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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 13

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Chapter 13 – Career Start

Duan Shu Tong had a lot of skin care formulas in his mind, which he had developed by himself in his previous life. He once pressured many high-end brands and became a dark horse in the field of skin care products.

But that was just something he did when he was bored. He did not specialize in the field of skin care products.

Since the Spring and Autumn Hall now focused on skin care products, he would start with skin care products to change the Spring and Autumn Hall’s current debt situation and make it enter a profitable period to provide a funding base for future research projects.

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As for looking for the Duan family to invest, Duan Shu Tong never thought about it.

He stayed in the laboratory all day, and he even needed Zhou Ling to call him for lunch. Zhou Ling was his assistant now.

After work at five o’ clock in the evening, the people in the chat group all texted Zhou Ling.

[How is Director Duan? What did he do today? Is he really researching or is he sleeping?]

[Did he scold anybody? I heard that Young Master Duan has a bad temper.]

[This kind of young master is really annoying. Fortunately, he did not choose me.]

Zhou Ling: “…”

She didn’t respond to the group chat. Anyway, she thought Director Duan was pretty good.

She much preferred being with Director Duan than with the coworkers who called her “ugly girl.”

[T/N: 恐龙妹 – literal meaning is something like “fearful dragon girl,” but it is slang for “ugly girl”]

At least he did not scold people, and when he looked at her he did not avert his eyes out of dislike.

Thinking of the acne and freckles on her face, Zhou Ling’s head bowed even lower.

Duan Shu Tong spent a day researching the products of the Spring and Autumn Hall and the popular skincare products of this world. As a result, he found that the effects of the Spring and Autumn Hall’s products were far inferior compared to others.

However, there was still a gap between this world’s high-end luxury skin care products and the world in which he lived in before.

He intended to declare the project to the company tomorrow.

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Because the research was so fascinating, Duan Shu Tong did not touch his mobile phone for the day. On his way home to cook dumplings, he opened WeChat.

There was actually a lot of texts.

Dear Mom*: Tong Tong, are you used to living there? Is the money enough? Is anyone at the company bullying you?

[*T/N: 亲爱的老妈 – The original host actually nicknamed his mother “Dear Mom” in his phone. The first part of the nickname means “dear / beloved / darling” and the second part means “mother / mom”]

His fingers typed a reply at lightning speed: It’s good here. The money is enough. The company is also very good.

Fierce Dad*: I heard that you have been in the laboratory all day today. Work hard, and learn more from other.

[*T/N: 凶凶的老爸 – what it says on the tin: “Fierce Dad”]

He responded: OK.

At the same time he removed the word “Fierce” from the nickname.

Liu Zhi Fei: Thank you for the breakfast, Young Master Duan. The congee was very, very delicious! [Smile] [Smile] [Smile]

Duan Shu Tong stared at the three smiling faces for a few seconds, wondering whether it was mockery or praise.

Every time he saw this smiling expression, he always got the feeling that it was smiling insincerely.

He replied: Brother Liu, you’re welcome.

Yesterday, when he went shopping with Liu Zhi Fei, the two had a very good chat, so they added each other on WeChat.

He exited the chat interface and continued to process the messages.

Assistant Cen: Young Master Duan’s congee is awesome, and we ate all three portions clean. The thermoses have been washed. I will send it over to Young Master Duan whenever it’s convenient for you.

Receiving other people’s affirmation, Duan Shu Tong was in a good mood and replied with a smile: I work from nine to five. The rest of the time I am mostly at home. I’m fine with whenever it is convenient for you.

Cen Ning replied back in a second: OK.

The water in the pot has boiled. Duan Shu Tong put down his phone and placed the dumplings in the pot. He couldn’t help but sigh. It was really boring to eat alone.

He lived to his thirties before. Due to his busy work life, he was never able to find a companion. He never expected to be a playboy after death.

But as he could see from the original host’s memories, this playboy was just a playboy in name and not in reality.

It was true that he changed girlfriends every month, but it was all fun and games, just to attract his family’s attention.

In Duan Shu Tong’s view, the original host was like a child who has not grown up. He didn’t want to prove himself all the time, so he found the value of his existence in Pei Ruo Wei and became increasingly addicted to it.

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Every time after helping Pei Ruo Wei solve a problem, he was full of a sense of accomplishment. Compared to Father Duan’s eyes that looked at him as if hating iron for not becoming steel, Pei Ruo Wei’s reliant and grateful gaze was enough to make him ascend to heaven.

Dear Mom: That’s good then. The weather is getting hotter. You’re afraid of the heat and you’re greedy for cold. Do not turn the air conditioner on too low. Remember to cover yourself with a quilt at night, and don’t freeze.

Duan Shu Tong’s lips curved up. In the past, for him the love of a family member was a luxury item; moreover it was a limited edition luxury item.

He typed back: Noted, Mom.

After eating dumplings, he was preparing the application materials for the project in the study when he received a message from Cen Ning.

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