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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 89

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Chapter 89 (34.1)

The crowd’s emotions were running high. The situation was far more serious than imagined.

The offline system was temporarily unable to provide timely updates of his experience points, but Su Shi still felt a strong threat to his points.

At the same time, the pope was also feeling threatened.

Originally, his series of interrelated traps were coming together nicely according to plan, but Esmond’s straightforwardness thoroughly destroyed his orderly plans.

The pope’s eyes landed pensively on Esmond who had admitted to all the sins with relish in his eyes.

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The assassins that he had sent after them were completely wiped out. The opponent’s strength seemed to be getting progressively stronger. So much so, that he was starting to feel a little threatened.

If he made a move right now and was forced to reveal his demonic aura in front of everyone, then all of his painstaking efforts and plans would vanish into smoke.

The pope withdrew his gaze and pondered for a moment before opening his mouth again: “Punishment is merely God’s will. We are only acting on behalf of God. Esmond, right now are you willing to confess exactly where you took Ivan?”

When he asked this question, the angry crowd suddenly remembered the real main character. They temporarily suppressed their anger to wait for the wicked bishop to confess the whereabouts of the Holy Paladin.

“I am also looking for him.”

Esmond just lifted his head to look up at the pope. His expression was calm and indifferent.

“I didn’t seize him. It was he who took advantage of the chaos during the examination period to escape. I left the papacy just a few days ago to find him, but unfortunately I was unable to locate his whereabouts.”

The pope frowned slightly, and there was a flash of suspicion in his eyes, but he couldn’t tell anything from the other party’s reaction.

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After all, the paladin was a serious problem for him. He originally thought that everything would be foolproof, but he did not expect that the situation would actually develop to this stage.

The light god had actually intervened, and things became a little more troublesome.

Failing to get what he wanted from the cardinal, the pope lowered his gaze again, and his expression became compassionate and gentle.

“We are just servants of God, and all crimes should be judged by God. Esmond, are you sincerely pleading guilty?”

“I will bind voluntarily, Your Majesty.”

Out of the corner of his eye, he glimpsed a black robed figure disappearing into the crowd. Esmond finally felt somewhat at ease. He calmly lifted his hands to let the papacy’s guards come and bind him.

His stood straight and his bearing was peaceful. Even when he was being bound his attitude was unruffled. Ineffably, the guards felt weak in their hearts. The hand that came out to shove Esmond withdrew instead. With a tone that was strong in appearance but weak in reality, the guard said: “Hurry up, stop dillydallying!”

Esmond did not resist and was escorted in the direction of the prison.

He was very clear in his heart that the Pope would not believe what he said, but the pope could not find any loopholes that could be used for the time being, and he did not dare to start with him in front of others.

Sooner or later though, the two of them will have a real confrontation.

He was vaguely aware that from the start, Ivan had spared no pains or effort to help him. Perhaps Ivan was hoping that he would get to this last step, to be able to beat back the evil spirit, and bring light back to the Warren Continent once again.

But he did not feel any unhappiness from being used.

The blood was real. The protection and accompaniment were also real.

When the pope was reading out his pardon, the young paladin was not even a little bit happy about his crimes being washed away. Instead, his heart and eyes were filled with anxiety for the injustice towards Esmond.

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He could still see the unreserved and clear anxiety in those eyes, and it caused a hot heat to silently flow through his chest.

Having learned his lesson from the oracle’s absolution of Ivan, the pope definitely would not continue to sit and watch. Soon there would be a tough life or death battle.

Fortunately, Ivan was thrown outside.

Esmond stepped into the spooky prison and watched the door made of black iron being locked by an ink-black seal. His expression was relieved for a moment, and then his eyes suddenly narrowed, expressing a faint look of ridicule for himself.

The sun has not risen yet. There was no source of supplementary light power, and Ivan’s power would soon be exhausted.

He wondered if the solar energy paladin would remember to find food for himself.

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