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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 67

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Chapter 67

“I’m okay. I was just careless…”

Su Shi shook his head, stood firm with Es’s support, and raised his head subconsciously. Then his gaze suddenly focused forward.

In front of them was a small cave, which was unexpectedly locked up tight behind an iron gate. Due to their accidental tumble, some clumps of earth were unexpected shook off, faintly revealing a dazzling golden color shining through.

He knew this place.

This was the former papacy’s treasure house. There was not only treasure that could enhance one’s strength, but also many precious ancient books. In the plot, the protagonist should have escaped into the misty forest because he was avoiding the pope’s pursuit, and then accidentally opened this treasure trove, not only getting rid of the worries of his life, but also discovering the truth of the pope’s demonization through ancient books.

Unexpectedly, he shook out the treasure house with an accidental tumble.

Su Shi looked at his first-rate special effect [Bonanza] and sucked in a breath. He unobtrusively pressed down on his stomach.

[T/N: As a reminder, [Bonanza] in Chinese is 财源滚滚 which means “profits pouring in from all sides” and it is an idiom for raking in the money.]

He has experienced many worlds, but in all worlds he needed to exchange experience points for every skill and ability he wanted to use. Su Shi was keen on saving money (a.k.a. experience points), and his skill repertoire has always previously been sufficient. He has never made a purchase to open that first-rate special effect.

There were not many skill options to choose from in the last world, so he had casually chosen this skill when he received the reward, but he did not expect it to have such a powerful effect after being maxed out in level.

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Of course, Es has also noticed the oddity in front of them. He carefully helped Su Shi sit down, and then he walked forward by himself to the mouth of the cave. He raised his hand and tried to press against it.

Sensing the distinctive power of a bishop of the papacy, the door slowly opened, revealing a bright road paved with crystals.

Su Shi did not want to step in at all.

Seeing the contents of the treasure trove of the previous generation’s papacy, Es’s breathing stalled. He subconsciously took a step forward, but then his body suddenly shook, and he broke away from the strong temptation. His gaze cleared and sobered.

Es turned around to look over. When his gaze fell on Su Shi, he could not help the shock and amazement flickering through his eyes.

Greed was human nature. In front of immense wealth, anyone would be instinctively swayed. He was able to regain his will in a split second, and restore his mind to its original sobriety. His willpower was already strong enough to be considered at the top within the papacy.

But right behind him, the young Holy Paladin was just sitting quietly, still looking calm, and there even seemed to be a faint sigh in his gaze.

What exactly did he think of? This treasure trove was proof of the previous papacy’s greed and decay. Ivan tried to assassinate the pope regardless of everything, did that meant hat the current pope has followed in the footsteps of his predecessors?

Es narrowed his eyes and abruptly cut off his thoughts in the middle. He gathered his state of mind and walked towards Ivan calmly.

Only when he perceived Es’s approach, did Su Shi recover from the psychological blow of this passive skill [Bonanza]. He raised his head and looked at the other party. He reluctantly curved the corner of his lips. “You were able to open it…”

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Only the pope and the bishop could open this door. If at this point, he still could not see that the protagonist really was bored to the point of disguising himself as a commoner, then he really was not worthy of his trophy.

“Although I am unclear about your secret troubles, I now believe that you really are innocent.”

Es was not in a rush to answer Su Shi’s words. He walked to his side and squatted down. He raised his head patiently. His tone firmed.

“This is a forest sheltered by the Holy Paladins’ will. Your forefathers and predecessors guided you here. It must be for you to obtain it. Ivan, this treasure house belongs to you.”

Only the purest and the most loyal soul could be recognized by the Holy Paladins’ will. If it were a soul with greed or evil thoughts, it would not be possible for it to find this place in its entire lifetime.

Su Shi looked up abruptly and then blurted out, “No, I don’t want it!”

This was the starting point for the protagonist’s leap in strength. If Su Shi cut him off, the plot would change drastically, and it was likely that things would never return to the original main storyline.

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If the world was broken, he would be getting off lightly if he were to receive an average score of E. Even if he successfully completed the task, there would be no experience points for him.

His reaction was so fierce that even Es was startled by him. Es knitted his brows and frowned slightly at Su Shi’s abruptly ashen face. “Why?”

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The author has something to say:

Su Shi: …Yes, why, ah, why ┴┴︵╰(Q□Q)╯︵┴┴


#Come out here, System!#

#Don’t pretend to be dead and not talk, I know that you’re there!!#

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