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Let Me Shoulder this Blame!

Title: Let Me Shoulder this Blame! [Quick Transmigration] 这个锅我背了![快穿]
Author: 三千大梦叙平生 (Three Thousand Big Dreams to Narrate One’s Life)
Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, Shounen Ai
Status in Country of Origin: 161 chapters (Completed)
Translation Status: Ongoing (chapters are split due to length)
Raws: jjwxc
Novel Updates: Link
Patreon: Early Access T.O.C.

Table of Contents

Su Shi was once a platinum-level host with the highest survival rate. One day, his misdeeds of constantly shifting his blame onto others was found out and reported. Convicted of violating the rules, he was bound to an Automatic Blame Shouldering System and exiled to lower-level worlds.

Now, not only does he have to take the blame from others and shoulder it himself, he must also carry that blame and rush to his death in order to earn enough points to quickly unbind from the system.

Su Shi only wants to get rid of the system by shouldering the blame until death. However, he finds that trying to hold onto the blame is even harder then passing it on, and rushing to his death is even harder than running for his life.

As Su Shi lies dying in the protagonist’s arms with red-rimmed eyes and a weak and helpless countenance, an uninvited third guest suddenly rushes out to explain the misunderstanding for him.

Su Shi: “I beg you, just let me shoulder this blame, otherwise, it will all be a waste of effort…”

Protagonist shou, 1v1, gong is the same person!

[Overbearingly Pampering Gong x Desperately Shouldering the Blame Shou]

Translations in Other Languages
Indonesian by BlackFox_-
Spanish by Yuki Mikoto


28 thoughts on “Let Me Shoulder this Blame!

  1. Hi, translator. I loving your all project and I want translate your project with a little name “Let Me Shoulder This Blame! ” for translate to into language Indonesian. I want permission with you. Plesse give me your respon.

    Thanks for your time

    1. Sure, go ahead. Just credit the English translation to me, and give me the link to your Indonesian translation so I can link it in the title page.

  2. Hello! (⌒ ▽ ⌒) /

    I couldn’t find a way to send you a private message, so I’m writing this comment, I will quickly tell you my intentions~

    I want to translate this novel into Spanish, of course, im not going to translate this without your permission, that is why i ask for your consent before we start working on it.

    All the credits of your translation in English will be placed in a note at the beginning of the novel, you can go to see my translations where the credits are always to whom they correspond.

    On wattpad: @YukiMikoto3

    1. Sure, go ahead. If you send me a link when you start translating, I’ll add it to the title page. ^^

  3. hello brother muse .. first of all I really like all your translations and everything is amazing … if you allow it, can I translate into Indonesian languange?

    Thank you ??

  4. Hello Brother/sister ?? i’m big fans for your translations and after i read that, I’m fallin to your translation,???
    Meanwhile I would like to translate the novel “Let Me Shoulder This Blame!” into Indonesia languange, and can I ask your permission to translate this?

    Thank you

    1. Hi,
      BlackFox is already translating this into Indonesian, so maybe you might want to talk to them first so there’s no overlap? But I don’t mind.

  5. Hello, how are you?

    We are translators for Chocotton Scan and we really like the novel Let Me Shoulder This Blame!, so I wanted your permission to do the re-translation into Portuguese.

    We promise to place due credits! Thank you very much for your attention and I look forward to your reply!

    1. Hi May!
      Sure thing. And if you give me a link when you start translating, I can add it to this title page. 🙂

  6. Hello, Vanilla Muse! (I couldn’t find a way to contact you personally)
    I’m Ahrihn, and I’m wondering if I could pick up this novel… (through a cleaned MTL.) If not (I totally understand, just asking, I don’t mean this in a bad way ;-; I just really like the novel), could I help translate the novel, to make the updates faster on your site? ^^
    Uhh, if you’re not comfortable with me translating it, then I’ll just do it privately and not share/publish them. BTW, I really do love your translations, they’re really awesome and I really appreciate it, it’s just that I have non-existent patience…
    I’m willing to translate and post on your site/send chapters to you!!!
    Uh, very sorry about that, I really don’t mean to be rude…

    1. Hi Ahrihn!
      I’m glad you like this novel as much as I do. 🙂
      Thank you for the offer, but I’ve co-translated with other people before and instead of making things go faster, I find that it throws off my pace instead. That’s because every translator has their own way of interpreting and translating things. The same word or phrase in Chinese could be translated in multiple ways, and it’s up to the translator to decide which way they think is best based on context. I find myself doing extra work when I collaborate with another translator, because I have to go back to the raws to figure out how or why the other translator decided to translate something a certain way. If I disagree, I feel awkward bringing it up with the other person, because the other person is not necessarily wrong, but I just have different preferences for how to translate something. I hope you understand. 🙂

      1. Oh, okay! No problem, I totally get it ^^
        I hope I’m not overstepping bounds here, but then is it alright for me to translate the novel myself (i.e. pick up the novel and post on my website)?
        *sweats* I don’t mean to be rude, just asking *sweats*…
        If you don’t want me to translate on top of your chapters (c39), I’ll start from c1 or keep it private in my google doc. Without your permission, I won’t translate the novel publicly.
        I do really like this novel, and you seem a bit swamped there with all your novels. Would you mind if I pick this one up?
        Very sorry if I’m rude… I’ve never done this before… *scratches head*

        1. Uhh, would like to add:
          I’d enjoy some friendly competition! *Pumps fist* Would very much welcome a senior translator to look up to (^^)/
          I really, really like this novel, and I really, really want to translate it too. *Prostrates* Vanilla-sama, begging humbly for permission…
          *Sends a daffodil&good intentions*
          pls respond ASAP ;-; I’m living on ur website…

        2. It’s actually very good that you’re open and communicating with me about this. I appreciate your consideration very much. 🙂 I would prefer it if you don’t translate over me. If I know that someone else is translating the same story I lose motivation to translate it, because I personally think it is redundant to have more than one translator on a story (unless the first translator is really that bad). I’m currently enjoying the new arc in this story very much and I would like to keep translating it. I hope you understand. If something ever happens in the future that causes me to drop this project, I will be sure to make an official announcement so that everyone knows.

          1. Oh, thank you!!
            In that case, I’ll keep mine private (^^)
            If you do ever drop it, pls email me at, I’ll happily pick it up.
            I’ll be following ur translations *throws confetti*
            Thanks for the reply and the translations!! *sending over encouragement and joy*

            1. Would like to add, when I mean “private”, I mean that my translations will never make it onto the web, just so you know (^^)~~~
              I’ll be camping for “Let Me Shoulder This Blame!”
              Would like you to know that I’m your little fan~!

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