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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 91

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Chapter 91 (34.3)

Su Shi was stunned for a moment when he saw the pope suddenly disregard him in favor of putting out the fire. When he returned to his senses, he quickly turned around, leaped onto the window ledge, and then jumped out.

The moment he was about to take a step, his movements abruptly halted.

Behind him, there seemed to be countless faint screams and shouts.

There shouldn’t be anyone else in the file library. It was probably just his own misconception. Su Shi set his mind at ease and quickly walked into the darkness where the lights could not reach.

A thin layer of ice quickly sealed off the still bleeding wound. His body’s strength was instantly exhausted by this act, so Su Shi had no choice but to temporarily change his plan. He gritted his teeth and staggered in the direction of the prison.

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His body temperature dropped quickly. It was impossible to tell whether the cold was invading his body from the surrounding environment or spreading silently from the crystal nucleus in his body.

Su Shi didn’t know how far he managed to get. His body was becoming more and more stiff. He strength was clearly draining away as each successive step became heavier than the previous.

He was almost running on instincts when he entered the prison. Su Shi couldn’t be concerned with hiding his tracks any more. He openly froze the guard at the door into a block of ice, and opened the seal on the door with the black crystal.

He pounced into the arms of the humanoid power bank, grabbed him by the collar, and kissed him.

Esmond didn’t have time to process what was happening. He instinctively hugged the man in his arms, but the cold temperature of the body startled him. It was almost as cold as pure ice.

Finally, Su Shi recovered a bit of his consciousness, but the nipping cold was all the more bone-chilling and hard to bear.

Su Shi’s body gradually softened. The awareness that he forcefully maintained all along the way blurred away quickly. He blinked one last time, confirmed that he had not kissed the wrong person, and fell asleep in peace.

When the paladin suddenly appeared in his arms, Esmond was almost unable to respond.

Just a second ago, he was still concerned over whether the other party would end up starving himself, and in the next second, the person who he was worried about suddenly appeared in front of him.

The other person’s complexion was wan and his gaze was blurry. His staggering steps were rigid and stiff. Then he had pulled Esmond forward by the collar and straight up kissed him without giving him any chance to react.

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Although he knew that the person in his arms was probably hungry, the cardinal still revealed a gentle and helpless smile, and sighed very lightly.

Outside the cell was tossed up messily. Esmond straight up carried the paladin in his arms and stood up. With a single hand he firmly closed up the door once again, and sent a spiral of flames to slowly defrost the guard popsicle. Then he sat back down.

The young paladin’s eyes were drooping. He quietly nestled in his arms. His cheeks finally recovered some color, his expression calmed, and his breathing grew longer. He slept peacefully.

Esmond leaned against the dry straw in the corner of the cell. He looked down at the paladin in his arms and carefully brushed the soft hair hanging over the young man’s forehead. He stared at the paladin for a long while. His eyes were suffused with helpless and gentle warmth.

He gently embraced Ivan’s shoulders, trying to get him to lean back in his arms, but then his eyes suddenly narrowed.

Several clusters of flames ignited silently, brightening the prison cell. Esmond carefully pulled the sleeping man in his arms, lowered his head, and looked closely. His expression sank at once.

He had failed to notice the shoulder wound until the elevated temperature melted the thin ice that sealed off the injury, and blood poured through the clothing. He now realized that the other party had suffered a serious injury.

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The warmth of the whole body made the paladin’s body gradually stop trembling, but it seemed to evoke a deeper pain. The man in his arms suddenly frowned slightly, his facial muscles twitched hard, and he instinctively dodged his touch.

The joy of reuniting dissipated in the blink of an eye.

Esmond hugged the paladin carefully, kissed his forehead softly, and patiently calmed him with a soft voice: “It’s okay, bear with me, it will be fine soon…”

The warm blood had already seeped through the clothes and dripped onto the ground. The trickling blood gathered together in a pool, making his eyes burn from looking at it.

Esmond treated Ivan’s wound for him. He tore up his inner clothes to properly bind the wound, only to realize that there was a layer of cold sweat on his forehead.

The pain gradually subsided, and the desire for warmth prevailed again. The sleepy young man instinctively leaned into his arms, his delicate brows regained their softness and tenderness.

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