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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 2

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Chapter 2 – Male Lead 3, Giving You an Opportunity

“The company has no idlers!” Duan Father disapproved of his arrogant extravagance, but also did not have the heart to tell him to take the train there. He could only wave his hand, and said, “It just so happens that the Xi family’s xiao shu* is also going over there for an inspection. I will give him a heads up. You can ride along with him, and also learn well from him!”

[*T/N: 小叔 xiao shu – husband’s younger brother / brother-in-law]

The Xi family and Duan family could be considered long time family friends. The current head of the Xi family was of the same generation as Duan Father. Duan Shu Tong naturally had to call him uncle.
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Duan Shu Tong thought for a moment. He remembered that the third male lead, the one that never got married for life, was precisely surnamed Xi. Furthermore, for someone to make Duan Father express his admiration for, except for the third male lead, there could be no one else.

Duan Shu Tong said that he did not mind. As long as he got a car ride there, then it was fine.

“Scram, rascal.” Duan Father couldn’t bear to look at his stupid son again.

Duan Shu Tong left the office building. In June, the hot wind made one dizzy. He stood outside the office building for a minute. After he more or less digested the original host’s memories he got ready to leave.

The young security guard at the security kiosk watched him get in a taxi, and then immediately pulled out his cell phone. He happily typed in the chat group.

Security – Xiao Zheng: First-hand news! The second prince is gone!

Leaving the office building during work hours. If this wasn’t being dismiss, then what else could it be? After all, the marketing department did not have any outside assignments at the moment.

In the chat group, there were fireworks (of celebration), and there were also some who remained mum.

But in general, Duan Shu Tong’s dismissal was undoubtedly a cardiac stimulant for the company employees. Every one of them was a hardworking social animal. It was fine for them to charge and break through enemy lines for a capable boss, but for them to work for an incapable person like Duan Shu Tong, that really did not feel good.

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It was said that Duan Shu Tong had nothing to do in the marketing department every day, and he liked to flirt with girls on his phone.

In the last six months, apparently the prodigal son returned and took a fancy to a young woman, chasing after her every day, as if he had met his true love, and he even got into a fight with the young woman’s other pursuer.

Of course, rumors were only rumors, and the specifics of the matter had yet to be verified.

There was a wave in the chat group, and Duan Shu Tong’s mind was in chaotic confusion.

He thought that he would be reduced to ash at this point, but he didn’t expect that the heavens would give him preferential treatment and allow him to be reborn anew.

Was this a reward for the people he had saved in his previous life?

“Youngster, where are you going?” The taxi driver asked him. He had a bit of an accent.

Duan Shu Tong drew out from his memories and was about to report his original address, when his cell phone rang all of a sudden. He picked up the call.

A few seconds later, he frowned slightly and said to the taxi driver: “Go to the second hospital.”

It was currently work hours and there were no cars on the road. The taxi driver took shortcuts and rapidly drove Duan Shu Tong to the hospital.

He found the hospital ward that the nurse on the phone told him about. He pushed open the door and entered. Just then, the nurse was adjusting the intravenous infusion speed for the patient.

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Hearing him come in, the nurse looked up and her eyes instantly lit up. Such a highly attractive handsome guy was really rare!

“Are you perhaps Mr. Duan?” The nurse politely said, “This lady suddenly fainted on the road and was taken to the hospital. The recent contact on her phone was you, so…”

It wasn’t that she didn’t try to look for contact information for the patient’s relatives on her phone, but regretfully, she couldn’t find any.

Duan Shu Tong bowed his head, “Thank you. Is there a fee to pay?”

Under the nurse’s instructions, he turned and left the ward. He couldn’t help but think that he really was the second male lead. The female lead had an accident, and he was somehow immediately notified, so that he could rush over to guard her.

If the original host of the body were still present, then he would definitely stay by her side with a distressed heart.

Duan Shu Tong did not intend to do this. Helping the female lead, Pei Ruo Wei, pay for the hospital fee was already done. As for accompanying the female lead, let the male lead do it… No, no, no. That’s no good right now.

The male lead had a fiancée. He did not want to be the one that broke up other people’s relationships.

Then that left only the third male lead.

In the original story, after the male lead and female lead got married, the third male lead made it clear that he would never marry for life. This kind of deep love made Duan Shu Tong could not help but be biased towards him.

Just as he was about to give the third male lead a call, he received an incoming call.

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