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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 11

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Chapter 11 – Breakfast Delivery

Duan Shu Tong walked towards the back seat of the car.

Xi Duan lowered the window. His face had no expression. He was always like this. People who knew him were used to it.

“Uncle Xi, you brought me over yesterday and had Brother Liu help drive me to buy things. I don’t have anything to thank you with. This morning, I had extra congee and dim sum, so I put them in a thermos bucket. Find some time to eat and pad your stomachs.”

As Duan Shu Tong said this, he passed over three insulated containers.

Not eating in the morning was really harmful to the body. Looking at these three people, their complexions were not very good.

He had bought the insulation containers yesterday at the supermarket. When he returned home, he used hot water to disinfect and clean them.

It was not that Xi Duan did not let Cen Ning and Xiao Liu eat, but they just had to finish taking care of their work before taking time out to eat. Xiao Liu was the driver, so once he delivered them to their destination, he could eat freely.

But the concern in the youth’s eyes made people unable to refuse. He put down the file in his hands, reached out, and took the thermoses. His expression was milder. “Thank you. Hair cut?”

Duan Shu Tong nodded with a smile. “It’s better to have it short for research and development.” He waved. “Be careful on the road.”

As the car moved further away, Xiao Liu glanced at Duan Shu Tong from the rearview mirror and couldn’t help saying a fair sentence: “Young Master Duan doesn’t seem to be as bad as people say.”

Xi Duan might look hard to get close to, but he was not harsh on his employees. Xiao Liu has been with him for a long time and could chat casually.

Cen Ning teased: “He won you over with one breakfast meal?”

Xiao Liu was not afraid at all and smiled. “That is not the case. I went shopping with Young Master Duan yesterday. I feel like he will take care of people.”

He had seen many sons of rich families, but he had never met one like Young Master Duan.

Which young master would think of delivering breakfast early in the morning? And he had packaged three portions in warming containers.

“Haha. He is indeed easier to get along with than the rumors say.” Cen Ning responded with a smile. “And he changed his hairstyle. It looks quite different from before.”

Xi Duan’s cold tone broke the chatty atmosphere. “Assistant Cen, you said that you have some classmates at the Spring and Autumn Hall. Take the time to ask about the situation. If Duan… if he has any difficulties, pay attention to it.”

The meaning of these words, clearly he intended to support Young Master Duan, ah.

Cen Ning knew that the Duan family and the Xi family had a good relationship, but he never thought that his family’s emotionless President Xi would actively say that he would help.

The relationship network in a county was comparatively close. It was very easy for people within a company to gather together to seek warmth.

Young Master Duan, such a big Buddha, has fallen abruptly from the sky. It didn’t matter if the management level cupped him in their palms like a tender jewel, but there was fear of him getting bullied.

Young Master Duan was a novice to the workplace, it was quite possible that he would be swindled by some old fox and still help the other party count the money*.

[*T/N: You get swindled and also help the other person count the money, means you got super duper duped.]

In any case, the sky was high and the emperor was far away*. How could Chairman Duan manage so much?

[*T/N: “the sky was high and the emperor was far away” – idiom meaning “remote places are beyond the reach of the central government.” More precisely, in this case, Chairman Duan is far away in Yan City and won’t be able to help Duan Shu Tong.]

“Rest assured, President Xi. I will contact them.”

After two hours of busy work in the morning, he returned to the temporary office. When Xi Duan got off the car, he paused for a few seconds, and in the end he took the thermos inside the office with him.

There were only two insulated containers left. While they were working, Xiao Liu had already eaten one of them, and he ate it very cleanly.

According to him, the congee was cooked just right and it was super appetizing.

When they got to the office, Cen Ning took one of the insulated containers and went out to eat with all smiles.

Xi Duan opened the lid of the container while answering the phone.

The performance of the thermos was good. After two hours, the congee was still hot and the temperature was just right for eating.

The white congee was dotted with greens and lean meat. It was soft and fragrant on the tongue. The empty and desolate stomach enthusiastically welcomed the incoming infrequent visitor, and the joyful emotions spread to the brain.

Xi Duan’s cold expression softened instantly.

The image of the youth’s concerned eyes flashed in his head and he felt that the congee was even more fragrant.

[Vanilla Muse: The way to a person’s heart is through their stomach! XD ]

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