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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 15

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Chapter 15 – New Product Development

In the data room of the R&D Department, Duan Shu Tong and He Run sat opposite each other.

The more pages he turned in the proposal, the more solemn He Run looked. He pondered the contents of the project while glancing at Duan Shu Tong.

Finally he turned to the last page, and then he said hesitantly: “The report says that this product can shorten the skin metabolism cycle without any side effects. I have been in the business for ten years. In my opinion, this is impossible.”

In He Run’s view, the contents of Duan Shu Tong declaration report were very exciting. It was very incredible, but the success rate was less than one percent.

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He was planning to veto it when he heard Duan Shu Tong say: “R&D is to make the impossible possible. This is a brand new technical idea. Why not try it?”

Duan Shu Tong knew that such a product was incredible for people in this world, but he had confidence in a product that had already been verified in his previous life.

He Run looked down.

Forget it.

He’s been in this business for ten years and he’s already accustomed to the strong attitudes of these “crown prince” types. Even if he didn’t agree, in the end he still had to agree.

He did not say more. He signed his approval on the paper, got up, and went to the general manager’s office.

The project application was very smooth. Duan Shu Tong obtained some research funds and applied for sufficient research materials with the company to start his days in the laboratory.

His team was still just Zhou Ling.

Although Zhou Ling lacked experience, she worked hard and was willing to learn. Duan Shu Tong gradually felt relieved with giving her more tasks to handle.

She was like a shadow by his side. No matter what Duan Shu Tong asked her to do, she would complete it beautifully.

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Before, she was the lowest existence in the R&D Department. Her work consisted of odd jobs. She did all sorts of chores, learned nothing, and was being secretly excluded.

Regardless of wind or rain, Zhou Ling liked to spend time with Director Duan in the lab, enjoying the tranquility of this space.

Compared with the intensification of Lab No. 2, Lab No. 1 was much more relaxed.

Only He Run was cautious and conscientious everyday.

It was not that he did not want to manage them. It was because there were too few controls here. Most of them came here just to idle away their time.

He Run also wanted to support the younger generation, but the younger generation did not accept his good intentions, and gradually, he did not do anything that offended people.

The days whooshed past and soon it was the end of June. The climate in Lin Nan Province became hotter and hotter.

On the way back to the laboratory from the cafeteria, Zhou Ling was sweating buckets. She had a sweaty physique. She was born like this. There was no helping it.

In addition, some of the pimples on her face had popped and there was some pus mixed in with the sweat. It was sticky and annoying.

She bowed her shoulders all the way, fearing that someone would see her own embarrassment. She rushed to the bathroom, intending to wash her face.

The mirror above the sink was very clean, and it clearly showed all the acne and freckles on her face. In a split second, she developed an extreme aversion to herself.

Because of this face, ever since the start of puberty, she only received maliciousness from people of the opposite sex, and ridicule or disdain from people of the same sex.

She had no friends, and things like young love had nothing to do with her.

Every night when she went to bed, the laughter and repulsive looks from the daytime would flash through her mind, making her sleepless and restless all night long.

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No matter how many hospitals she’s visited to or how many different doctors she’s been to, this face still accompanied her till this day.

Inferiority complex, nausea, disgust, despair, and other negative emotions flooded her chest. She couldn’t help scrubbing at the water on her face with paper. How she wished she could scrub away those disgusting and inflamed pimples too.

At this moment, chattering voices drifted over to her from the men’s bathroom next door.

“It’s so hot these days. Let’s go back to the laboratory after smoking. At least there is air conditioning there.”

“Who said it’s not hot? Having the weather be so annoying is already enough. But there are some people who make it hard to swallow. You don’t know, but I was just eating in the cafeteria and I accidentally saw Zhou Ling’s face. I almost couldn’t eat anymore. So disgusting.”

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  1. Since its part of the story I know MC will help her with her acne…but its so unbelievable that no doctor recommended her to go on acutane or check if its a hormonal problem lol

  2. MC: How dare you just blindly approve my project. You have real skills and you’re my boss, don’t go easy on me and tell me if this project meets your standards.

    He Run: It doesn’t meet my standards.

    MC: No not like that.

    1. But his standards were just to take 0 risks but r n d is about taking measuredrisks to advance n make the impossible possible.

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