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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 95

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Chapter 95 (35.2)

The core of the mission hinged on the true identity of the pope. As long as no one found out that a demon had taken over the pope’s body, then Su Shi could still get the experience points.

Su Shi took a deep breath to steady himself. He was about to fabricate a reason for the pope’s corruption and abuse of power, when the sound of a loud bell rang outside the window.

Someone came in quickly from outside and got down on one knee: “Your Excellency, the pope has opened the Holy Arena.”

“What happened?”

The archbishop’s complexion changed. He got up and walked quickly out the door.

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“That is a completely public arena, and it also has a life or death barrier. What can the church not solve? Why must the pope take such a risk himself?”

The messenger looked tangled. He glanced at the paladin standing off to the side, and then cautiously reported: “An emergency edict has just been issued. Bishop Esmond has been corrupted and demonized. The pope, His Majesty, as the servant of all servants* is naturally duty bound to exterminate it…”

[*T/N: “servant” as in a servant of God, and the pope as the highest member of the clergy is the greatest servant of God]

Su Shi’s chest abruptly tightened, and his vision suddenly darkened for a moment. He held on to the edge of the table to stabilize himself. There was the taste of blood spreading in his throat.

He had to go back and take a look.

The intense pain almost took his breath away. The hand hanging at his side subconsciously clenched into a tight fist. His chest undulated incessantly.

He was no longer interested in paying attention to the situation in front of him. He hurried out, trying to rush to the arena, but the archbishop raised a hand to stop him.

“I must go—Your Excellency, please allow me to excuse myself first.”

Su Shi’s expression sank. There was already a hint of coldness creeping into his eyes, and the biting chill slowly spread from his whole body.

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The protagonist’s strength has indeed improved a lot, but the pope, as the biggest villain in this world, gained his power through hatred and resentment. The odds of winning were still very slim.

He must do it himself*.

[*T/N: Su Shi is referring to self-destructing with the pope.]

Looking thoughtfully at the paladin in front of him, the archbishop nodded slightly and suddenly walked outside: “Follow me.”

Countless people have gathered around the Holy Arena.

Beyond the translucent barrier, the pope was fighting fiercely with Esmond. The resplendent golden light was dizzying to watch.

Su Shi raised his head to look, but his expression sank even more.

He didn’t know why, but Esmond had yet to put up any strong resistance. He was only silently withstanding the opponent’s attacks.

The pope’s shots were not as aggressive and domineering as when he was trying to decimate Su Shi. His strength was carefully measured to be just enough to suppress the opponent by a hair, as if he was deliberately waiting for something to happen.

Before he could figure out what was going on, the crowd suddenly erupted into cries of alarm. Someone even shouted out in shock: “Look, it is indeed an evil demon!”

Esmond staggered back and was forced to use his flames. Although it was fleeting, everyone still caught a glimpse of the extremely gloomy ink-black color of the flames.

As if burned by his own flames, Esmond’s hands trembled slightly and then clenched tightly. Hence, he refused to release even the smallest bit of power.

The pope’s heavy blow crashed into Esmond’s chest. Esmond staggered and fell to one knee. He coughed twice. Even the stuff that he coughed out was a pitch-black substance that made people feel chilled.

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Thinking of Esmond’s previous crime, the people were already unable to suppress their intense ire. One after another they shouted ear-piercing curses.

When he finally got what he wanted, the pope narrowed his eyes with satisfaction. His tyrannical strength finally poured out and rushed at the cardinal who had almost completely given up all resistance.

A figure suddenly flashed past, so fast as to almost be invisible to the naked eye. Before the pope’s attack landed, the figure threw itself at Esmond and covered him firmly.

The ice-cold armor slammed painfully into Esmond’s body, and the lost of blood caused his sight to go fuzzy. He blinked hard and finally made out the image of the paladin lying prone atop his body. His eyes narrowed.

Impatient concern leaked all over his face, and he squeezed the person’s arm hard: “Quick, leave. It’s dangerous here!”

“I know. That’s why I came.”

[T/N: Swoon. Man, Su Shi says some really badass lines.]

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