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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 75

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Chapter 75

Several figures in black robes appeared silently from the thick fog.

Esmond’s heart sank. He slowly retracted his arms and stood upright again, keeping Su Shi firmly behind him.

“Bishop Esmond, please don’t continue to resist, we are just following the pope’s order, this is just a waste of time.”

The leader of the group of black robed figures stepped forward. Electricity sparked incessantly in the palm of his hand.

His complexion was almost a pale bluish-white, but his eyes were dark, and there seemed to be a faint black mist emanating from his body. Even the crackling electricity in his palm seemed to be painted in a faint blood red color.

It would seem that many people within the papacy were already controlled by demons.

Esmond’s gaze deepened. He lifted his right hand and flames erupted into a circle. The temperature rapidly rose. “I won’t give up, unless–”

Before he could finish speaking, his breathing stuttered, and his eyes showed some alarm.

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He stumbled forward half a step, unable to support his body. A sound of surprise escaped his lips. He staggered but once again stood firm, and turned his body around to look behind him.

He didn’t know when, but Su Shi had gotten up onto his feet and ruthlessly buried an ice cone into the gap between his ribs.

Blood poured quickly from the wound and was instantly absorbed by the ice cone, dyeing the originally clear ice a blood red.

Esmond’s brows furrowed slightly. His eyes fell blankly on the person behind him and met a pair of indifferent cold eyes.


Su Shi interrupted Esmond. “He was the one who seized me. Please allow me to follow you back and meet the pope to pray for forgiveness.”

He turned back slightly and looked at the black robed figures calmly.

The black robed killers looked at each other, exchanged a few words in low voices, and looked at the black flames still surrounding Esmond. Then the leader took a step forward.

“Okay, as long as you kill him, we will recognize your loyalty.”

Facing Esmond’s complex gaze, the young Holy Paladin took another step towards him. He raised his hand to his waist and shoved the ice cone even more forcefully into him.

Esmond’s body shuddered, and blood finally oozed out from his tight lips.

Strength rapidly left him. With his eyes still fixed on the paladin in front of him, his body grew weak and he fell into the arms of the other party.

Those arms caught him steadily.


A very faint voice entered his ear.

His breathing stalled. Before Esmond could open his mouth, the youth holding him had already stuffed something into his hand, and continued to speak rapidly.

“Go back, thoroughly improve your strength and then come back again. Their strength is inherited from the pope, and with your current strength, it is simply not enough to compete with him…”


Esmond opened his mouth mutely. A silent pain suddenly spread throughout his chest.

That pain was so intense it even muted the throbbing of the wounds on his body. Black spots danced in his vision.

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“It’s too late, go quickly!”

A tyrannical power knocked into his chest. Beneath his feet, the river suddenly turned into a sheet of ice.

Esmond was involuntarily pushed across the river to the opposite bank. Before he could rush back, he watched helplessly as the entire river abruptly exploded, forming a majestic water screen between heaven and earth.

The curtain of water froze and solidified in an instant. Cold air spread out, forcibly separating the two banks of the river, and the two sides were quickly submerged in dense fog.


Separated by the wall of ice, the Holy Paladin’s voice vaguely penetrated through. For the first time, it carried a biting chill.

Esmond’s face flashed white in an instant, and his eyes reddened.

Su Shi had extracted Esmond’s power until there was practically nothing left. Right now, even if he broke through and returned to the other side he would not be of any help. He would only betray the hopes of the other person, who went all out and risked his life to fight for this opportunity for him.

With his jaw locked tight and his mouth filled with blood, Esmond turned around and rapidly disappeared into the forest.

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  1. ah… Su Shi Q_Q

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  2. This is why I hate hesitation, you clearly know that you can’t do anything so why don’t you listen?

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