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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 84

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Chapter 84 (33.1)

Su Shi was stunned. Unfortunately, it was already too late to regret his actions. Before he could collect his thoughts, his body was already pulled back.

Planted in a familiar warm embrace again, Su Shi found that the other person’s heartbeat was even faster than that day. Su Shi was a bit concerned. He raised his head and was about to speak, but his gaze clashed with those dark and deep eyes.

Esmond embraced him and kissed him seriously.

Unlike the Holy Paladin who had rushed to deal with the matter in a hurry, the soft kiss fell upon his lips carefully, tracing over his somewhat thin lips. The burning temperature of his palm seeped through the thin clothing, and unconsciously tightened up more and more.

Su Shi’s heart thudded for a long time. Finally his brows softened.

The kiss was long and delicate.

Eventually, Esmond finally released him. They were both breathing quickly with eyes that were still glazed with dazzling starlight.

“All right, don’t waste time anymore. Even the sun is gone outside…”

It actually took so long to recover from the kiss.

Su Shi’s chest undulated up and down as he murmured softly. He was dizzily embraced in the other person’s arms.

His breathing was still unsteady, carrying a hint of nasally sound as if he had yet to recover. He leaned against the other person’s chest and chattered in bits and pieces. He did not express even the slightest bit of blame.

Finally, he couldn’t help but smile. Esmond chuckled softly and rubbed his short hair: “Okay, we won’t waste time anymore. Close your eyes first, you still can’t just run out like this…”

Su Shi has long been curious about Esmond’s cosmetic surgery technique. Su Shi blinked, wanting to use this opportunity to take a look at the other person’s movements, but a hand lightly covered his eyes.

Esmond’s fingers delicately fell upon the Holy Paladin’s face.

Motes of gold rained down like stars, and very quickly turned his features into an average-looking face. His complexion was somewhat wan, looking like a completely ordinary young man.

Undoubtedly, this type of face was the safest way to go out and do things. But for the first time, the Cardinal had some doubts about his work. He held his arms for a long while and could not help adjusting several lines.

“Does it need to take this long?”

Not knowing what Esmond was busying with, Su Shi stood holding his breath for a long while. Finally he could not help but ask quietly.

Awakening from his contemplation, Esmond coughed a little and retracted his outstretched hand. The gold light in his palm flickered out. “Done.”

Su Shi immediately opened his eyes and leaned towards the mirror full of zest. It was indeed an unfamiliar face.

There was no unusual feeling on the face, and the expressions made were smooth and natural.

Su Shi raised an eyebrow with great interest. Satisfied, he put on the black robe, turned around, and pulled Esmond quickly out of the door.

“Okay, okay, let’s hurry out and take a look. At least, we should first figure out what is going on.”

The Cardinal had yet to get rid of the deep self-doubt when he was dragged out of the door. He sighed regretfully and quickly followed after.

He felt like—the lips should have been thinner…

The two went out the door and rushed all the way to the bazaar. Gradually, they saw more and more people.

Civilians still had to run around for the day’s rations. This was also the time when the nobility had to move about. The people were panicking, but they still couldn’t just hide in their homes all day.

The streetlights were faithfully lit, and pedestrians hurried by beneath the cold light with uneasiness on their faces, but there was no other commotion or accidents.

Unable to figure out what was the pope’s plan, Su Shi frowned slightly and took measure of the undisturbed situation all around.

“Maybe—it’s not necessarily the pope who did this.”

Esmond accompanied him by his side.

He lowered his voice and consoled Su Shi: “If he really has this kind of power already, then it would be easy for him to seize the whole continent. And we would not be able to live to this day.”

Esmond’s words were not unreasonable, but if what he said were the case, then the situation would become increasingly unclear.

Su Shi still could not feel at ease. He turned around and was about to speak, when suddenly a loud noise came form a short distance away.

The people spontaneously rushed to the central square in front of the palace. Their steps were urgent, and their eyes flashed with tension and anticipation.

Esmond and Su Shi looked at each other. Then they followed the rushing flow of the people.

In the center of the square, there was some stone statue that was added who knew when.

It was not surprising for stone statues to be erected in the central square. Both the pope and the bishops had corresponding stone statues in the square. With the combination of earth and metal abilities, those statues were carved to be life-like, and they accepted the people’s beliefs and offerings day after day.

But this time, a stone statue of a Holy Paladin was set up.

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  1. I wonder what kind of face Esmond was building… perhaps a different life?

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