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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 85

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Chapter 85 (33.2)

But this time, a stone statue of a Holy Paladin was set up.

Don’t know if it was to save time or energy, but the stone figure was still wearing heavy armor and a helmet, so the face was not clear at all. It was as if the stone statue could refer to any nameless Holy Paladin.

The people surrounded the stone statue. They knelt down one after another, praying piously and confessing their sins.

Su Shi suddenly had a bad premonition.

Esmond raised an eyebrow. It seemed like he had a hunch, but he was not in a hurry to resolve the doubts for the Holy Paladin beside him. Instead, he just pulled Su Shi forward and continued into the crowd.

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“The papacy’s verdict was rejected for the first time in thousands of years. It must be because the trial went wrong and blamed someone who was originally innocent…”

“The oracle already came down, is there still a need to say it?”

“But there have been others that were wrongly sentenced before, yet the oracle did not interfere, because nobody is completely innocent. I did not expect that there would be someone who could really be forgiven under the judgment of the god of light. What a great and pure soul…”

“So this everlasting night must be the Light God’s punishment. The sun will only rise again if we sincerely repent and the papacy admits their error!”

“But the papacy’s sentence on him was for demonization and assassination of the pope. I heard that he also pleaded guilty. Just what kind of truth would make this judgment wrong?”


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Su Shi’s stomach started to hurt again.

Looking at the faintly blackening complexion of the Holy Paladin beside him, Esmond lowered his eyes. His gaze was full of smiles. He could not help lifting a hand to rub the other person’s hair.

“Isn’t this great? Why are you not happy?”

“Of course I’m happy, so happy that I’m about to explode.”

Su Shi took a deep breath and looked at the murmuring crowd with a headache. He silently comforted himself.

The pope was indisputable, and right now, the people only believed in his innocence, but they did not have the time to touch upon the full truth. Misunderstandings were still there. He might still be able to save his experience points.

…The last time he thought like this, his tower of experience points collapsed loudly within a few days.

His self-consolation talk was a complete failure.

Su Shi dropped his gaze. As he had planned, he should just rush directly into the papacy right now, and proceed with his plan of self-destructing with the pope.

“Everyone leave! No one is allowed to come in at will!”

Suddenly, an angry shout rang out from the plaza. Guards in heavy armor quickly surrounded the square, expelling people indiscriminately. They also smashed the stone statue mercilessly.

The spear shimmering in the cold light hit the stone statue’s chest heavily and broken stone rained down, hitting the chaotic crowd and immediately sparking cries of pain.

“It’s Surrey, looks like he has also become the pope’s minion.”

Looking at the gloomy expression on the guard, Esmond’s eyes turned cold. He muttered one sentence and then smoothly moved the Holy Paladin, who was next to him, behind him to protect.

Esmond was the cardinal in charge of the prison trial. Under him was Surrey. During the time when he was accompanying Ivan in his escape, it was clear that the other party was fully responsible for all matters on the papacy side.

Esmond had no doubt that if those black-robed pursuers had killed them in the misty forest, then the position of cardinal would definitely go to Surrey.

“The papacy is clearly wrong. Why don’t you dare to admit it?!”

A boy dressed in shabby clothes was so angry that his face was beet red. Squeezed among the crowd, he opened his mouth to loudly say: “Everyone heard the oracle of forgiveness. Do you still want to say that Ivan is guilty?”

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In a split second, the boy’s words completely ignited the anger of the crowd. They no longer panicked trying to avoid the falling debris. Their roaring shouts sounded out one after another.

“It must be because you refuse to admit your mistake, and that’s why the god of light sent this everlasting night as a punishment!”

“Esmond is the cardinal. Where has he gone? We have to get him to ask the papacy to change the judgment!”

“I see it now. Ivan did not assassinate the pope at all. Maybe you were the one who did it, and then you framed him for your crime!”

Listening to the roaring of the crowd, Surrey’s face became even paler, and the black gas in his eyes got more intense. He looked like he was about to demonize at any second.

Su Shi’s heart sank.

The priesthood of the papacy has fallen and demonized. Once such news spread, it would surely cause strong panic. Rumors were unstoppable, as long as they continued to develop, sooner or later someone would guess the truth about the pope’s demonization.

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