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Male Lead 2 & Male Lead 3 – Characters

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Main Cast of Original Book

Pei Ruo Wei 裴若薇 (FL)
—Sun Qi 孙琦 (her female best friend)
Li Xiao 厉骁 (ML1)
—Chairman Li 厉董 (his father)
—Xiao Wang 小汪 (chauffeur)
Duan Shu Tong 段书桐 (ML2, currently the MC)
Xi Duan 席端 (ML3, President Xi of Xi Corporation)
—Cen Ning 岑宁 (assistant to ML3)
—Liu Zhi Fei 刘志飞 (driver, nickname: “Xiao Liu 小刘”)
—Uncle Sun 孙叔 (c46, Xi family housekeeper)
—Xi Yu 席钰 (c46, nephew)
Lin Man Man 林曼曼 (ML1’s fiancée)
—Lin Huan 林焕 (Lin Man Man’s older brother, President Lin, siscon)


MC’s Family

Duan Shu Tong 段书桐 (MC, also ML2) 段副总监 (Deputy Director Duan)
Duan Sheng Ye 段盛业 (father, Chairman Duan 段董,)
Dong Han Yue 董含月 (mother)
Duan Si Fu 段思芙 (elder sister)



Nanny Zhang 保姆张婶 (housekeeper of Duan mansion)
Feng Ran 冯冉 (c32, renowned skincare blogger on Weibo)
Xu Xiao Qin 许晓琴 (c33, Feng Ran’s older female cousin via female line)
Clear Sky Has Eyes 晴天有眼 (C41, a netizen that brought up DST’s DWI incident after Spring Flower No. 1 got popular)
Xu Ya Ze许亚泽 (c69, general manager of Yalan, son of the chairman of Yalan)
Lu Shi
陆时 (c71, Lin Man Man’s friend)
—Director Lu 陆董 (c76, his father, 金石珠宝的陆董 Director Lu of Jinshi Jewelry)
Jiang Sheng 蒋升 (c81, president of NT)
Zou Feng 邹峰 (c81, CEO of Cuckoo Company)
Mei Mei 美美 (c87, a woman that the original DST once dated, beautiful, petty, now dating Xu Ya Ze)
Wang Rong Qian 王荣谦 (c114, a nephrology specialist at the First People’s Hospital of Yan City)
Song Chi 宋池 (c122, Wang Rong Qian’s student)


Duan Company Employees

Li Lili 李莉莉 (Human Resources, from HQ)


The Spring and Autumn Hall Employees & Related People

He Run 何润 (head director of R&D Department, skilled)
Zhai Jun 翟俊 (general manager / CEO of the Spring and Autumn Hall)
Zhou Ling 周灵 (MC’s assistant in the R&D Department)
—He Zhen 何珍 (Zhou Ling’s mother)
—Aunt Wang 王阿姨 (next-door neighbor)
Gao Fang 高芳 (female secretary to the general manager)
Han Ling 韩令 (named in c93, flirtatious looking man that tried to hit on MC outside a bar in Hai City on a rainy day) (c105, Director Han of Renguang Hospital is his father)


Shan Quan County

Manager You 尤经理 (works for a bank)
—Xu Xiao Qin 许晓琴 (c29, Manager You’s wife)
Yuan Peng 袁鹏 (c30, layabout idler in The Spring and Autumn Hall)


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