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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 34

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Chapter 34 – Market Response

During the interval when he went to the restroom, Cen Ning gave He Run a call.

“Senior [from school], I see that your company is a hot search [online].”

“En, it’s not a big deal.”

Listening to his calm tone, Cen Ning finally believed that this hot search was really nothing, and directly asked: “Your new product is really as advertised?”

He was afraid that the female colleagues who received the gift would disdain President Xi’s taste.

He Run: “Director Duan completed this project independently, so I am not sure about the details.” He paused, “But it is certain that there are no side effects.”

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Before a product could be put on the market, it needed to be subject to rigorous testing, and there were no sequelae like what was mentioned in the post.

Cen Ning finally felt completely at ease. That’s good.

He didn’t understand the way of skin care products. In his opinion, everything applied [on the face] was the same. There was no difference in the various skin care products on the market.

Moreover, procuring the products needed time. Thinking up of a reason to give out the products as company benefits also needed time. During this time, he could observe the effects of the cream through that Feng Ran’s live broadcast.

Feng Ran’s live broadcast was scheduled at eleven o’ clock every night.

The goods arrived the day after she placed the order. She washed her face that night and opened up the live broadcast room on time at eleven o’ clock.

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Tens of thousands of fans poured in at the same time, and the bullet screen* was so overloaded that it appeared to be unresponsive.

[*T/N: 弹幕 bullet screen – a function which allows viewers to post on-screen comments in videos, movies, etc, in real time]

Seeing the increasing number of fans in the live broadcast room, Feng Ran felt a little excited. She opened the sealed box in front of the fans. At first, the audience in the live broadcast room was amazed by the beautiful packaging box.

However, many people made cynical remarks.

“The money is all on the packaging, it’s really inverting root and branch*!”

[*T/N: “to invert root and branch” is an idiom meaning to confuse cause and effect / to stress the incidental over the fundamental / to put the cart before the horse]

“Black-hearted merchants think that it’s okay as long as the packaging is beautiful? Skin care products are not about the appearance, but the quality. Their brains must have been gobbled up by dogs.”

Feng Ran glanced at the bullet screen, and did not comment.

Next, she opened the box, took out Spring Flower No 1, and held it up beside her face to give the audience a three hundred and sixty degrees view.

“I have to say, the bottle is so dreamy!”

“To be honest, I want to collect that bottle.”

“What’s the use of a beautiful bottle? I still say the same thing. The effect is the most important. If you think the bottle looks good then scram. Also, this naming sense is really something!”

Feng Ran still did not make a comment, although in her heart she also liked the bottle.

This bottle was really designed with a girl’s heart in mind.

Opening the lid, she stretched out her hand to squeeze out an appropriate amount of cherry pink cream and placed it on her palm.

At the same time, she brought her face close to the camera, pointed to a small amount of freckles around her eyes and on both sides of her nose, and laughed at herself: “I didn’t dare to get so close before. This time I’m going for broke. Don’t disdain me for being ugly.”

“It’s not ugly at all! [Your] face without makeup is super good looking!”

“If you call this ugly then I must be the most hideous being on earth.”

“Freckles are very sexy, Ran baobao don’t undervalue yourself!”

[T/N: 宝 bao means “jewel, treasure, or precious” or it can come from 宝贝 bao bei meaning “treasured object, darling, baby, or cowry”]

After getting the response she wanted, Feng Ran applied the cream to her face, evenly spreading it little by little. As she applied the cream she gave her impression of the product: “It’s a bit refreshing, not very greasy, quite moist, cool, and scented. Not bad.”

This evaluation was commonplace, and it was true of many skin care products.

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After applying it evenly, she then said: “I will be broadcasting this for one week. Before applying this, I have already taken a selfie. Then one week later I will take another selfie to see the contrast effect.”

After saying goodnight to the fans, Feng Ran turned off her phone and went to bed to sleep.

Normally, she was prone to insomnia. She thought it would be the same tonight, but when the fragrance of the cream lingered on the tip of her nose, she felt a little sleepy.

En, it must be because she was too tired today.

Early the next morning, Feng Ran got up to wash her face, and was shocked when she saw herself in the mirror.

It seemed like her skin had gain more luster overnight.

It must be because she had a good sleep last night, en, it must be so!

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