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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 80

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Chapter 80

Esmond took a deep breath, forcefully blinked away the tears in his eyes, and attempted to look for any remains of the other person.

In the next moment, his eyes suddenly fixed upon a very shallow footprint.

A little hope suddenly rose from the bottom of his heart. Rationally, he knew that it was almost impossible, but he could not help helping hope even if the probability was very faint.

His body was almost already numb from the cold. Staggering, he supported himself on the tree trunk to get up, and followed the footprints onward.

The footprints were very shallow. The person who walked out from here must have left quite some time ago.

Holding the crystal stone in his hand, Esmond’s chest rose and fell quickly. A thought suddenly stemmed from his heart.

His steps grew quicker and quicker. In a flash, his figure submerged into the forest.

In the cities and towns within the capital, it was still as peaceful and placid as before.

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The sun was about to go down soon. Pedestrians were walking fast on their way home. They rarely stopped to exchange words. Most of them were in a hurry.

Over the past few years, there have been more and more Fallen. It was still safe during the day, but at night, civilians with little ability to protect themselves dare not go out at will.

But at this time, a civilian youth in simple clothing still hovered on the road, looking around anxiously, as if searching for someone.

Today, the sunset period seemed particularly long. The rose-tinted twilight sky reflected upon the roads as a sheet of blood red. The youth lifted his hand to shade his eyes from the somewhat harsh sunlight, and his gaze landed on the dark shadows that flickered on the street corner.

His eyes lit up, but he quickly suppressed it and only accelerated his pace to follow behind the shadow, neither too far nor too close.

Su Shi’s steps paused. Then he crossed a road and squeezed into a secluded alley.

Originally, he had intended to go straight to the papacy, but the more he walked the more he faintly felt that something was not right. After deliberately circling a few roads and turning around several times in different directions, he finally confirmed that there was indeed someone following him.

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The god of light pardoned the brand on his body. This would certainly leave a vision in the papacy. The pope might have sensed it too. Since there were assassins pursuing Esmond, who could say that there won’t be people after Su Shi soon?

Su Shi didn’t dare to relax his vigilance; with rapt attention he quickly took a few steps forward, and then suddenly disappeared into the darkness.

The black robe on his body was very conducive to concealment. He wore the hood up and bowed his head. Standing in the shadows and holding his breath, almost no trace could be seen.

The swift footsteps were getting closer and closer, and the person behind him caught up with just a few breaths, looking nervously to the left and right.

Su Shi took the opportunity to burst forward. With one hand he clamped down on the other person’s arm, the other hand was already gripped tightly around the other person’s throat, pressing the man unwaveringly against the wall.

The other party did not struggle.

The moment Su Shi went on the offensive the other person gave up any and all resistance. He only looked at Su Shi urgently, his chest continuously undulating up and down. There was already a trace of water vapors in his eyes.

Facing those eyes, Su Shi was silent for a moment. Then, as if all the air was leaking out of him, he released his hold.

Before he could speak, a pair of powerful arms sturdily embraced him.

He was held so tightly that he could only exhale and not inhale. Dizzy, Su Shi raised his hand to pat the other person. He wanted to tell the other person to let go of him first, but suddenly there was ice-cold water dripping on his cheeks.

Su Shi’s raised hand dropped, and he hesitated for a moment. His strength gradually relaxed. He closed his eyes and leaned up against the other.

They were pressed chest to chest. Separated by a thin fabric, he could even feel the fierce heartbeat of the other person.

Su Shi’s nose was a little sour. He coughed lightly and raised his hand to pull at his cuff. “I didn’t know it was you… Did I scare you?”

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“You scared me to death…”

A muted voice sounded in his ear with a choking quality that was difficult to control.

A warm palm suddenly enveloped his hand, and he was pulled even tighter into the other’s embrace.

In the end, Esmond hugged him to his heart’s fill.

Almost did not leave him any opportunity to make comments or suggestions.

Su Shi wanted to speak several times, but he still did not have the heart to do so. He could only let Esmond hug him. Su Shi lifted his hand and stroked the cardinal’s back in a placating manner.

“I’m alive. Don’t be scared.”

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