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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 88

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Chapter 88 (33.5)

“Only I can do it.” Esmond said, meeting the other person’s teasing gaze. He pursed his lips slightly, and lowered his voice to explain: “I received the Light God’s gift, so only I have this ability…”

“All right, all right, I won’t randomly grab a person and kiss them.”

[T/N: Remember what you did in chapter 83, Su Shi?]

Su Shi said this without even realizing that his behavior at the beginning seemed to be almost the same as what he just said. Su Shi chuckled, and with the support of the other person, he propped himself up again.

They didn’t find any useful clues. Just as they were preparing to look for a new path forward, there was a sudden noise at the end of the street.

It was the pope calling for the people to convene.

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The masses were all looking forward to a quick response from the papacy, so they all promptly gathered at the plaza. Along the way they exchanged rumors with each other in low voices.

“It seems that Surrey finally admitted that the mastermind was actually Esmond…”

“So terrible, I believed in him so much!”

“I also heard! The law enforcement bishop wanted the pope’s position, so he secretly instigated the assassination of the pope, and put the crime on Ivan’s head—”

“Shut up! You don’t want to live anymore?”

Several people talking in low voices immediately closed their mouths, but the content of the conversation has quickly spread among the crowd.

Su Shi’s expression sank, and his heart gave birth to some unclear premonition.

The usually empty square was already full of people who heard the news and came.

The pope, who should have been seriously injured as a result of the assassination, was standing in the highest place wearing white clothes and delivering a heavy and lengthy speech to the people.

“…We regret this matter, but in any case, this is the truth we must admit and face.”

“It is with a painful heart that I must declare that Bishop Esmond betrayed the belief that he had swore allegiance to for his own ambitions. He tried to disturb the peace of the papacy and didn’t even hesitate to bring the whole continent into the darkness of eternal night…”

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The pope was absolutely right. The people in the square were filled with indignation and many people even swore in anger.

Esmond was hidden behind the crowd. His eyes darkened, but he still clutched the Holy Paladin beside him, not letting him make any moves.

The pope was standing on a high platform out in the open. Although there were guards around, the security was not as tight.

Previous experience has left a deep shadow on Esmond.

The cardinal who was accused of rebellion was deeply worried and sick at heart. He was afraid that if he didn’t hold on properly, the other person would rush up there and drag the pope down in a self-destructive move.


Seeing that his pot was being overturned in an inexplicable way, Su Shi was terribly anxious and he could not help turning around to look at the protagonist who said nothing: “Are we not going to do anything?”

After the cardinal revealed his identity, this was the first time that he called the other person’s name.

Esmond’s breathing stuttered. He subconsciously looked over. The Holy Paladin’s eyes held clear worry and concern. He was looking steadily at Esmond, impatiently waiting for his decision.

His gaze gradually settled down.

The pope represented the cohesive core of faith. No matter what, the demonization of the pope must not be revealed to everyone, otherwise it would only cause the entire continent to collapse and become a real abandoned place.

This secret could not be reveal and Ivan’s charges must also be eluted. Putting all the crimes on himself did indeed seem to be the best choice.

“Hide and don’t be found…”

Esmond shook his hand hard. Suddenly he removed his disguise, changing back into the cardinal, and he walked slowly towards the center of the square.

The blood red robe caused people to shirk their gazes. Instead of getting angry, the people gradually calmed down timidly.

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Seeing him appear, the pope’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the black air diffused silently under his eyes: “Esmond, are you here to defend yourself?”

“I have nothing to defend.”

With a pale complexion, Esmond looked up at him, his voice calm and firm, resonating clearly into everyone’s ears.

“I plead guilty. Your Majesty, are you going to personally execute me?”

The crowd exploded in uproar. They finally couldn’t help giving voice to their furry, and they loudly scolded the cardinal.

Su Shi’s vision abruptly turned black.

After three worlds of experience, his protagonist finally learned how to get rid off all his pots, and also how to grab the pot from him.

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The author has something to say:

Su Shi: Put that down!! You put that pot down for me right now!!


#Can’t go on like this anymore*.#

[*T/N: 过不下去了 – to be unable to continue living (in a certain manner) / to be unable to make a living]

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