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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 82

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Chapter 82 (32.4)

Su Shi could not stay.

“Okay, okay, it’s fine. I’m not sad, not at all…”

For the first time, Esmond saw the young Holy Paladin showing such intense emotions. Tears slipped down the beautiful face, splashing silently on the back of his hand, causing Esmond’s chest to express unspeakable pain.

Even when faced with the threat of death, the youth remained unmoved and chilled. But right now, the body in his arms was weak, trembling, and choked with sobs.

As Su Shi’s arms tightened, the cardinal felt flustered and confused for the first time. He hastily stroked the other’s back soothingly, his tone becoming increasingly soft.

“I will do what you want to do. I will fulfill your wishes. I will pretend as if you’re still here. Don’t worry. I—I won’t be sad…”

His voice was hoarse, but he persisted in saying the last line out loud.

After a long silence, he spoke softly, his tone almost cautious.

“If I’m not sad… Is it possible that you will come back one day?”

Su Shi’s breathing stuttered. His chest hurt so much that he could not speak.

Pressed against the other’s shoulder, he was silent for a long time. Su Shi suddenly raised his hand and used force to pull Esmond. He pressed the other completely onto the bed. He sniffled.

“Go to sleep.”

All of a sudden, they progressed to sharing the same bed*. Esmond’s heart palpitated for half a day. His eyes vaguely expressed a bit of brightness, but then gradually dimmed down.

[*T/N: 同床共枕 tong chuan gong zhen – means “to share the bed,” but figuratively it means “to be married.”]

His gaze was pleasantly warm. He rubbed the Holy Paladin’s short hair. As if he did not feel unhappy due to the other person’s near offensive tone, he just spoke softly, “Okay.”

The warm temperature of Esmond’s fingertips touched Su Shi’s closed eyelids, making his heart tremble with warmth, and almost making the tears that he suppressed with great difficulty pour out again.

Su Shi took a deep breath to hold back the tears, but when he spoke, his voice was hoarse and trembling. “Quickly go to sleep. We’re together. I’m not hungry…”

“Okay, we’re together.”

After stroking the youth’s face, Esmond got up slightly, took off his clothes, and lay down again, holding the person gently in his arms.

However, sleepiness fled Su Shi.

He was still not sure whether the law imposed on him by the god of light could resist the highest will from the main plane.

It would be forty-eight hours soon, and if the law fails, he would never see the sun rise again the next day.

Su Shi burrowed back into the other person’s arms, closed his eyes, and sighed very softly.

“It doesn’t matter, it will be fine.”

The arms around him tightened firmly. The words in his ears were gentle and firm as he took him into his arms again. “You’re already very tired, sleep for a bit, I will guard you…”

Sleepiness once again came over him like a tide. His awareness became fuzzy. The voice by his ear seemed to be coming from a very distant place.

Su Shi closed his eyes. His body gradually relaxed, and his breathing also became smooth and long.

He could not resist the soul deep exhaustion.

Looking at the young man’s quietly sleeping face, Esmond’s eyes dimmed and his arms slowly tightened.

“If the sky no longer brightens, if dawn never comes, does that mean you won’t leave…”

He himself thought the idea was ridiculous. He shook his head and smiled bitterly. He sighed very softly, closed his eyes, and hugged the other person close.

Even if there were a god, he would not fulfill his crazy prayer.


Su Shi woke up from a deep sleep.

He clearly felt like he had slept for a long time, but the scene before his eyes was still dark, as if not much time had passed.

He vaguely felt that something was wrong. Su Shi frowned slightly before moving his body. The person holding him immediately tightened his arms and looked down at him. “You’re awake?”

His tone was very soft, but there was invisible tension in his eyes.

Only when Su Shi finally opened his eyes fully, did Esmond finally let out a breath of air. Esmond rubbed Su Shi’s head with a smile. “Are you hungry?”

“I’m still good…”

Su Shi was a little dazed. He propped up his body and sat up.

Esmond loosened his arms, got up, and walked out quickly to retrieve the meat that had already been roasted. A golden flame suddenly burst from the hollow of his palm.

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