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Let Me Shoulder this Blame! 99

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Chapter 99 (36.1)

“Hurry, hurry, hurry–”

The system that he had lost contact with for a long time was echoing urgently.

Su Shi was at a lost. His soul got stuck in the middle of leaving this world.

“Hurry for what?”

The system was unable to explain anymore. It pushed his soul back into his body, and then forcibly suspended his control of the body.

His viewpoint changed in an instant. Su Shi watched helplessly as his body staggered up. Dense demonic energy poured from the depths of his eyes. His expression became completely cold, and the black mist around his body vibrated wildly.

No one expected the pope’s Jedi counterattack.

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Esmond turned around hastily. Only then did he clearly see the expression on Ivan’s face. A shiver racked his entire body, and his steps suddenly became sluggish.

“This body is pretty good…”

The God of Darkness moved the paladin’s body a little. His face showed a cold and triumphant smile. His eyes fixed on the cardinal, and he suddenly extended an open hand towards him.

“Come on, destroy me and this body together. How about it?”

Esmond’s hands shook, and red took over his vision.

It was his negligence.

He should have brought Ivan to the archbishop first.

Esmond just stood silently on the same stop, without a single movement, but the demon inhabiting the paladin’s body did not intend to let him go.

After adapting to the new body somewhat, the demon moved slightly, and then all of a sudden it shot at Esmond.

“Your Excellency Esmond!”

The archbishop suddenly shouted, and the sound of his wizened voice roused the cardinal.

Esmond’s gaze fell upon the dark energy swimming in those eyes. He gritted his teeth and fell back a step. His whole body ignited silently with flames.

Icicles pierced through the flames. White mist billowed and spread as the two attacks collided, completely enveloping the arena.

Su Shi’s soul was stuffed in the corner of his body. He finally understood the system’s intention.

This was the last chance.

He could still make everyone mistakenly believe that he has been completely taken over by the pope, and then use a different way to die and take the pope down with him. That could also serve as a very successful end to this world.

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Fire and ice collided, and the white mist in the arena became even thicker.

Esmond’s brows knitted together. He held his breath and checked the movement of his whole body with rapt attention. Suddenly, he heard the sound of urgent footsteps coming from behind.

He turned around sharply, but the rising flames hesitated for a moment. The God of Darkness found a gap in his defense, and struck at his chest with a ruthless punch.

The opponent attacked with precision and brutality. From the start, he aimed for the wound on Esmond’s body.

A sharp pain spread through Esmond’s chest, but he still seemed to be unaware. He looked deeply into those apathetic eyes.


His voice was low and hoarse, and thick blood was spreading in his throat.

As if hearing his call, the young man’s figure suddenly stopped. His eyes seemed to recover clarity for a moment, and he fell helplessly against the cardinal’s body. Faint tears rimmed his eyes.

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Vague hope suddenly rose, and Esmond couldn’t help taking a step forward, but the corners of the opponent’s lips suddenly turned up with intense mockery. Ink-black light left a severe wound on the cardinal’s shoulder.

The God of Darkness lifted his hand and gripped Esmond’s throat forcefully.

“You’re really easy to trick, but it’s a bit sweet*, so I had you come to me yourself.”

[*T/N: The demon is not calling Esmond sweet. He’s saying the situation is sweet or beneficial for him, because he was able to easily get Esmond to let his guard down.]

The God of Darkness leaned over to look at him. He sneered and tightened his hand brutally.

“I have already swallowed his soul as a sacrifice to me. Only this body is left. You can completely annihilated him just by waving your hand, isn’t that so?”

Esmond stood up slowly. He looked at that familiar and delicate face. The light in his eyes gradually dimmed and turned into bloody determination.


He looked at the pope with a clouded expression, as if wanting to look through the face in front of him to the familiar face of the paladin.

Even though the other party probably couldn’t hear him anymore, he still insisted on calling out his name. His voice softened, and his gaze was tranquil and calm.

“Don’t be afraid. I will go with you.”

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