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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 79

T/N: I’m not dead! (Yet…) Anyways, double LMSTB update today for weeks 3 and 4 of November. It’s much belated, I know. Really sorry.

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Chapter 79

Although the god did not give him a chance to reject his question, at least he asked for his own will.

Su Shi was somewhat consoled. He raised his head, about to offer a polite word, but the voice impatiently continued on.

“Not bad, not bad, it’s good as long as you’re willing. The two of you are honestly really well matched…”

The tone was full of gratification. Then the voice gradually faded away, and the thick fog everywhere swallowed up the last rays of sunshine.

Su Shi didn’t even have time to speak. The wind around him was already picking up little by little.

Spilled blood continued to splash to the ground, and the descending lifeless body fell down weakly, hitting the frozen ground with a dull sound.

The sharp ice blades finally calmed down, circling slowly around him, and then turning into thin snowflakes. They fell silently, covering the bright red blood on the ground.

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Su Shi did not have time to tarry. He dropped into a half kneeling position and searched the leader of the black robed assassins. As expected, he found a black crystal stone.

The pope had already commanded for an assassination on the protagonist. Even if he had the bishop’s inscribed crystal stone, he would not be able to enter the papacy smoothly. When he pushed away Esmond, he had stuffed the other person’s crystal stone back into his hands.

There was clear demonic energy on these people. If they were not personal guards of the pope, then they were confidants cultivated by the pope himself. So they must have some special token of proof on them.

After he searched through several people one by one, Su Shi raked in some inventory. Then he picked up a black robe that was still intact and hurried towards the edge of the forest.

In any case, he must find the pope before the protagonist makes his move.

Having the feeling of full strength was indeed much better. Su Shi walked nonstop, following the map out of the forest. Before the sky turned completely dark, he successfully bypassed the misty forest.

Not long after he left, a new silhouette appeared on the snowy scene.

Esmond walked over slowly. The hands hanging at his sides were gripped into white-knuckled fists. They were gripped so tight that they vaguely trembled.

The temperature in this area was still much lower than in other places. The cold wind whizzes uncontrollably, occasionally rolling up some snowflakes, causing a person’s body to freeze stiffly after a while.

His strength was no longer the same as before. With just a thought he could summon a flame to warm himself. However, he just continued to walk forward one step at a time. Every step was taken with care, as if afraid of disturbing the perfect pure white snow before him.

The snow had accumulated into a thicker layer, but it was still unable to cover up the corpses scattered on the ground.

He knew exactly what had happened here.

The wound on his side had long healed, but like the ice cone piercing ruthlessly into his chest, the pain tumbled uncontrollably. The cold spread silently along the blood to the limbs and bones.

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He walked over to the tree, and carefully caressed the mottled scars left on it. Holding on to the tree trunk, he kneeled slowly on the ground and grabbed a handful of snow. But what remained was melted snow water and it flowed through the gaps in his fingers.

Esmond suddenly shook ferociously.


His voice was somewhat muted and hoarse. The name, spoken softly, was instantly blown away by the cold wind.

In the mirage he saw all those attacks rushing at Ivan like torrents—it was enough to completely obliterate a person. Ivan’s body was already extremely weak, so much so that Esmond had already lost all hope of finding even the smallest traces of the other party.

But even though he had fallen into such an unfavorable disadvantage, the young Holy Paladin still managed to die in such an incredible way, taking down all the pursuers with him here.

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