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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 68

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Chapter 68

Su Shi took a deep breath and raised his head to meet Es’s eyes.

Of course he couldn’t take this treasure trove for himself, but he had to bluff the protagonist first. He definitely could not have the other party go in now and just like that discover the truth of the pope’s demonization.

“Because there is a fierce dragon sealed inside of there.”

His fist slowly clenched. His face was already pale, but his eyes were extremely determined, and he looked fixedly at the other person. “Once released, there will be endless disasters…”

Once the truth of the pope’s demonization was known, it would naturally cause fierce turbulence, which was indeed not a lie.

Es was stumped for words. He frowned at Su Shi.

Nothing like that has ever been recorded in any of the books that he has read.

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But the Holy Paladin’s expression was so firm and grave that Es felt that if he were to even ask questions then it would be offensive to the secret knowledge passed down for many generations.

After a moment of silence, he finally nodded. “I understand.”

With that said, he walked over to the door and raised his hand, trying to close it again.

Su Shi’s heart throbbed non-stop, looking forward to closing the door as soon as possible, but from the thick fog behind him came the sound of pursuers.

The footsteps this time were much more covert and rapid than before. Even as they listened to the sounds, danger was already closing in.

The pursuers this time seemed to be much more skilled. Hope bloomed in Su Shi as he turned to look into the thick fog, but then out of the blue he heard a low murmured apology.

His heart gave birth to an ominous premonition. Su Shi lifted one leg, wanting to run, but he had only taken a single step when Es picked him up in a bridal carry again.

Wind blew pass his ears and the scenery changed rapidly in front of him. When he finally adjusted to the sudden darkness before him, the door was already gradually closing.

Es held him firmly in one hand, and raised the other hand to release a burst of fire. He cauterized the door until it became an inconspicuous black.

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Noticing the movements of the young man in his arms, he lowered his head, and within his gaze there was a trace of apology, “ Sorry, the people outside are very strong. We can only avoid them temporarily. If I really startled the dragon, I will handle it. You don’t have to worry.”

Probably because he was afraid of being heard from the outside, Es’s voice was extremely low and practically right next to Su Shi’s ear.

The arms of a fire-type were broad and warm. Su Shi’s near frozen body was held in that embrace, and a warm breath brushed steadily against his neck, making Su Shi’s ears turn slightly red.

Fortunately, the cave was dark enough. Su Shi took a deep breath and stabilized his heartbeat. Es put him down, and he stood steadily on his feet again. Su Shi looked into the endless cave with a complex mood.

The system had clearly already defaulted the hidden treasure to his possession. He could not only see a list of all the riches within the cave, but also a complete holographic map of the place. Two red dots were blinking by the entrance.

Su Shi suddenly came up with a new idea.

“Follow me…”

Es was still alert for movements from outside the cave. He heard Su Shi say something and subconsciously looked over.

The young Holy Paladin seemed to have made up his mind suddenly and was reaching out to him. Torches on both sides ignited with raging flames. The reflection of firelight flickered quietly within Su Shi’s eyes.

Es’s heart thumped inexplicably. He nodded slightly and reached one of his hands out to the other party.

The cave was very dark and could only be barely illuminated by the torches on both sides. The Holy Paladin leading the way just walked silently. Although it was hard to cover up his staggering pace, he always seemed to know where he was going.

Es slowly followed him, and his eyes fell on the increasingly visible brand on the side of Su Shi’s neck.

“All right, how about we take a rest here?”

Su Shi came to an abrupt stop, his chest gently undulating because of the journey.

There was actually a very cozy stone room in front of him, with soft blankets spread atop seats carved from crystals. There were precious medicine and rare weapons everywhere. In the corner there was a neat and tidy pile of delicately carved wooden boxes.

Su Shi did not enter the room. He merely stood at the door looking at Es.

Es’s gaze fell on him. After a moment, he nodded slightly and walked into the stone room.

When he stepped foot onto the central crystal stone, he was suddenly encased in a beam of dazzling light.

The beam of light continued into him for only a moment. The mysterious spell rapidly spread, firmly trapping him inside, making him unable to move a single step.

“Regretfully, that dragon had long broken its seal.”

The voice at the door turned frosty. Es raised his gaze quickly, but only met with the Holy Paladin’s cold and indifferent gaze.

“I still have work to do. I can’t be delayed here. It seems I can only wrong you and have you rest here for a few days, Your Excellency Esmond.”

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Su Shi walked slowly towards him, his expression gradually cooling. He raised his hands to untie Esmond’s collar, he flipped it around and sure enough there was the inscription crystal belonging to the cardinal.

With this crystal, he could walk boldly into the papacy, and even straightforwardly infiltrate all the way to the pope’s side, and directly drag the other side down in a self-destructive move.

Every minute of delay equaled an increase in danger. If he had the opportunity to complete the mission earlier, then he would. He did not want to drag it out for the full forty-eight hours.

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