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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 31

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Chapter 31 – Dark Red is Also Red

“Spring and Autumn Hall is fucking ungrateful!” He stared intensely into the eyes of a few people, “Are you saying that we can only let others take advantage of us?”

Some people shrugged indifferently, and some people could not help but ask: “What else can we do? We’re the disadvantaged social group after all. You’re not going to go and apply for labor arbitration are you?”

Yuan Peng: “…” To be honest, he also knew in his heart that the Spring and Autumn Hall did not step over the line in this case.

The current Spring and Autumn Hall needed high-end talents, and he didn’t meet those requirements, so it’s normal for him to be dismissed.

“What labor arbitration? Such an arduous and thankless task!” Yuan Peng turned, walked a little further away, and snorted, “Duan Shu Tong gave me a hard time, so why can’t I complain?”

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He already had an idea in mind. It wasn’t good to say much more.

Just the day before the new product was launched, a post appeared on a popular skin care forum, which caused a heated discussion among the forum members.

It was posted under the nickname “Recovering Conscience.”

The title of the post was straightforward and shocking: False mud! Spring and Autumn Hall’s new product has quick results because it burns away youth!

For the people outside of Shan Quan County, Spring and Autumn Hall was a no name company.

For the locals inside of Shan Quan County, Spring and Autumn Hall already has a bad reputation.

Outsiders clicked into the post with doubts, wondering “what is this Spring and Autumn Hall?” Locals clicked into the post, surprised at the “quick results” part, while munching on popcorn.

By the time the staff of Spring and Autumn Hall discovered this post, it was already too late.

The people in the post were indignantly boycotting the Spring and Autumn Hall. Some were even discussing about the possibility of coming to the entrance of the Spring and Autumn Hall to protest.

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The staff member, who saw the provocative remarks in the post, shuddered.

He hurriedly reported to the department leader, and the leader reported to Zhai Jun.

Zhai Jun was not a fool. He read the contents of the post and realized that “Recovering Conscience” knew Spring and Autumn Hall well, which was why the forum members were so convinced by him.

The poster was likely to be an insider of the company.

Recovering Conscience: I really don’t want to harm people, but the new department leader has a powerful background, so I can only be angry, but dare not speak out.

Netizen 1: Hugs the original poster. What a black-hearted company with no conscience! You are right to leave. Thank you for taking the risk to tell us and resolutely resist Spring and Autumn Hall!

Netizen 2: Never heard of this Spring and Autumn Hall before. This isn’t a promotional tactic is it?

Netizen 3: Spring and Autumn Hall is a local company. It’s always been half dead. Recently they have been doing publicity. There are people in Moments* who have used it, and I heard that the results are surprisingly beautiful. I didn’t expect that the sequelae would be so terrifying. Fortunately, the original poster has a conscience.

[*T/N: 朋友圈 peng you quan – Moments (a social networking function of smartphone app WeChat)]

Recovering Conscience: Can’t just watch the young ladies get disfigure right? The new product is a scam! You must never buy it!

Zhai Jun: …

He asked Gao Fang: “Does Director Duan know about this matter?”

Gao Fang was about to answer, but he suddenly got up and said, “Never mind, I’ll go find him myself.” Then he clasped his hands behind his back and walked towards the R&D Department with a relaxed expression on his face.

Gao Fang: Why did it feel like Manager Zhai was actually quite happy? Did she read him wrong?

Zhai Jun was indeed very happy, because before the incident, Duan Shu Tong had already mentioned the probability of this kind of incident happening.

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With so many people from the R&D Department suddenly being fired, could those people not complain? If they wanted to vent their grievances, then naturally they would deliberately go online to discredit the company’s new product.

He still remembered what Duan Shu Tong said at the time: “Dark red is also red.”

Spring and Autumn Hall has always been calm and quiet, and has never received the slightest attention. If they wanted to get in the spotlight, then they could not be lacking in attention and site traffic.

If someone was willing to volunteer to do this in their place, then the Spring and Autumn Hall welcomed it wholeheartedly. Anyway, real gold was not afraid of fire. As for the effects of the new product, the masses will come to see the truth over time.

At first, Zhai Jun was quite worried, but when Duan Shu Tong said it like this, he also started to have a sense of anticipation for the upcoming bad rumors.

He really had to say these city folks really knew how to play games. They have a lot of ideas in their heads.

When he found Duan Shu Tong, the young man was leaning against the experimental platform and looking through the records, while Zhou Ling was bent over and conscientiously cleaning the utensils.

When he saw Zhai Jun coming over, Duan Shu Tong straightened up slightly, “Is something the matter, Manager Zhai?”

Zhai Jun smiled: “Someone is talking smack about us online.”

“Isn’t that quite good?” Duan Shu Tong didn’t pay attention to those little jokes. “The new product is going on the market today, and the sales figure might not look so good.”

Zhai Jun nodded. He understood this.

Based on the reputation of the Spring and Autumn Hall and the popularity of that post, the company’s new product will not be selling well in the short term.

He asked: “Just let the post ferment like this?”

Duan Shu Tong put down the record book, and pretended to say casually: “When it blackens to the depths, it will naturally flow red. Nowadays, counterattacking plots are popular. Wait for it to be awesome*.”

[*T/N: 真香 zhen xiang – awesome (expression of approval used hypocritically after bitching about the exact same thing earlier) (neologism c. 2014)]

Although he could predict it, he could not stop other people from posting. In order to stabilize the company’s morale, he could only comfort him like this. Instead of panicking with anger, it was better to settle down and wait for turnaround.

Moreover, in his previous life there were people willing to offer up large sums of money just to beseech him to buy his products, so naturally he would not lose in this world.

It was impossible for Zhai Jun to not be convinced by Duan Shu Tong’s imperious tone. Zhai Jun was about to continue speaking when the director of the Publicity Department suddenly ran over with an anxious expression: “Manager, big problem! A big microblogger reposted that forum post. We’re going to be nailed onto the pillar of disgrace!”

Zhai Jun’s first reaction was to look over at Duan Shu Tong.

Duan Shu Tong was still smiling beautifully: “This is a good thing. Does our company have an official blog? Let’s respond.”

Director of the Publicity Department: ??? What?

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