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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 28

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Chapter 28 – Investment Acquired

Zhai Jun hadn’t gone far yet. When he received Duan Shu Tong’s call, he was still very confused.

He was even more confused when he heard what he had to say.

“You need ten bottles urgently? But right now, asides from the product itself, there are still other things to do, for instance, the merchandise packaging, the price, and such, all need to be discussed.”

“I am in a hurry. The shape design has been finalized. I can handle the production of ten bottles by myself. Don’t worry about the price. These ten bottles are not meant to be sold.” Duan Shu Tong was resolute in his decision. “Right now, I only need someone to make ten of them according to a set design. That shouldn’t be too hard, right?”

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The Spring and Autumn Hall produced so many skin care products every year, and the industry of external packaging was outsourced to professional manufacturers. Finding someone to make a few bottles urgently was a cinch.

Zhai Jun agreed after giving it a bit of thought.

He also wanted to see if this Young Master Duan from Yan City really had the ability to make an unexpected comeback.

After the matter was negotiated, Duan Shu Tong did not remain idle during the weekend. He stayed in the lab to make ten more bottles worth of the skin care product. The cooperating manufacturer was also very good, and delivered the beautiful bottles on Sunday afternoon.

Everything was ready, all they needed was an east wind*.

[*T/N: An idiom meaning they’re only lacking one tiny crucial item. In this case, a loan, or an opportunity that would get them the loan.]

Back to work on Monday, Duan Shu Tong and Zhai Jun went to a certain bank manager again.

Manager You was a little irritable when he saw them, and his expression was a bit cold. It was not that he won’t help, but he really did not have much faith in the Spring and Autumn Hall’s products.

The Spring and Autumn Hall had so many products in the market, but not one has made any big splashes.

Banks were not charitable organizations. They would not make an unprofitable business transaction.

Seeing the blatant refusal on Manager You’s face, Zhai Jun’s face flushed red and he sighed inwardly. He, the general manager of the Spring and Autumn Hall, really has no more face outside of the company.

Duan Shu Tong was not ashamed, and with an expression no different from usual he said: “Manager You doesn’t have to worry. Today, Manager Zhai and I came here uninvited, not for a loan, but to thank your bank for taking care of the Spring and Autumn Hall in the past. Please kindly accept this small gift.”

A rectangular gift box was pushed in front of Manager You.

Manager You was shocked for a second, and then he hurriedly waved his hand to refuse.

He wasn’t falling for this kind of trick!

Manager You was looking at him as if he were some beast. Duan Shu Tong couldn’t help but smile. He opened the gift box and revealed the smoke-like cherry pink bottle inside.

The product gave off the impression of bright and warm spring.

Manager You looked at him in surprise.

“This is a new product from the Spring and Autumn Hall, dedicated to female skin care, with comprehensive efficacy.” Duan Shu Tong paused upon seeing Manager You’s hesitating face and stopped trying to market the product. “It’s just a small gift, not a tribute*.”

[*T/N: 小小礼物,不成敬意 “It’s just a small gift, not a tribute.” – This is a set polite phrase that can be used when presenting a gift to someone. It usually has the connotation of presenting a low-level gift to a high-level person.]

Manager You: It really was an ordinary gift that could not be any more ordinary!

It just so happened that his wife’s birthday was in two days. He had no spare money in his pocket and couldn’t afford to buy anything nice.

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Although the Spring and Autumn Hall’s products never caused a splash in the market, the quality of the products was guaranteed and there were no side effects. Even if it were applied on the face it would not cause trouble.

The bottle was so beautiful. A man shouldn’t be scolded when giving this to his wife.

Thinking of this, he pretended to politely decline while accepting the gift. Then he said, “I really can’t make a decision on this. I can only help you apply for the loan.”

Next, Duan Shu Tong and Zhai Jun followed this set pattern of actions and sent the new product to the other bank managers.

On the way back to the company, Zhai Jun asked: “What are you going to do now?”

Duan Shu Tong replied calmly: “Wait.”

He had confidence in his products. As long as someone saw the potential of the new product, then the Spring and Autumn Hall could seize the opportunity.

After getting off work on Thursday, Manager You took out the delicate long box from the drawer and hurried home with a relaxed air.

Speaking of it, he had to thank Zhai Jun and that young man. If they had not delivered this in time, then he really did not know what gift to give his wife.

Roses have already been given too many times, and his wife was tired of them. Jewelry and such was also nothing new.

His wife had a frugal temperament. If he spent money on impractical things, he would probably be criticized.

Being a husband was not easy.

He returned home with anxiety and excitement, only to receive a WeChat message from his lord wife that said she had to work overtime.

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Now he had to eat dinner by himself.

It was a pity that Heaven was not cooperating*. This overtime lasted into the middle of the night.

[*T/N: things did not work out as planned]

Manager You couldn’t bear it anymore. He threw himself onto the bed and fell asleep.

The gift box laid quietly on the coffee table.

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