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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 77

T/N: Super massive apologies for the delay in getting this chapter out. ORZ ?‍♂️

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Chapter 77

Su Shi did not have enough time anymore.

Thanks to these people, even if they rushed back nonstop, the remaining time was still not enough for him to see the pope and then dragged the pope down to death with him.

He will fall in this forest, fall in an unknown place, and entrust all hope to the protagonist.

As for his mission, he no longer had any hope of completing it.

Although he could not conceal the truth from the protagonist, the misunderstanding of the people was still at the peak. He finally had an opportunity to successfully complete the mission, but because they were chased by these guys around the forest, the opportunity slipped through his fingers.

Thinking about it, Su Shi became angrier and angrier. The light in his eyes completely dimmed and his already weak body slowly straightened. The air abruptly burst into a chilling cold.

The absolute cold even cause the trees to think that they had entered deep winter ahead of time. The leaves fell wildly, but they were tossed by the biting cold wind, dried up quickly to brownish yellow, and crumbled into powder.

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The water moisture in the air converged into sharp little ice blades. They swirled in the cold air currents and reflected the dazzling brilliance of the sunlight.

“Not good! Stop him, quick!” The black robed leader barked, becoming aware of the strong threat hanging in the air.

The electric arc in his palm suddenly thickened, and mercilessly penetrated the Holy Paladin’s chest, nailing him firmly to the tree.

Su Shi’s body trembled. He raised his head calmly.

Those deep eyes seemed to be filled with an endless cold so biting that it caused the rest of the black robed figures to shudder. They poured out all their defensive tactics in desperation.

Su Shi did not evade, nor did he have time to evade.

He just sighed very softly and silently prayed that the protagonist would successfully upgrade his body and complete the mission for him. Then he completely crushed the power crystal core in his body without hesitation.

The wind was deafening.

The ice blades easily cut through the black robed pursuers’ throats, the warm blood spilled, and it was condensed into even sharper blood blades.

Su Shi closed his eyes.


Then he opened his eyes again.


Not yet completely freed from the violent oppression of death, Su Shi’s chest swelled and fell. He could not help by frown, trying to figure out the situation that he was in.

Time seemed to suddenly fall into a standstill. The black robed figures in front of him were futilely struggling on the edge of demise. But the noise in his ears was suddenly calm. Those attacks that were enough to completely wipe him off the face of this earth had stopped no more than an inch away from his person.

The spilled blood had stopped in mid-air. The falling bodies were stiff and frozen halfway down. It was as if a giant pause button had been pressed. Even the wind had stopped without the slightest breeze.

“I heard your prayers, my child.”

A ray of sunlight pierced through the thick fog and easily dispelled the bitter chill in the air. In his ears sounded a kind and gentle deep voice.

“In tens of thousands of years, you are the first person to be branded, but still remain fearless up until the last moment.”

Su Shi’s expression turned rigid. After a long while, he finally opened his mouth to probe, “Light… God?”

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This was a god unique to the Warren Continent. People got power from the light and they returned it with faith and devotion. He just skimmed over the background of the story, but he did not expect that such a god would actually exist.

“You can call me that.”

A soft chuckle sounded in his ear, and after a moment it said, “In the past tens of thousands of years, the people branded the guilty, to turn over to me for judgment, but there have never been a single person that was truly deserving of absolution.”

Su Shi’s heart jumped, and suddenly some ominous premonition emerged.

The voice was completely unaware and it continued to speak slowly with a gratified benevolence.

“Cowardice, greed, betrayal, fear. When people are faced with the threat of death, there will always be a moment when they are manipulated by the weakness rooted in their soul. You are entitled to feel proud of yourself, my child.”

The brand on the side of his neck faded away. The feeling of something shackling him vanished like smoke into thin air, and his shattered crystal core solidified again.

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Translator Rambles:

Su Shi just can’t catch a break. Even the Light God is not letting him die. XD

On another note, I think the Light God’s judgment is rather unfair. When faced with death, which person would not feel fear? Even for just a split second. We are only human after all, and it’s instinctual to fear death. Su Shi doesn’t fear death, because one, death is integral to the completion of his mission (and his death is also not permanent), and two, he’s a long time world hopper (as far as I can interpret) so his nerves are probably made of sterner stuff by now.

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  1. LOL Su Shi escapes death again! Our favorite death defyer.

    I see your point about the Light God’s judgement. I figured that he meant that fear drives people to do horrible things (like backstabbing someone or smth?) so they weren’t “deserving of absolution” as he said. I think it’s not the fear itself but rather what you might do in the midst of it. Or maybe not! Who knows? Only the Light God does, haha.

  2. Well…..even the world is denying SS carrying the blame hahahaha have a happy live SS may you for ever spit out blood

  3. Oh god, or I mean, oh Light God…. he’s going to ruin Su Shi’s misunderstandings totally…. no way he can pretend to be a bad guy when the head of their religion gives him absolution lol

  4. lmao his protagonist’s halo is stronger than the original protagonist XD

    got some talk with their literal god, it’s a TCF level of misunderstanding

    the system seems to be higher than the God of Light? makes you question what is its origins…

    thank you for the chapter 😀

  5. Are you ok? I noticed that not only was there not the second update but the story not being updated like usual either. Please show some sign of life with a comment.

  6. Su Shi: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ The fuck?! Even the Gods did not let me to do my job?! That’s it! Fuck this shit, I quit!
    System: You’re do this transmigration journey as punishment. You do not quit.
    Su Shi: …………..┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)


  8. Well, the entity is a god. They have never been human before and could only understand humans from theory and experience. It’s like how we understand physics, chemistry, and biology. It’s there and we are taught what it is but how we use it is at least a bit different from how the theory and your plan were. It’s literally the same thing.

  9. please ???? a god appearing would be my last straw if I’m Su Shi likeee the timing seriously? the people who punished Su Shi is definitely messing with him

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