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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 81

Happy 2021! May this year bring positive changes to all!

I really wanted to get this up on January 1st so that I could wish everyone a proper Happy New Years, but I haven’t had a day off since New Years Eve, so I simply didn’t have the time or energy to translate. Today is finally my day off, so I’m getting this update out to you now. My workplace is severely overworked and understaffed at the moment. One third of the people in my department are out sick. So please excuse the sparse updates as of late.

I’m also updating The Big Landlord today, so readers of that story can go check it out.

Stay safe everyone, and happy reading!

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Chapter 81 (32.3)

Esmond nodded lightly, but didn’t answer. He leaned over, wanting to pick the other person up into his arms, but Su Shi lightly pressed down on his arm.

“I’m fine. Do you have a place to live?”

Su Shi said it very concisely, but Esmond still quickly understood what he meant. Esmond nodded somewhat calmly, took his hand, and turned into another street.

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Su Shi followed him without talking, only walking quietly, but inexplicably his mood gradually relaxed.

He let out a sigh of exhausted relief. He was so tired that it was getting hard to walk.

Esmond led him for a while. Then his steps seemed to slow as he looked at the youth yawning behind him, and his eyes finally begin to gradually gain gentle warmth.

Su Shi was so sleepy that he had his head lowered as he walked forward. Not paying attention, he ended up bumping his head against the other.


A deep, mellow voice rang by his ear. The tone was soft and gentle, making his heart tremble inexplicably.

Although there was still resistance to forcefully falling in love, his heart still instinctively softened. Su Shi didn’t answer. Honestly letting the other hold his hand, he nodded reluctantly under the hood.

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The progress was so fast. Su Shi didn’t know what the god of light had shown to the other person…

[T/N: I don’t know if I translated this part well, but here Su Shi feels that it’s not right for the god of light to force Esmond to fall in love with him by showing him Ivan’s tragic past, yet he can’t help being a softy to Esmond.]

Su Shi had yet to thoroughly come out of his thoughts about the god of light’s previous actions. He subconsciously raised his head. Before he could open his mouth, Esmond embraced him again with a smile.

“Close your eyes.”

The hug was firm and warm, separating him from all the darkness and cold outside.

A wave of tiredness washed over him. Su Shi relaxed and closed his eyes. He leaned on Esmond’s shoulder. Suddenly, his entire body was brought into a mysterious spatial fluctuation.

In the span of a few breaths, Esmond had already picked him up into his arms, took off the black robe on his body, and gently laid him down on a bed.

Su Shi did not know when they had arrived at a wooden house. The corner was quietly lit with warm yellow candlelight. The smooth and cozy bed accommodated his weary body in a flash.

Su Shi blinked. He raised a hand to hold on to Esmond’s arm.

“Don’t worry. It’s very remote here. No one will find us.”

Esmond spoke warmly. He gathered the youth lying on the bed into his arms. His whole body bubbled up with a warm stream of air, and helped the other person remove the dust on his body.

“I have mastered the trick to teleportation, just now it was just–”

It was just that he suddenly found the night scene to be very nice.

So he wanted to walk around a bit and not have to think about the responsibilities they carried or the desperate crisis they were in. He just wanted to take a nice walk with the person that he wanted to keep by his side no matter what.

He didn’t say it out loud. He just brushed the youth’s soft hair with his hand. A warm smiling expression flowed from his eyes. Feeling extremely light and satisfied, he stretched out and let out a breath.

Su Shi looked at him quietly and his chest suddenly felt painful.

“Have a good rest. I’ll go get you something to eat.”

Esmond didn’t ask him anything. He merely leaned over and pressed their cheeks together.

The youth’s soft hair rubbed against one side of his cheek, making him unconsciously unknot his brows. And the corners of his lips softly turned up. Esmond held his breath. He wanted to kiss Su Shi, but hesitated. In the end, he just rubbed the other’s hair with a smile.

Holy Paladins were all proud. Although he could hardly restrain his impulse, he would never rashly do anything against the will of the other party.

He straightened up, intending to find some food for the young man who had been traveling for two days, but suddenly realized that the strength on his arm had still not relaxed.


Su Shi looked at Esmond. He almost regretted it the moment he opened his mouth, but he still hardened his heart and continued on.

“If I leave when it’s dawn, can you not be sad?”

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The arm he was holding suddenly tensed, as if cramped by excessive force. Then he forced himself to relax a little.

Esmond turned back and knelt down beside the bed. He flipped his hand around to hold the other’s hand. His eyes were still warm. “Okay.”

All of a sudden, intense grief gripped him ruthlessly and spread throughout his chest. Su Shi subconsciously held his breath, gripped onto that hand, and not allowing the other to speak he used all his strength to pull the other tightly into his arms.

Su Shi understood without a doubt who the person in front of him was.

Unstoppable water vapor suddenly emerged from his eyes, and even his body could not help trembling lightly. The accumulated emotions that he suppressed through three worlds finally surged up violently and poured out.

Even the deities were blessing them.

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