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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 20

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Chapter 20 – Is Director Duan a Deity?

In a small neighborhood not far from the Spring and Autumn Hall.

He Zhen walked home with a vegetable basket. Along the road, when she met a woman from the same community as her, she would stop and exchange a few words.

She had a good-natured appearance and would rarely get into embarrassment with other people. Within the neighborhood, her relationships with other people were pretty good. But no matter how good her relationships were with others, there would still be some enemies that were mutually unpleasant to the eye.

As a matter of fact, she just arrived at the elevator and she ran right into her sworn enemy.

It was a woman in her forties with her hair ironed into thin curls. She wore a flowery skirt and there was also a red kerchief around her neck. There was make up on her face. She was really dressed up.

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He Zhen did not say a word. She kept her eyes on her toes.

What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.

“Aiya, went shopping again?” The other party suddenly turned her head over. Her lips were extremely exaggerated by lipstick.

He Zhen kept her face blank and hummed once in reply. She knew what the woman wanted to say next, but she did not wish to acknowledge her.

The elevator door opened, and she walked in first.

“I say, your family’s Ling Ling is already twenty-five years old, right? Looking at any matches, yet?”

He Zhen: “…”

Wasn’t it just because she managed to get a good son-in-law? What the heck was she floating around for?

“Looking like this and doesn’t have a match. How about I help introduce you to some? However, Ling Ling’s educational background might be good, but her face lacks vitality. I’m afraid it would be hard to find someone…”

He Zhen: “Shut up!”

This woman was always saying bad things about her Ling Ling to the outside world. Oh, how she wished to tear that mouth right off her face!

“I’m just speaking the truth, why are you getting angry for?” The woman gave her a flippant glance. “If it weren’t for being neighbors for more than twenty years, then who would be willing to help her find a partner? You don’t know the good will of people!”

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When the elevator arrived at her floor, He Zhen went out without looking at her.

She had to admit that the woman’s words really hit her sore spot. In her eyes, her family’s Ling Ling was good everywhere, but that face was really unflattering, alas!

After returning home, she saw that Zhou Ling’s door was closed. She knocked on the door.

“Ling Ling, ah, it’s almost summer vacation. Your uncle called and asked, can you help tutor your younger brother*?”

[*T/N: Not actual brother 弟, but a cousin 表弟. The author might have forgotten to type the character in front, but since the Chinese can even call non-blood related people “younger brother, older brother, etc” without it being weird, I decided to leave it be.]

Zhou Ling opened the door. There was something unknown painted on her face. The cherry-colored skin cream covered the area under her nose and other areas, and some of the cream was accidentally applied to her pimples.

“Mom, I don’t want to go. Every time my cousin sees me, he would say that I make him feel sick.” Zhou Ling frowned.

And what about her uncle? Could her uncle let his son just insult his sister’s daughter like this?

He Zhen also knew that it was not easy for her daughter. Her heart felt distressed.

“Then don’t go. But what did you put on your face? Don’t mess around with things, what if…”

Zhou Ling took her arm and pulled her to the kitchen, interrupting her, “Mom, let’s tend to the vegetables together. Don’t talk about my face anymore, all right?”

She was experimenting with the new product and it felt very comfortable on her face. Up till now, there was no irritation. Instead, it felt like a cool breeze blowing on her face, and her nose was filled with a light fragrance.

Since Zhou Ling did not want to talk about it anymore, naturally He Zhen would not mention it again.

Zhou Ling insisted on applying the cream morning and night. At first, she didn’t pay it much mind, and He Zhen also did not look at her face carefully. Up until Sunday night, Zhou Ling had just finished her shower and was putting on clothes when she glanced at her face in the mirror and she suddenly froze.

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She leaned in towards the mirror and looked at it for more than ten seconds. Then she ran like crazy to look for He Zhen. She pointed at her face.

“Mom! Come and see. Has my face gotten better? Has it?!”

Under her daughter’s expectant gaze, He Zhen looked at her face and was startled.

“Better, it does seem to have gotten a bit better.”

Zhou Ling was overjoyed at the unexpected good news. Her eyes were sparkling. “Where is it better?”

“Is it because of the light, the spots seem to be a little lighter, and the acne has reduced a lot.”

Zhou Ling: “Our family turns on the lights every night, but I haven’t seen you saying my face got better.”

She suddenly remembered that the new product focused on the direction of lightening spots, but it was not worse than other products in the standard of other directions of skincare.

Was Director Duan a deity? Although she knew the effects would be fast, she did not know that it would be this fast!

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