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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 71

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Chapter 71

Su Shi woke up from his coma to find that the clothes on his body had been cut in half.

Seeing the Holy Paladin’s shocked and startled eyes, Esmond’s hands paused for a moment. His lips pressed together in guilty conscience. He tried to explain his actions, “Your body was all gray…”

Fire types were precisely no good on this one point, unlike water and ice types, their bodies were always clean and they never have to worry about any problems with their image.

Su Shi vaguely recalled that the other party had picked him up and ran through the fire with him. He understood what happened in a flash. He helplessly curved his brows, but still supported his body and moved backwards. He lifted a hand and removed his collar himself.

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Esmond’s hands stalled in mid-air. After a moment, he retracted them and did not continue to interfere with the other person’s movements.

After all, the two of them parted on bad terms not too long ago. Neither of them knew what to say. The cave was quiet again, leaving only the sound of trickling water.

Esmond looked at Su Shi silently.

Holy Paladins were proud, and their dignity was even more important than life. Even if they had to choose a method filled with misunderstanding, they were still unwilling to open their mouths and ask for help.

But at that moment, Esmond saw with his own eyes this person in front of him slowly kneeling on the ground.

The straight back was bent into a forbearing curve, and his entire body was pulled taut. Those eyes seemed to have dimmed an awful lot, but still shone with an unwilling light.

Thus, Esmond could not continue to just look on.

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The other party’s action of taking off his clothes was a bit slow. His eyes were quietly staring off into some void, and his raised hands trembled slightly. He was clearly not as strong as he wished to be.

Esmond finally could not hold himself back anymore and walked towards Su Shi. “Your body is still very weak. Let me help you?”

The Holy Paladin raise his head and looked at him. Those eyes were once again clear and bright like crystals, so much so that it was easy to see the hidden yet deep concern in those eyes.

Su Shi had just checked the state of the treasure trove collection, and the progress bar for the body upgrading magic circle was indeed more than half gray.

Although it was not clear how the other party figured out the truth, it was obvious that such a short time could not complete the upgrade completely.

According to his experiences from so many worlds, forcibly interrupting the upgrade and running out would definitely backfire on the person. The other party’s current state was probably no better than himself.

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The state of the protagonist was directly related to the success or failure of the final plot line. Su Shi lowered his gaze, deeply worried and sick at heart, and in the end, did not open his mouth to refuse the protagonist.

After receiving the acquiescence of the other party, Esmond finally walked over and carefully took off his blood-soaked clothes for him, but his eyes found themselves fixed upon the blood-red brand on the other’s neck.

The intense pain suddenly strangled his throat.

Perceiving that Esmond’s breathing was unstable, Su Shi became even more worried and looked up at him. “Are you all right?”

Esmond was still staring at him. After a brief while he answered in a low voice, “I’m fine, but you—do you know that you only have one day left…”

The execution by the papacy was actually just to show off a majestic ritual. What really took the prisoner’s life was the brand. When the brand became bright red, it meant that the death of that person was coming.

It was the same for everyone. There was no opportunity for a fluke escape by anyone.

“En, I know.”

The young Holy Paladin lifted his head and looked at him, as if calculating something, after a long moment he let out a sigh. His eyebrows bent down helplessly, and he lowered his head again to undress his body.

Looking at the other person’s calm expression, the intense rush of blood in Esmond’s eyes gradually receded, silently passed. Then he helped Su Shi take off his clothes and leaned down to gently lift him.

The body in his arms was still young and supple. It was slightly thin, but it had smooth and beautiful muscle lines due to years of tempering. Although it was heavily injured, it still revealed the lively warmth of life.

If there were no looming threat of death, who knew how many people would envy this body.

The warm spring water flowed gently. The young Holy Paladin rested quietly at the edge of the spring, leaning against the stones. He raised his head slightly to look at Esmond, seemingly uncomfortable with such feelings, and his eyes appeared vaguely uneasy.

The steaming heat blurred the sharp edges, making him seem a little smaller than he actually was, and his eyes became more clean and pure.

“Do not worry about it. The spring water here has the ability to heal. Although it can’t suppress the effect of the brand, it can always make you feel better.”

The soft voice calmed the restless young man. Then Esmond took off his clothes, stepped into the hot spring, and circled Su Shi between his arms.

Hearing that the spring water was also useful, Su Shi’s eyes unconsciously brightened. Originally, he wanted to wash himself and then get out.

The stronger the spell circle, the greater the price one would have to pay when they forcibly resisted and threw it off. If the two of them could soak in the spring water together, he could also get the other person’s body to be repaired by the water.

Translations are by vmnovels [dot] com, if you’re reading this anywhere else, then it was stolen.

It was just a little soak in a hot spring, and maybe a bit of cuddling too. The protagonist was a person who had to save the world. It was improbable for him to not let go of Su Shi after just hugging him.

Su Shi optimistically comforted himself, and let the other person circle himself in his arms to incessantly wash and wipe him clean. With single-minded devotion, Su Shi turned the list of treasures over and over again in his head. He wanted to find an alternative to make up for the deficiency of the unfinished upgrading spell circle so as to continue to advance the other person’s strength.

On the other hand, Esmond’s gaze was getting darker.

As the blood was washed off of Su Shi’s body and seeped into the spring, Su Shi’s clean body was slowly revealed and there were wounds almost all over him. Some were even still exuding blood.

Just by looking at these wounds, he could imagine what kind of hair-raising, life-or-death battle the other person just went through.

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