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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 76

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Chapter 76

Sensing that the protagonist was out of danger, Su Shi finally let out a breath of relief, closed his eyes, and gave up resistance.

The black robed figure’s electricity ruthlessly ran through his chest.

To turn an entire river into an unbreakable wall was an impossibly difficult task.

He could only draw support from the thick fog coverage here to conceal and try to make the momentum a bit bigger. If the black robed figure did not prioritize killing Su Shi and had instead walked along the ice wall and go further a few steps, then Su Shi’s afraid he would have long caught up with Esmond.

“There’s still a present for you, hope you guys will like it…”

With a valiant force Su Shi resolutely pressed against the ice wall. He quirked his bloodless lips and then snapped his fingers.

In a flash, the ice wall melted and the resulting monstrous waves shot towards the black robed people.

The leading black robed figure couldn’t withdraw the electricity around his body in time. The wave of water smashed against the fierce electric spark. The jumping electric arc passed through all the black robed assassins.

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They were caught off guard. In an instant, their miserable wails echoed all around.

Pure ice crystals quickly wrapped around his body, separating him from the sweeping electric arc within the water. Su Shi promptly escaped. He turned around and slipped into the thick fog, waving his hand behind him.

He and Esmond went in two completely different directions. He played these guys hard. After they gradually collect themselves, they definitely would not let things go just like that.

As long as he could draw away one of them, then he would draw away one. Provided that the protagonist could smoothly return to the treasure trove, a big part of his task would be considered complete.

As for the assassination of the pope – as long as the there was no protagonist following along to add to his problems, then he might still be able to find an opportunity…

The wounds on his body were innumerable, and the gaping wound in his chest was carelessly sealed off with blood soaked ice crystals. Su Shi followed the map to walk towards the edge of the forest. Distracted, he bought a dozen or so painkillers and kept them prepared on his body. He used three in one breath. Only then did his heart finally steadied.

This time, no matter what, he couldn’t be softhearted again.

Experience points were definitely useful. If anything went wrong, he wouldn’t be able to afford painkillers in the next world.

Using the map as a guide, he stumbled through the forest. The closer he got ot he outer periphery of the misty forest, the more he could see the sky getting brighter outside.

He had less than twenty hours left.

Su Shi suddenly felt a little pressured. He took a deep breath to pull himself together. Just as he was about to continue forward, a sudden, exceptional force attacked him from behind.

He was already chased until he was out of experience points. Without the slightest hesitation, Su Shi lifted his legs and ran. He found a chance to turn his head around to count how many people had caught up with him, and then he stumbled.

The hostility was somewhat ferocious.

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He just wanted to draw some of the pursuers away from the protagonist, but he didn’t expect that, without one missing, all of them were chasing after him.

It was back to being chased through the forest in a scrambled mess. Su Shi gritted his teeth and did his best to evade. The brand progressively eroded his body’s strength, causing his steps to slow involuntarily.

When the sun finally rose completely, he was chased into a blockage at the forest’s edge.

The clothes on his body were soaked with sweat, and Su Shi was almost unable to stand. He had to lean on a tree trunk to barely stabilize his body. He lightly gasped for breath as he quirked the corner of his lips.

“Looks like, everyone was very satisfied with my present…”

The people in front of him were all thoroughly electrocuted without exception, and some of them had scorched hair. They were all dripping wet like used rags. They looked to be in a sorrier state than Su Shi.

As if he could make out the ridicule in Su Shi’s eyes, resentment flashed through the eyes of the black robed leader. He suddenly stepped forward.

“You’re already at death’s door, and you still don’t know what’s good for you!”

“Too bad, I was already knocking on death’s door long ago.”

The smile in Su Shi’s eyes finally faded. He slowly sorted out his clothes and stood up straight again. The corners of his lips were still curved up in a gentle arc, and there was a faint flash of coldness in his eyes.

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