring me back out?”

Although Su Shi understood the way out, he ineffably did not want to put such a hurried end to this unexpected journey together.

Es raised his head and met his gaze seriously. “I don’t have the confidence.”

Su Shi’s hand shook, and he couldn’t help but cough a few times.

“It’s colder in here than outside. I should have had you wear more clothes.”

Seeing that Su Shi suddenly started to cough, Es could not help but frown. He took of his outer garment and put it on Su Shi. Then he checked the temperature on his forehead. “Let’s go deeper in first. I remember that there should be a hot spring in the depths of this forest. Let’s settle there first, and then I’ll get something for you to eat.”

“No, I–”

If they went any further, then he really might not be able to make it back in two days.

Inside, Su Shi’s heart hammered, but on the outside, his face carried a slight apologetic smile. He supported himself with his hand on the ground and shook his head gently. “I don’t have much energy anymore. The one that they’re chasing is me. You don’t have to get involved. Just hurry on and find the way out, okay?”

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“It doesn’t matter. I just remembered that I actually have some more power.”

As he said this, Es had already wrapped his clothes tightly for Su Shi. Then he leaned over, picked him up again, and continued deep into the forest.

This kind of smile was really good. The clear and gentle light in those eyes was also very good.

There were too many intrigues in the papacy. Everyone had to wear a mask to live. Instead, unlike the Holy Paladins who lived under a mask from the start, he still had a very rare pure and clean soul.

Suddenly, he did not want to send the man in his arms back to prison anymore. He did not want him to be troubled by some secret that he could not speak forthrightly about, did not want him to once again express a guilty conscience, and did not want him to have to hesitate and waver.

That kind of look should not have to appear in such eyes from the start.

“Es, wait a minute–”

Su Shi was caught off guard and carried again. He hurriedly grabbed on to Es’s arm, pursed his lips, and said softly, “Let me down, I can walk.”

The young man paused, staring down at him, his facial lines suddenly faintly softened, and he leaned down and carefully lowered him. “Okay.”

“Ever since he entered the papacy, no one has called him like that anymore.

The young Holy Paladin’s voice was clear, but probably because his body was weak, his tone was weak, and he seemed to be weak, but the soft way he called Es made him feel warm inside.

It was just an alias that he spat out in a moment of desperation, but he must admit that he was vaguely looking forward to the name being called by the other person.

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All Holy Paladins were proud. For this pride that has been passed down through the generations, they did not even hesitate to give up their lives. For Es to pick him up without asking for his opinion and carrying him around here and there, it was already an extremely offensive act.

Es supported Su Shi’s arm carefully, and waited until the other person stood steady before helping him to go further into the forest.

Still hoping for the papacy guards to catch up, Su Shi’s steps were slow, and he tried his best to delay the progress, but before long, he saw the cave that was said to have hot springs.

Su Shi’s vision abruptly went dark.

When he felt that the body of the person he was supporting suddenly collapse, Es quickly helped Su Shi lean against his body. His tone held a warmth and mildness that even he had not noticed before, “How is it? Can you still push on?”

Su Shi managed to smile at Es with great difficulty. Then he braced himself and took a step, but he stepped into empty air and rolled down the slope.

Es’s heart clenched, and before he could even think about it, he flung himself forward.

There was soft grass at the bottom of the slope, and Su Shi’s tumble was not too hard. He was dizzy and tried to get up. A hand extended out to steadily support him. “How is it? Did you get hurt?”

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