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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 98

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Chapter 98

With the vows spoken, the power in Su Shi’s body was also used as a tribute for the first conversion, converging towards the lord god, following the invisible chain to pour into the pope’s body.

The crow instantaneously fell silent.

The archbishop’s eyes revealed faint regret, and he closed his eyes with a light sigh.

Entangled with the black mist pouring into the pope’s body, there was a gleam of light that could no longer be peeled off.

Light was a kind of fire. As long as it fell upon kindling, it would start a prairie fire sooner or later.

Shock entered the pope’s eyes, and his merciful and gentle face suddenly twisted.

Once the oath started, no one could interrupt it.

Some ineffable force was firmly holding Esmond’s body in place. His eyes fixed upon the youth’s waning face. His vision was already hazy with tears.

He blinked vigorously and breathed desperately, trying to hold back the soreness in his eye sockets.

He couldn’t cry now. If he cried, he wouldn’t be able to see the paladin clearly.

After reciting the last line of oath, the armor on the paladin’s body had completely dimmed down. Just the lightest movement caused the armor to disperse into ash and drift away silently with the wind.

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The armor blessed by the power of light would not protect a body that was associated with darkness.

The young man’s shoulders remained straight. His eyes were no longer concerned with looking at the pope. Instead, they remained fixed directly on the cardinal. His gaze was unobstructed and clear.

Esmond’s body trembled violently. His chest rose and fell sharply, and the tears finally fell down his face.

Absorbing the power of light, the pope’s body also burst into intense pain. His face was distorted, and the black energy finally emerged faintly from his body.

The corner of Su Shi’s mouth turned up. And then his body abruptly went limp.

He fell into a very familiar embrace.

Esmond hugged him tightly. The cardinal’s breathing came out hurried and brief. Emotion choked his throat and blocked off all words. His arms were already trembling slightly because of excessive force.

The breath beside him was reliable and warm. Su Shi smiled and leaned quietly into his arms, still refusing to lower his gaze.

“Let me see your flames again…”

The faint black miasma was gone from his eyes. His face had turned stark white, but his expression was still gentle and persistent as he looked at the cardinal.

Esmond’s hands trembled a little, and after trying several times, his palm finally burst into flames.

The conflicting powers within the pope’s body continued to wage war, and he had no time to care about the situation happening in the outside world. The illusion was quietly broken. The brightness of the golden flames caused everyone to avert their gazes.

There was already no need for further explanation.

Su Shi finally felt relieved, and some of that relief entered his eyes. He turned his gaze on the pope: “Help me beat him up.”


Esmond’s voice was hoarse. He carefully picked up the paladin in his arms and gently placed him on the sidelines.

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He turned and walked towards the pope. With every step he took, the flames all over his body burned, and the brilliant golden light spread unreservedly, so that the people trapped in the darkness finally saw the long-lost light.

The people knelt down instinctively, groveled under the light, and incessantly prayed in repentance.

The pope’s pupils suddenly shrank in despair.

The golden flames were already burning high.

Su Shi sat on the sidelines and quietly watched the scene in front of him, with a touch of relief in his eyes.

At this time, it was really hard to care about any tasks or missions. Anyone who saw such a bright flame could not help but be moved.

The seeds of light have been planted, and the pope was destined to no longer be able to exert his full strength. Even if the protagonist did not have him [Su Shi], it would still be the same.

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Just now, the demonic energy that he inhaled and incorporated into his body had broken through the time restriction imposed by the God of Light, and the system network was being restored. With no mishaps, he would leave this world soon.

The world in front of him gradually faded and dimmed.

Su Shi sighed. His eyes fell upon the cardinal’s back, and the corners of his lips gently curved up.

Flames filled the entire sky.

The black energy scattered in all directions to escape.

Victory was set.

His body gradually became lighter, and his soul was silently separated from his body. Just when he was about to leave completely, his body suddenly shook violently.

The dense black energy was at the end of its rope. With surly and unreasoning strength, it ferociously surged into Su Shi’s chest.

An eerie voice suddenly sounded in Su Shi’s ears, low and hoarse, full of evil energy: “My faithful believer, I give you eternal life and will use you as my vessel…”

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The author has something to say:

Su Shi: Your uncle ≡_≡

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  1. Su shi: “I’m gonna die, so long world!”
    God of light: “You shall become the child of light”
    Su Shi: “Goodbye love,”
    God of darkness: “ I’m giving you eternal life”
    Su shi: F*ck just great.

  2. the author really need to improve their timing ://// like alright the first time was pretty funny but his death is WAYYYYY overdue now. his death no longer invokes sadness, it’s just ridiculous

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