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ML 2 and ML 3 Happy Ending! 35

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Chapter 35 – Sales Surge

On the second day of the new product launch, Zhai Jun looked at the sales statistics. His brows weren’t very tranquil.

But one deserved to be a little pleasantly surprised. Although the offline sales were low, the online sales were quite good.

They must have brushed up against the site traffic luck.

“Have you found out who the original poster is?” Duan Shu Tong asked.

The number of page views and reposts fo that post was very impressive. The post has been smearing the Spring and Autumn Hall’s good name and it was full of foul language. Naturally, the Spring and Autumn Hall could not sit on their hands like idle ducks.

Once the rumors reached a certain amount, the police could intervene.

With the police on their side, it was easy to find out the identity of the original poster.

Zhai Jun nodded, “I was just about to talk about this. The poster is called Yuan Peng. He was previously a member of the R&D Department. He was fired a few days ago. He probably felt resentful and posted this online to slander us.”

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“So it’s like that, huh.” Duan Shu Tong didn’t ask about the follow-up. He didn’t even know what Yuan Peng looked like.

In Duan Shu Tong’s previous life, he has seen a lot of different methods from his competitors. Yuan Peng’s tactic wasn’t much. In front of those competitors, Yuan Peng would have to call them ancestors.

It was not worth mentioning.

Right now he was more concern about whether Spring Flower No. 1 could win an initial success.

Duan Shu Tong originally thought that Spring Flower No. 1 would trigger a reversal in a week’s time. Unexpectedly, Feng Ran’s live broadcast room exploded in less than four days.

Not only did the audience in the live broadcast room exploded, even Feng Ran herself had to admit that the lightening effect of facial spots of Spring Flower No. 1 was really incredible.

Not all viewers have time to follow the live broadcast every day.

For the people who followed Feng Ran every day, they did not have any strong reactions to her changes. But for those who skipped her broadcast for a few days and then came back, they were acutely aware of her changes.

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One of Feng Ran’s loyal fans watched her live broadcast on the first day. Then she had to work overtime for the next two days until late into the night, so there was no time to follow the live broadcast and she had to skipped two of them.

On the fourth day, after she came home she tuned in to the live broadcast and she was stunned when she saw Feng Ran’s face in the camera.

Half in doubt, she asked on the bullet screen: “Did Ran baobao use a beauty filter?”

Before Feng Ran could reply, other people in the audience rallied and attacked.

“What beauty filter? Don’t you know that Ran baobao never uses beauty filters?”

“Where did this nasty criticism come from?”

“It’s not another hater is it?”

Feng Ran laughed a little and said with self-ridicule: “I didn’t use a beauty filter. Is it because my skin is glowing with it’s own light? Hahaha.”

This was originally meant to be a joke, but while the speaker didn’t mean anything by it, the listeners took it too seriously.

The bullet screen appeared to have frozen for a few seconds.

Without the barrage of comments running across the screen, Feng Ran’s face was completely exposed under the camera. The freckles that were clearly visible a few days ago have now faded a lot!

Not only that, but the overall condition of her skin was much more hydrated and younger than before.

Feng Ran’s facial features were delicate and pretty, and her skin condition was already good, but it was not flawless. The audience was not blind. Compared to a few days ago, Feng Ran’s skin condition was definitely much better.

The audience started to crazily post a barrage of comments on the bullet screen.

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“Ahhhhhhhh, Ran baobao, come clean quick, are you secretly using other products?”

“It can’t be true right? I don’t believe it. Boo hoo hoo.”

“Upstairs* really don’t want to believe it? In fact, I hope that it is true.”

[*T/N: Chinese Internet slang meaning the previous commenter.]

That’s right, who wouldn’t want to have an impressive skincare product that could effectively maintain tender and lovely skin?

Feng Ran looked at the scrolling barrage of comments, and realized with hindsight that she might have, probably, or perhaps really have changed.

She picked up her phone with a serious face and took a picture of her self. Then she pulled up the selfie photo that she took four days ago to compare. In contrast, she found that there really was a difference.

But for the past four days, apart from doing basic hydration as she did before, she had only used Spring Flower No. 1!

Asides from that one answer, what else could it be?

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