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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 1

T/N 1: Hello all~ this is Vanilla Muse. I’m picking up a new project that just came out this year. This is a sweet transmigration BL story with modern settings. It’s a nice change of pace for when I want to take a break from my more intense projects set in ancient times.

T/N 2: I previewed about a third of this story through MTL. So far, it’s a slow burn romance. The MC is mature and career orientated. The female characters are a breath of fresh air. They’re not the typical b*tches that you want to face slap. I think the summary is a little misleading, because it makes the female lead seem annoying, but she is not. She actually has a pretty good head on her shoulders and deserves the title of female lead. Even the villainess is reasonable and proud. A side female character that seems like cannon fodder grew a backbone. The MC’s older sister is an elite businesswoman. I’m just so happy that BL finally has some good female characters. They don’t have to be the focus, just make them good. T∀T

T/N 3: Chapters will be split into parts. For an extended explanation, go to the FAQs.

Standard Info: Abbreviation for “Male Lead 2 and Male Lead 3 Happy Ending!” is MLHE. Go here for the updating schedule. Go to the title page for information on the story, the table of contents, and eventually a characters list.

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Chapter 1 – Male Lead 3, Giving You an Opportunity

Duan Corporation General HQ Office Building

Li Lili from Human Resources, rushed into the office carrying a stack of documents in her arms. When she reached her seat, she picked up her cell phone with excitement written all over her face. Then she opened up the Duan Dynasty Civil and Military Officials* chat group.

[*T/N: So the workers of this company started up a chat group to gossip about their bosses, which are members of the Duan family, and they jokingly equate the Duan family to members of the royal family. So the head of the Duan family, the father, would be the emperor, so on and so forth…]

Human Resources – Xiao Li: Shocking news! The emperor wants to dismiss the second prince from his post as vice director of marketing, and send him away to the borderlands*!

[*T/N: In the past, criminals were sent to the borders of the country to serve out their sentence. In this case the “borderland” would be a branch company of the Duan Corporation.]

This shocking news caused waves to go through every level of the corporation. Hundreds of workers were confused.
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Logistics – Xiao Zhao: Are you serious? The borderlands are bitter and cold. I wonder if His Royal Highness’s delicate body can withstand the hardships. Heeheehee.

Finance – Xiao Qian: This news is so sudden. Xiao Li Zi*, don’t horse around with us!

[*T/N: Xiao Li Zi = Xiao Li, which is a nickname for Li Lili. It’s a play on the whole imperial family theme. In the past, eunuchs were often referred to as “Xiao [Surname] Zi.” Xiao means small, and zi means son or child, but can also be a diminutive for small.]

Human Resources – Xiao Li: It’s true! It’s true! I just passed by Chairman Duan’s office, and I heard him passionately reprimanding Young Master Duan, saying that he would throw him to the borderlands to hone him!

Production – Xiao Sun: Yesh. With the second prince sent to the outskirts, wouldn’t this mean that there’s hope for the first princess to succeed the throne?

Logistics – Xiao Zhao: Pah! Pah! Pah! The emperor is still in the prime of his life. It’s still too early to talk about succession.

Marketing – Xiao Zhou: Speaking of, the first princess’s capabilities are out of the ordinary. The second prince is fickle and licentious. The emperor did this for the sake of the Duan Corporation!

Human Resources – Xiao Wu: In my opinion, the second prince is not that unbearable. He’s handsome and he has a good educational background. He’s not someone without potential. It’s just that he’s not interested in the company’s affairs. As for being fickle and licentious, at the very least he is better than the prince in the neighboring country.

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Human Resources – Xiao Li: Xiao Wu’s not wrong. Her Royal Highness studied management, and His Royal Highness studied medicine. The Duan Corporation started out with the research of medicine, but nowadays it has expanded tremendously, so His Royal Highness would definitely lose out with studying medicine.

There were divergent opinions in the chat group. The news was soon to reach 99+. Almost all the staff members at the general headquarters knew one thing though, and that was Young Master Duan was about to the leave Duan Corporation HQ, and that he might not succeed the throne.

As for the protagonist who caused all these waves, at this moment his face was blank as he experienced something unimaginable. He looked at the middle-aged man in front of him, who was going red in the face. His gaze revealed a bit of unfamiliarity.

Duan Shu Tong felt that he might be dreaming, but what he saw was too real. At the same time it was so strange that he did not know how to cope with the current situation correctly.

Duan Sheng Ye took in all of this. It was precisely this unfilial and taciturn son who liked to argue for the sake of arguing that caused him to go red in the face.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

He picked up a pen on the table and was just about to fling it at his son, when that infuriating and unfilial child suddenly fainted on the spot. He was shocked for a second and ran over without a second thought. He was just about to cry out in alarm when his son opened his eyes again.

To the outside world it seemed like only a second had passed, but within Duan Shu Tong’s mind he had already viewed all the memories of this body. It was like flower viewing from horseback*.

[*T/N: It means he saw all the memories and thus he has a superficial understanding from cursory observations, but he hasn’t slowed down or stopped to study the details yet.]

Summing up the original host’s experience of the past two decades, he had reason to suspect that he has transmigrated into the world of a book.

Duan Sheng Ye saw his son open his eyes and was silently relieved in his heart, but he rolled his eyes. “This brat is once again pretending to faint to scare lao zi*!”

[*T/N: 老子 lao zi is used as a pronoun and means “I, your father” usually said arrogantly or out of anger. In this case, the speaker is actually the father. Haha. I don’t actually see that often in stories.]

But his tone still became milder. “Whether you agree or disagree, tomorrow you’re leaving Yan City! I already alerted the people over there. You’re going to start from the grassroots level and work your way up. You can pick the department yourself.”

Duan Shu Tong figured out the situation and slowly got up from the floor.

He was clearly aware that this was something that happened in the original work, but the original host did not follow his father’s arrangements.

Duan Shu Tong did not know why he would transmigrate into this world after his death, but he didn’t want to be like the original host and fight with two other men over one woman.

He quickly made a decision. “Okay, I’ll go. But-”

Father Duan glared at him. “But, what but?!”

“My driver’s license was temporarily suspended, so I can’t drive myself over there.” Duan Shu Tong thickened his skin to bargain. “How about arranging a driver…”

The original host was fined for drunk driving, and somehow bafflingly became a hot topic on the Internet. A lot of netizens were roasting this fu er dai* for being egotistic and reckless, and not abiding by traffic regulations.

[*T/N: 富二代 fu er dai – children of entrepreneurs who became wealthy under Deng Xiao Ping’s economic reforms in the 1980s]

It was because of that incident that Father Duan became this angry—so shameful!

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