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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 32

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Chapter 32 – Market Response

Feng Ran was a very renowned blogger for beauty and skincare on Weibo. She has millions of fans. Just the traffic to her Weibo account alone was something that could not be underestimated.

She regularly paid attention to skin care related topics, and as luck would have it she saw the post by “Recovering Conscience,” because the poster’s way of speaking had a high degree of credibility. She had also used products from the Spring and Autumn Hall before, so she preemptively judged that even if what the poster said wasn’t a hundred percent real, then at least eighty percent of it should be real.

By chance, there were no new developments lately, so Feng Ran posted a website link on Weibo to state her position on the matter: “I’ve tried their products before. There weren’t much results.”

Fans flocked to the website to read the news. After reading it, they commented underneath. Most of the comments were insults towards black-hearted businessmen. Even passer-bys who saw the comments developed ill will towards the Spring and Autumn Hall.

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Feng Ran was not the only skincare blogger. She incited the topic, and other bloggers naturally followed suit to express their opinions.

Most of them thought that the promotion of the Spring and Autumn Hall’s new product was full of corrupt money.

These people specialized in skincare, and they have a say for practically all products on the market. Now that they are clearly saying that the Spring and Autumn Hall’s products are no good, the fans are not even a wee bit skeptical. This was also because consumers and black-hearted businessmen were natural enemies, therefore, all the scolding made the Spring and Autumn Hall into one of the hottest topics on the internet in a very short amount of time!

Things were getting more and more intense online, even those who don’t pay attention to skincare have joined the discussion. They went from talking about the Spring and Autumn Hall’s new product to the harmfulness of black-hearted businessmen on society. They portrayed an attitude of caring for the country and the common people.

Feng Ran never thought that her Weibo could be a popular search query. Seeing the words popping up on the search bar, her first reaction was excitement, and her second reaction was could there be someone leading the rhythm?

That shouldn’t be the case, right? Who would be paying attention to a small and unknown brand like the Spring and Autumn Hall?

Just when she was looking through the netizens’ comments, the Spring and Autumn Hall’s official blog finally made a move.

Duan Shu Tong asked the director of the Publicity Department to forward Fang Ran’s weibo, and respond: “No investigation, no right to speak. Also, new product is already on the market. You’re welcome to purchase it.”

Attached were the official website’s purchase address and a beautiful image of the new Spring Flower No. 1 product.

There was also a review from a certain government-approved appraisal organization.

The review said: Spring Flower No. 1 is harmless to the human body.

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Regarding the name, “Spring Flower” was rejected by the high-level officials, who thought the name was too random.

Duan Shu Tong thought that it was not important whether the name sounded good or not, as long as it was easy to remember. And “Spring Flower” fit the theme in his opinion.

Someone asked what “No. 1” meant. Duan Shu Tong stated that in his plan, Spring Flower was a series, and No. 2, No. 3, and even No. N might follow.

Everyone: …

Forget it. Spring Flower No. 1 was independently developed by Duan Shu Tong, and he has the absolute right to name it.

After the official blog made its statement, it caused heated discussions among the netizens. Many people flooded to the official blog to leave messages, insulting the company extremely badly, but a few people thought that the Spring and Autumn Hall was right.

It was irresponsible to speak without investigation, and the product was strictly tested before it went on the market. If there were real side effects, how could it go on the market?

A very small number of people were directly captured by the shape of the bottle, calling it a beautiful dream and wanting to buy it.

After they clicked into the online shopping address, they were dumbfounded.

The price was 666!

[*T/N: In Chinese, 666 is a homonym for “slick, slick, slick,” which means awesome.]

@#$^%&*! This was too black-hearted! Rumor has it that the quality was not good, but it’s also this expensive! A reasonably priced set of products was only three or four hundred! Were they selling the bottle or the product?!

The netizens who felt like they were made a fool of were incensed.

Translations by Vanilla Muse.

Seeing the situation, Feng Ran had to roll up her sleeves and go up to battle.

She prided herself on justice and was determined to seek justice for the netizens. She was going to leave the Spring and Autumn Hall with nothing left to say.

Thus, she composed her Weibo respond: “Don’t fight for money, fight for justice. I plan to buy a bottle and personally investigate this. @Spring and Autumn Hall really is 666.”

Who didn’t know how to taunt?

Countless people applauded, eager to sit and wait for Feng Ran to slap the Spring and Autumn Hall in the face.

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