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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 21

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Chapter 21 – Battle With the Male Lead 

When Zhou Ling went to work on Monday morning, she wore a medical mask and kept her head down all the way to Lab No. 2. When she saw Duan Shu Tong in front of the experiment table, her eyes were bright with excitement and pleasant surprise.

She took off her mask, her eyes bent into crescents, “Director Duan, look at my face!”

Duan Shu Tong turned his head around and looked over her face for a moment. He didn’t seem too surprised. He gently nodded and said, “Keep applying it. It will get better and better in the future.”

If it weren’t because of the restrictions due to his current situation, then he could actually make a specialized skincare product for Zhou Ling.

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Everyone’s skin quality was different. Using a skincare product most suitable to one’s skin would yield the best results.

Zhou Ling nodded with her face full of admiration. “You’re so amazing! At this speed, my face will be much better in a week.”

Duan Shu Tong thought for a bit. “Then let’s wait until Friday to submit the report.”

As long as there was strong evidence for the efficacy of this product, then Zhai Jun will see the potential value of this new product, and thus increase investment and publicity.

Over the next few days, Duan Shu Tong finished up the odds and ends of his work, and started to formulate a research plan for the next product.

On Thursday night, he suddenly received a call from Pei Ruo Wei’s close female friend, Sun Qi.

“Young Master Duan, may I ask you have Wei Wei looked for you?” There was a slight tremble to the girl’s voice.

Duan Shu Tong: “No. What happened?”

Sun Qi burst into tears, “She’s gone. I don’t know where she went. Her mood has been bad these days, wu wu…”

[T/N: wu wu – onomatopoeia for whimpering or crying]

“First, don’t cry, make it clear. When did you notice she was missing? What did she bring with her?”

Pei Ruo Wei and Sun Qi were university roommates, and they shared a house together after graduation. Their relationship was very close.

Sun Qi knew that Duan Shu Tong liked Pei Ruo Wei. Duan Shu Tong’s character was friendlier than Li Xiao, so when something went wrong, she would immediately ask Duan Shu Tong for help.

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Duan Shu Tong naturally would not just sit back and watch. His calmness influenced Sun Qi, and gradually her rationality returned.

“When I got off work at night, she first transferred the rent for the next few months to me, and then she sent me a message saying that she was not staying in Yan City. By the time I got back, she was not at home anymore.”

Duan Shu Tong: “Before that, was there anything abnormal with her?”

“Let me think.” Sun Qi’s voice shook a little. “Oh, yes, after she resigned from the Li family, she had plans to look for another job, but she had yet to go in for an interview. I also overheard her phone call with President Li. The two quarreled and it was quite ferocious and terrible. Also, the day before yesterday, she was not feeling well and vomited badly. She went to the hospital, and after coming back from the hospital, something was not right…”

Sun Qi still speaking incessantly, but Duan Shu Tong’s brows were tightly furrowed.

The original book only mentioned the female lead vomiting once. After going to the hospital, she found out that she was pregnant.

He couldn’t remember when the pregnancy happened. Was Pei Ruo Wei already pregnant?

In the original book, the female lead found out that she was pregnant before getting married, and she took a great psychological hit, so she sought the second male lead for help. At that time, she and the male lead were a harmonious couple. They were scared, but more than that, they were looking forward to the new life growing in her belly.

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But things were different now. She left the male lead. Perhaps the reason she couldn’t find a job was also related to the male lead. Under these circumstances, the news of her pregnancy must have been unbearable to her mentality.

Choosing to leave her former residence for a new environment was completely understandable.

No matter the reason, a pregnant woman was alone. It was impossible for Duan Shu Tong to look on without lifting a finger.

“Where is her hometown?”

Sun Qi blanked. “I not too sure. I heard her mention it before. It seems to be in Lin Nan Province, but I don’t remember the specific place.”

“En. I understand. I will look into it.”

After hanging up the phone, Duan Shu Tong immediately sent a message to Pei Ruo Wei: There was a problem at work. I would like to ask for your advice.

He knew that the female lead was kindhearted. She might respond if she saw such a request.

He didn’t have much hope in that gamble, but unexpectedly, Pei Ruo Wei actually responded.

Pei Ruo Wei: What is it?

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  1. I didn’t expect this plot point, but it’s Intresting. I like such a steadfast and strong willed FM. Wish her all the best ?
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    1. Same thought here! I MTL’ed the initial chapters of this story to see if it might be something I would be interested in picking up, and seeing that the FL in this BL novel was decisive like her was a big contributing factor to me picking this up. It’s so refreshing to read.

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