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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 83

T/N: A day late, sorry, was so busy yesterday that I forgot I had this chapter scheduled. But it’s here now! >_<

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Chapter 83 (32.5)

Esmond loosened his arms, got up, and walked out quickly to retrieve the meat that had already been roasted. A golden flame suddenly burst from the hollow of his palm.

“Has it become so beautiful?”

Before, Esmond’s flame was still a deep dark color that made people trembled. Su Shi blinked and looked at Esmond in surprise. Finally, from the bottom of his heart, he felt greatly comforted.

Looking at this evolutionary direction, the protagonist’s power was obviously getting closer and closer to the pope. As long as the problem with the pope was successfully resolved, Esmond would be able to become the new ruler of this continent.

Seeing the unreserved bright light in the Holy Paladin’s eyes, Esmond’s eyes felt faintly hot. He raised the corner of his lips, nodded, cut the roasted meat into small pieces, and handed it to him. “It’s very hot. Be careful.”

The enticing aroma overflowed, finally stirring up Su Shi’s appetite and making him feel hungry. He ate a few mouthfuls and his eyes lit up. “It’s delicious. I didn’t know your cooking skills were this good.”

“I only know how to roast meat. If you like it, I will learn other methods.”

Since childhood, Esmond has lived like a prince. At home, there was a first-rate specialized chef. Roasting meat was just a necessary skill for the wilderness.

Seeing Su Shi eat with relish, the cardinal’s gaze became even warmer. He smiled and answered with a warm voice.

Su Shi’s chest felt heavy and he did not continue this topic. He turned his head and looked out the window at the dark night.

“Did I sleep all day?”

“No—actually you didn’t sleep very long.”

Esmond spoke softly, rubbed his head, and the smile in his eyes faded away. His gaze fell outside the window, showing some anxiety, and he fell silent again.

Although the destroyed crystal core has been restored, it would still leave wounds on the soul. This sleep could not have been just for a few hours.

Su Shi frowned, somewhat puzzled. “But—the sun has set…”

“The sun has not set.”

Outside was a canvas of darkness, and Esmond seemed to be worrying about something. He interrupted Su Shi in a low voice. After a while, he continued on, “This morning, the sun did not rise again.”

Su Shi’s heart abruptly sank.

He was supposed to self-destruct with the pope at the end of forty-eight hours. It must be because of his delay, and that’s why this kind of unforeseen event happened.

“Is it because of the pope? Did his power grow to this degree?”

Esmond touched his nose. There was some guilty conscience in his eyes. He gave an unclear sound of response.

“Let’s go quickly. He’s been coveting this continent for a long time. We must stop him as soon as possible.”

Seeing that the plot line was going to have problems again, Su Shi was full of worries. He propped himself up and put on the black robe. Then he tugged on the protagonist to go out and save the world.

He had only taken one step, but his hand was gently pulled.

“Wait, Ivan…”

Esmond pulled him back, raised his arms around the Holy Paladin’s warm and pliable body, and suddenly leaned forward.

His eyes fell quietly on the face of the young man, his tender gaze penetrated deeply. His expression seemed to be tangled. His mouth opened and closed, wanting to say something but then hesitating.

Su Shi was in the midst of worrying and did not have the mood or inclination to play tug of war with him. He pulled Esmond forward by the shoulders, lifted his head up, and took the initiative to kiss him.

“I like you too. Okay, okay, let’s go quickly. If we continue to tarry it will be too late.”

Esmond’s raised hand froze in midair. His expression froze. The gold Miscanthus sinensis in the hollow of his palm clearly extinguished. Caught off guard, a pleasantly surprised warmth suddenly overflowed from his chest.

“No, I just–”

The cardinal who suddenly received a confession was almost overwhelmed by it and deeply flattered*. His heart thumped nonstop. After a moment, he finally returned to his senses, and promptly pulled back the Holy Paladin who was about to run off.

[*T/N: The phrase used here is 受宠若惊 which means to be overwhelmed by favor from a superior. It’s a humble expression.]

“I just wanted to say, you are a wanted man now, you need to change your appearance before going out…”

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Su Shi: Didn’t you say to fall in love??? (╯°Д°)╯︵ /(.□ . )

#My secret crush confessed to me first#

#And kissed me too#


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